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Like the plague!!

I don't want any of you to fall into the same trap I have. Their website offers cheaper prices but don't be fooled. They're a two-bit operation and I can barely find one positive review on their company.

I placed my order over the phone because I wanted to swap the car seat with a different brand. They took my order with few problems, gave me a price and I gave my CC details etc. The website promised delivery within 2-3 working days. Two weeks later I am sitting here with half a correct order, have been given four different delivery dates for which I took time off work and still haven't got everything. Not once have they delivered on the days they said they would. The one delivery we did have was on a random day and was left with my neighbour who frankly could've been anyone. They even sent the wrong car seat and missing parts.

The customer service is appalling. I only just today received an email with the order confirmation after two weeks of phoning to ask for one - and to find they've charged me 60 more then I was quoted!! Every time I speak to them they have no recollection of previous conversations and they just tell me whatever they think will get me off the phone - and I am always polite but firm, I am not a difficult customer at all. We have the same conversation over and over again, they have got the order wrong, they say it's corrected, they say when it will be delivered etc etc etc

Sorry if this sounds like more of a rant than anything, I just can't see how I am the only one to have had this experience due to all the reviews.

I am considered contacting trading standards now.. and will only use reputable companies in the future - lesson learned!!

Best of luck

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They sound like a nightmare to deal with, hope you get sorted x

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Dont consider trading standards DO IT thats what they are there for hun they solved a dispute i had with safe style uk window company many moons ago in quick time x

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sorry to hear this, thanks for letting us know

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Can you just return the product and get a refund? Then go somewhere else.

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