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eBay advice re payment

Wasn't sure where I post this but just after some advice.

I got the winning bid on a nursery furniture set for 141 collection only. The listing was by a new ebayer who has never sold anything so has no feedback and the pictures and description were copy and pasted from the argos website. There was no preference listed re pay via paypal or cash on collection. On Monday night after I won I sent the ebayer a message asking if they would prefer me to pay paypal or cash on collection and asking when a convenient time would be. I still haven't heard back from the seller.

Usually If it's a small item for posting I just pay via paypal straight away but I'm really not sure in this case?

Should I just go ahead and pay anyway even though I haven't yet heard from them? I'm used to gettin pretty quick responses and haven't come across this situation before.

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i wouldn't tbh. i once bought my quinny from someone who didn't have any feedback or pictures and paid cash on collection, as i wanted to be sure it was in good condition. even more if they haven't got back to you quick enough.

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If collecting I would have paid cash on collection and giving the items a look over. Hope you sorted it!

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