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Baby pillow to prevent flat head syndrome?

Hi my sisters baby developed severe Flat head at 9 months old and doctors told her it was due to her baby Steven lying on flat surfaces and that you should keep something soft under a newborns head. Can any one recomend a pillow that is designed for a baby or should I just make my own cushion? I will be grateful for any advice on this matter

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I can tell you first hand what we are doing. My lo was breach so she had a very flat head. We went to a physiotherapist to address the issue.

We have been told to lay lo in her crib on her side. We have a rolled up towel behind her to prop her up and a pillow infant of her (not close to her face). They have had us rotating the sides every 3 weeks. Now that her head is no longer flat, we have been told to rotate the side she sleeps on every night in order to keep it even.

I really hesitated on this at first because I know that you are not supposed to put anything in the crib with a newborn but in our situation we felt it was necessary. I am not recommending anything for your lo, I just want to let you know how we were able to fix our lo's flat head.

To be honest if your lo is not already dealing with flat head I wouldn't worry much. Try to keep lo propped up and sitting in different positions and I am sure all will be fine.

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