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  1. Cd24 am i ovulating now? Can Someone giv advise
  2. Cd 14, have i already ovulated? Pic added!
  3. Confused, please help!
  4. What's the go??
  5. Is this positive??
  6. Have I missed my surge overnight?
  7. Have I missed my surge?
  8. Positive opks for a whole week? Pic included!
  9. i think im confused!
  10. Positive Ovulation Test??
  11. Someone plz help me understand
  12. What do you think? soon?
  13. What do you think?????
  14. Positive?!
  15. Is this it??
  16. Which one do I trust?!
  17. Weirdest cycle I've ever had
  18. Would you Say its nearly there!
  19. Well that escalated quickly..
  20. help! is this positive or near positive?!
  21. Is this positive?
  22. Line darker than control but no smiley what is going on?? Pictures!!
  23. Cb digi advanced
  24. I'm divided - is this positive?
  25. Why are my tests so random?!
  26. opk limbo
  27. Really need some help
  28. Is this almost positive? New to opks. Help!
  29. I'm sure this is positive?
  30. Need an experienced OPK users advice please!
  31. Blinking Smiley at CD 30 after D&C?
  32. Which OPK to buy....confused!
  33. Positive or just really close?
  34. Why wont CB digi opk give me a smiley?!
  35. Does this look positive??
  36. Please help: is it possible to ovulate while you have a positive opk?
  37. Eyes pleeeaaasssee! Is this definitely positive?
  38. Thoughts please!!
  39. did i ovulate?
  40. Is this Positive? Or should I be looking for darker?
  41. Positive, nearly or negative?
  42. CD18 opk
  43. Is this positive plz take a look? X
  44. Cheap amazon OPK from home health uk... Positive or nearly there???
  45. Ovulation Test Help Please =(
  46. help please - which day?
  47. does this look positive or soon to be
  48. CD22 Well
  49. Don't know what's happening?
  50. Any thoughts please
  51. Only cd9
  52. Positive?
  53. Opinions? positive or test again?
  54. IC positive CB negative
  55. Is this positive?
  56. OPK, First time
  57. OPK testing with PCOS
  58. help!! 5dpo but looks like a faint positive on opk??
  59. Comparing Tests?
  60. Help new to all this
  61. Please help, I have some Qs about $tree OPKs....
  62. When did I have my surge?
  63. Is this positive strange because of the date?
  64. 4 days of positives.. is this normal?
  65. What do you Think?
  66. deleted
  67. positive opk for 2 days...no ovulation. Is this normal?
  68. Is there a certain time of day to take opk?
  69. Please look and tell me what u think?? Positive??
  70. Please take a look, new to this....positive opk?
  71. First positive??
  72. help!! Is this positive??
  73. Dollar store ovulation tests.
  74. yay or nay ?
  75. First time using opk.. is this positive??
  76. Either of these positive ??
  77. Help please
  78. Ovulation test stips - one day dark, next light, next dark..and so on..meaning??
  79. Possitive?? Need oppinions as patner working away tomorrow so fingures crossed its ye
  80. POSITIVE yet What do you think??
  81. New to OPK, doing SMEP ?positive yet....
  82. A little confused...
  83. help! first time using ovulation kit. possitive or negative????
  84. So close is it pos or almost! Please reply I'm driving myself crazy!
  85. I have questions ladies please help...
  86. Does this look darker or am I going crazy?
  87. *Late positives*
  88. .
  89. Cervix high and soft but CM creamy??
  90. 1 week after implant ovulation test
  91. Nearly there?
  92. OPK progression
  93. Positive??? Or not??
  94. CD 11/12 - Positive or almost??
  95. Driving myself insane- is this positive?? ( nearly 2 weeks of the same!)
  96. Flashy smiley, to solid, to blank, back to flashy????
  97. +OPK after early miscarriage? FX crossed!!
  98. Early peak on a digi? Lots of ewcm!!
  99. deleted
  100. Thoughts?
  101. Is this nearly positive?
  102. Is this positive? 14dpo
  103. Positive, or close to?
  104. 2 days of Positive OPK's
  105. Help! OPK question
  106. Help
  107. Clearblue OV Positive and Negative in 1 day
  108. Positive dollar tree negative cb digi?????????????
  109. What cd do you normally get ur first pos opk? X
  110. Opinions......is this positive??
  111. Woohoo!!! Lookey here
  112. Nearly positive???
  113. Ovulation help please
  114. opinions???? cheapies, CD20.
  115. Confused with clearblue digi...
  116. Help with ovulation day? (Pictures Inside)
  117. Someone help me!
  118. Does anyone use the CB digi opk with dual indicator?
  119. Positive? Maybe tomorrow morning?
  120. Question about ovulation
  121. still getting negative digi OPK CD14
  122. Is this positive
  123. Are these positive?
  124. O day change?
  125. OPK 20dpo
  126. Opk tests possitve help?
  127. I think it is positive?
  128. Nearly positive?
  129. Nearly positive??
  130. Is it positive???
  131. OPK..... Positive or Negative. help :(
  132. help reading opks
  133. First week testing. Is it positive?
  134. Ovulation test question
  135. These are positive, right?
  136. Positive today or tomorrow?
  137. New to OPK. Help! Is this positive?
  138. Not entirely sure if this is positive... pic taken at 5 min mark.
  139. Positive??
  140. No positive? Help :(
  141. Is this positive?
  142. answer tests darken as they dry?!
  143. Is this a positive OPK?
  144. Is this a +opk?
  145. wondfo CD 13 SO CLOSE
  146. help, is this positive??
  147. Opinions?
  148. So Confused :(
  149. Waiting to O vs. TWW- opinions please :)
  150. is this a positive?
  151. is this a positive?
  152. Opk - 1 positive, 1 negative. Update with today's tests
  153. OPK Virgin... Confused!
  154. Need help plz xx
  155. Multiple days of positives? Ah!
  156. More than one LH Surge? Excuse me, what?!?!
  157. BD advice with + opk
  158. What day..
  159. Holy cooooome onnnnnnn!!!
  160. is this a positive opk??
  161. Can some one confirm this?
  162. 1 week of pos ..
  163. cd13 test..have i missed my ovlation? :(**my positive p.2!!!!!!**
  164. Am I there yet?
  165. Clutching at straws... but do any of these look positive?
  166. Is this positive cd31
  167. Can I see your "flashing smiley" & "solid"
  168. CD16 first ov after stopping the pill ;0)
  169. Is it positive yet?
  170. Does progression mean O is coming?
  171. Newbie in need of eyes!
  172. Opk help
  173. Positive??? 3 dpo
  174. Positive or not quite yet?
  175. OMG!!!!!!!!
  176. Positive OPK... When to BD?
  177. Opk help! Confused.
  178. Not Sure If I Finally Ovulated (Clomid Cycle)
  179. Help!
  180. Opk's getting lighter instead of darker?
  181. Hope you girls can help!
  182. 4 days positive OPKs, meaning??
  183. Ovulating late
  184. Pos ov tests FOUR day in a row pic attached
  185. 3 days of light test line then today stark white!
  186. positive or nearly?
  187. New to using OPKs - Are these almost positive?
  188. OPK confusion
  189. My first positive OPKs
  190. Leading up to surge?
  191. Do opks go stark white negative after ovulation?
  192. May I borrow your eyes please? :)
  193. Did I ovulate? Please tell me I need to know wether to jump husband or not
  194. Help...is this a positive opk if so no ewcm..
  195. is this positive or negative?
  196. A different result on different brands?!?! Confused!!!
  197. Frustrated-did I ovulate early??? HELP ME :/
  198. Need your eyes I thought positive?
  199. Positive or nearly positive ?
  200. Progression pic cd6 - cd16 still the same!!
  201. Okay let me know what you see and think! Read as well please :)
  202. Help! Surely an Evap?!
  204. HELP! HELP! + or - ???? :)
  205. Does this look like a positive OPK?
  206. Am I there yet?
  207. someone please lend me your eyes!
  208. so confused..help!
  209. Have some questions about First Response OPK's.
  210. Woo! :)
  211. Is anyone here an Ovulation expert?
  212. Positive opk? New to this
  213. My first flashing smiley face :)
  214. Flashing smiley but used cbfm sticks instead. Help!!
  215. how long do opk's stay positive for? are these positive?
  216. Help! Never really used OPKs before!
  217. Is this positive??
  218. So confused... Why is this happening?
  219. Some expert insight on when/if ovulation has occured?
  220. Is this an evap or just a really light coloring? OPK.
  221. 5 days positive opk at cd 21
  222. (nearly?) positive opk at 10dpo??
  223. Positive?????
  224. Is a positive on its way to me?
  225. 17 days after my miscarriage - Strong positive O test.
  226. I need an eye or two :)
  227. CD 20- did we BD in time? +OPK
  228. Super positive! Pictures included!
  229. FinAlly!!!!!
  230. Positive OPK?
  231. would you say this is positive??
  232. + OPKs!!!
  233. Positive?!!? First month ovulation testing
  234. Faint second line 7dpo-what does this mean?
  235. Barely a line at all
  236. Is this a positive opk?? When will I ovulate?
  237. OPK vs BBT Chart!!! Am I O'ing? HELP!
  238. wow what a difference!!!!
  239. Help needed
  240. Positive or almost?
  241. cbfm users i need your advice!
  242. What do you think??
  243. ***UPDATE!*** My first ever POSITIVE ovulation test!***UPDATE!***
  244. Missed our chance?
  245. First Time OPKer here! Help!
  246. is this nearly pos? Please look! first cycle using opks
  247. is this nearly pos? Please look! first cycle using opks
  248. early opks?
  249. anyone familiar with these opks?
  250. First time using OPK & positive for a week?
  251. Help please never used opks *updated with pic*
  252. Clearblue blue dual hormone- 6days flashing smiley??
  253. First time opk help?!
  254. Are any of these +OPK's :)
  255. Pleasetell me is this a green light????
  256. It Smiled back it really smiled at meeeeeeeeeeee
  257. Is this OPK positive??
  258. when did i ov?
  259. is this OPK positive??
  260. Double ovulation? Help!!
  261. Actually got a positive!
  262. Which one would you trust? Pic included !!
  263. Confused!
  264. Is this positive?
  265. Do you think I can count this as positive?
  266. Hmmm. Pretty dark OPK on CD 8?!
  267. What do you think??
  268. Please look at my opks
  269. Please look at my opks
  270. question about internet cheapies...
  271. Not quite??
  272. There or nearly there? Updated why has this happened?
  273. Opinions please :)
  274. is this positive opk
  275. I'm silly, help! Clearblue.
  276. pos @cd13?
  277. confused by my opks??
  278. Is this my surge?
  279. Opk newbie....need some advice please
  280. Confused about my ovulation test
  281. HELP! Ovulation confusion!
  282. When to start using an OV Kit??
  283. Can you help with my chart?
  284. How am I doing?
  285. Progression pics on Black Cohosh Root tea-
  286. Clear blue Digital
  287. Time from pos opk to bd'ing, how long have I got?
  288. Positive??
  289. Positive?
  290. TTC No 2
  291. TTC No 2
  292. Positive?
  293. Is this positive? Please look!
  294. Opinions plz look :) ...........
  295. is this possible??
  296. Is this true?! Am I really ovulating again!?
  297. Positive? Posting on behalf
  298. Has anyone had tho happen??
  299. First time using opk....please help!
  300. well...huh...