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Advice for mother of 2 babies should I leave oh

I have been with oh for 4-5 years engaged for 3-4year since engagement we have had 2 babies 1 18 month 1 10 week I love him so much I just don't feel he feels the same. I talk about getting married all the time but he changes the subject so it makes me scared to talk about it. I feel deep down that I should leave him because I can't see it working long term but if I leave him I will have nothing. He has his own business and since meeting him I left my job and work for him I put all the money I have in to the business but now I now I am entitled to nothing if we are not married. So if I leave him I will have no home no car no work and no money I just don't know what to do because I know if I leave him he will make my life hell and try and take my babies of me.please give advice on what you would do. To ad I do love Hume and want things to work but talking to him is like talking to a brick wall. Xx

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If you feel like leaving is the best thing for u and your kids id do it but before u do, make sure u have some money saved up, find a new job, find a little appartment. Dont just leave with no money and nowere to go

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Why would you want to be with a man you feel would make your life hell if things doesn't work out? Doesn't sound like his making you happy now.

Get him to talk about why he doesn't want to get married, time to face him and put your foot down. Lock him in the room if you have to so he can't run or fob you off with a lame answers 'like it's not the right time' or 'it's too expensive we just had a baby', coz that's all fluff coz he could have married you before the babies and defo before number 2.

However, only ask this question if you really want to know the answer, as you may not like it and your suspicions could be right, but it's hard to hear the words actually come out of his mouth.

Prepare yourself for the future whatever happens. Be smart, so if it doesn't work out long term you're not left with nothing. Open a savings account for yourself and the kids(Don't tell him), get a job somewhere else if you can, especially if he won't but your name on the business, make friends so you have a support network, playgroups, church the gym where ever you can. As baby number 2 gets bigger get a life for yourself away from him so you have something for you, he might not like this but don't let him talk you out of it. I'm not saying leave him, see if there's anything to save,try counseling etc but I don't want you to get left in the dust with nothing and no one.

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