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Single Mom by Choice

I did a search and the last thread I could find on this topic was back in 2012. Am I the only single mom by choice here?

I've struggled with endometriosis since I was 19 and knew I needed to conceive soon if I was ever going to. But, my last LTR ended two years ago and I wasn't willing to wait to fall for someone new. I have a great job and I'm completely independent so I made the decision to conceive on my own (with a known donor) and now I'm 11 weeks into a very wanted, very joyful pregnancy.

So, anyone else make this choice?

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No, I was not a single mum by choice but totally understand about endometriosis as I also suffered with that for years and I admire your decision, good for you. You will be a happy bunny with your LO, congratulations sweetie xx

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Old Apr 10th, 2014, 01:51 AM   3
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No, not by choice but congratulations to you xx

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Old Apr 10th, 2014, 09:26 AM   4
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Hi. Don't worry you're not alone. I am a SMBC and delighted with it. This has to be the best thing I've done in my life - and believe me I've done a lot of good things! I am a fair bit older than you and always knew if I didn't meet the right guy I'd go it alone. I have a fabulous 4 year old son conceived via IUI using donor sperm from a tracable (but unknown to me) donor. There are some other women about on the site who have gone down the same route but I'm not sure how often they come on to this thread. There is a thread running on the assisted conception section with a few women, several in thier early 20's, currently trying to concieve, it's title is 'Any solo mum's out there?' - might be worth dropping in there and having a bit of a read/saying 'hi'.

I'm delighted that you are on route to having your little bundle. How is it all going so far?

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My choice


I just recently decided to be a SMBC. Due to the way my life is going,"it's do or die" time. I'm starting to gather info, track my body, and see the doctor. Seems to be taking forever to get anywhere and at the same time i'm like "woah, moving way fast here."

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Old Apr 22nd, 2014, 11:00 AM   6
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Hey there!
I'm kind of a single mother by choice... well, it's complicated. I have a partner but we've been together for less than a year and really aren't in a position to parent together. So I'm going to be moving home where I have more of a support network and my partner will be staying here before the baby is due and parenting by myself. I'm not sure if we will still stay together romantically or not. I used an unknown SD (I'm also not straight, and my partner doesn't produce sperm anyway). How did you conceive? Did you do IUI?
I had fertility testing, and my levels were all wonky and the drs said I should have my babies within 3 years or so. I would love more than one, and so I've decided not to wait and am now 4 wks pregnant.
Making the decision to parent alone is a huge decision. I have a plethora of smbc books, and hope it goes as smoothly as possible.
Let me know how your journey is going!!!

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Old Apr 27th, 2014, 16:58 PM   7
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I am a single mom by choice also and I am in my early 20s. I also have stage 4 endometriosis and I had just ended a 6 year relationship when I was told it was now or never to get pregnant for me. So I went for it on my own using an unknow sperm donor. My daughter is 8 months old and it's been a very rewarding experience for me!! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat

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I'm a single mum by choice. I'm 34 (35 in June), been single for over a decade but needed to be a mummy before it was too late. My girl's just turned one and I'm slowly beginning to think about trying for a sibling with my donor but being a single mum to 2 does scare me a bit.

Congrats on the pregnancy

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Old May 3rd, 2014, 14:19 PM   9
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I'm kind of both. I have three kids from my marriage and have been separated for two years. I'm 29 weeks now with number 4 by a known donor. So SMBC for this baby!

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Old May 9th, 2014, 03:47 AM   10
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I'm a SMBC, or I will be!!
I split up with my partner at 39 and realised that I was running out of time. I'd never really met the right person or kind of been in a position to have a child but this split and my age made me realise that if I didn't do it now I wasn't going to have a choice because my 'clock would stop'.

So I conceived through a sperm donor, which is a journey in itself. Was losing hope, didn't think it would happen due to finding the right one when it happened on the 2nd month of trying with a new donor.

My only worry is who I'll have with me during labour and birth. Not close to my mum and don't think I want her in the room and not close to any girl friends, my best friend is a bloke. He has offered to be with me but am not sure yet. It's not a major worry, I'll cope, I always do.

This baby is something I've waited a long time for and I just can't wait to have him/her here with me.

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