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Having moments of panic

About having 2 kids I might have to care for by myself.

I have moment where I can't breath I'm so scared.

I know I can do it just don't know how to shake this worry

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This is a very natural reaction when faced with the prospect of 2 children, I often worried about how I will cope and also how my daughter was going to adjust. I have surprised myself at how well I have coped and how complete I feel having both of them it just makes my day and my daughter adores her little brother.

You will be perfectly fine XX

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You will be fine hun. Sooo many women do this and they manage fine. My Mum raised me and my brother mostly on her own up to the ages of 4 & 5 as my Dad worked abroad for most of the year back then and my brother NEVER slept more than 20 mins at a time, she had her work cut out for her but she was okay and got through it all.

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I had the same fear when I was having my son how would I cope but its amazing how you do just get on with it I've never known anything different till now and I can honestly say I'm struggling being pregnant and having someone there because I'm used to do it and making all the decisions myself!!

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