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anyone been to court over newborn?uk

my oh is moving out today and said hes taking me to court over our daughter..said he will 'say whatever it takes' to get custody.
i dont want him to have overnight access just yet because
he doesnt know how to make bottles
has never bathed her
can count on one hand how many times hes fed or changed her
shes only 3weeks tomorrow
hes moving back to his dads where he shares not only the bedroom but the bed with his 6yo son and doesnt even have enough floor space for a travel cot
his dad is disabled so cant help him

someone please tell me the court wont order me to send my tiny babythere? :'( i would prefer a few hours at a time access at the minute.

hes packing his stuff now and think hes planning on taking her, i dont know what to do.

any advice appreciated- will be seeing a solicitor first thing tomorrow morning x

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I have hon feel free to PM me if you want x

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Present those fact when going to court. I suggest you to check with a law worker how to point out those facts. If you know the truth and you can prove it, then what stops you?

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I hope you got on ok speaking to your solicitor x

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Flowers Jasmn
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Thats quite scarely but one thing is for sure, the truth will set you free

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Sounds to me like he won't have a leg to stand on. My ex has a spare room but its a shit tip and so my son isn't allowed to stay overnight. I would imagine unless he can provide suitable accommodation for her to sleep in then he has little hope. Also are you breast or bottle feeding? Courts tend to favour the mother if she is breast feeding and you don't express your milk as that means he has no way of feeding her other than going against your wishes

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Very very highly unlikely that a 3 week old is allowed overnight stays with the father even for one night. He might get day access or allowed visits during the week until better arrangements can be made at a later time. Taking a newborn away from its mother in these early stages is just not advisable. Dads who leave / relationship breaks up will just have to be patient if they want their child to stay over and they will have to wait till they get older and more independent and they obviously have to have a safe and hygenic house for the child to stay at. As far as full custody is concerned, he doesn't stand a chance in hell getting that unless you are categorically, without a shadow of a doubt, proved with tangible evidence, to be a total unfit mother (drugs/alcohol/abuse etc)

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