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  1. Need somebody elses perspective
  2. This is a +opk?
  3. This is a +opk?
  4. Am I doing something wrong? :/
  5. Does anyone know when they actually ovulated after a positive OPK?
  6. Help with positive ovulation test question?
  7. Which one is positive?
  8. Is this OPK + or -?
  9. Close or positive OPK?
  10. why did it change???
  11. Positive ppl?
  12. First time using this test...
  13. Frer positive or negative?
  14. have I caught it right?
  15. Please help me with OPKs!
  16. OPK Confusion
  17. Very new to OPKs. Is this positive?
  18. Does this look like a positive?
  19. Does this look like a positive?
  20. Help!! OPK positive 4 months pp 😕
  21. Professional Line Eyes and OPK readers needed!
  22. Did I ovulate?
  23. Is this OPK positive?
  24. Ovulated, not pregnant but no period
  25. Did I miss ovulation?
  26. Should I test again?
  27. Is it normal to have a line on CD5?
  28. OPK, wondfo
  29. ? about how you pee on OPKs lol
  30. They all look positive to me confused
  31. Is this a positive opk?
  32. Today as positive
  33. OPKs never went positive, but getting fainter
  34. Pos or neg opk??
  35. Negative ovulation test
  36. Wondfo opk
  37. +opk?
  38. Is this positive???
  39. Positive opk
  40. Is this positive? Faint control line
  41. Positive opk?
  42. Is this positive CD 18
  43. Are these faulty tests or am I not ovulating (photo)
  44. Is this positive??
  45. Does this mean I'm close to LH surge?
  46. Was this my positive?
  47. CD 33 still waiting... Does this look positive??
  48. First time OPK user... please help!
  49. Opk this month
  50. what does this chart say to you? Advice really needed!
  51. Positive Answer OPK but circle on Clear Blue digital?
  52. Cd13 opk test results..
  53. Clear Blue Digi OPK question
  54. OPK question
  55. 7dpo positive or almost positive OPKS!
  56. 1st round femara, OVULATED CD 17 WITH 2 EGGS!!!!! confused again cd18...
  57. need help reading Target Up and Up OPK new tests 6/15
  58. Today's test... Surely this is positive?
  59. 1st time using OPKs...is my last one positive?
  60. Which OPK do you believe is positive?
  61. Is this a positive? Please help girls!
  62. Opk experts, did I ovulate (pic attached)?
  63. Positive or not quite?
  64. Clear Blue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test .. help?!
  65. 7 days of +OPK.
  66. Another positive or almost positive? post :)
  67. understand opk's-any pro's?
  68. When to stop testing? My tests last night and today stronger than control
  69. positive or almost there?
  70. Femara and positive opk? cd4
  71. positive? or almost there?
  72. First opk after mc help...
  73. Positive or Not ? that is the question Help
  74. Positive OPK's for 4 DAYS - Help please!
  75. Cd5 and positive opk already?
  76. what the heck does this mean?? (pic included)
  77. irregular cycles..ovulating? pic attached.
  78. Positive or nearly positive?
  79. New here. Ovulation test strip pics
  80. why is it still positive?
  81. Confirmation ... Positive right ?
  82. Positive OPK's for 8 days? Help please!
  83. Its positive but I'm worried!
  84. getting closer? Help AFTERNOON TEST ADDED. POSITIVE NOW?
  85. Positive??
  86. Short LH surge?
  87. test line darker than control
  88. CD 12. Hoping for a positive soon. charting and opks
  89. Are we at a YAY? Yet...
  90. OPK result looks weird?
  91. (UPDATE post4)Expert opk'ers pls...Have I got a chance?
  92. Confused
  93. Happy days? I am hoping we are nearly there...
  94. Where do you get your tests?
  95. had our scan today
  96. Positive OPK on CD 9/10?? Help looking at these tests!
  97. Positive OPK then negative Clear blue? Help!
  98. OPK Tested until positive, waiting to go negative again. Am I neg 72 hours later? pic
  99. which one looks positive?
  100. Testing until positive OPK! Who wants to join in?!
  101. Two OPK's with different lines?
  102. ladies advice on opk please
  103. OPK and pregnancy
  104. What is going on with my OPK
  105. At last is this a positive?
  106. Thin Positives?(Updates)What's the deal with these? Pic included. testing until pos
  107. Opk's WTF??
  108. Anybody used these before? What's you opinions..
  109. Is this positive?
  110. Positive opk 5days after ewcm?
  111. Not sure if any are positive
  112. Almost or positive?
  113. What do u make of this months OPK
  114. Which is positive?
  115. Can someone shed some light?
  116. opk test question
  117. OPK Testing w/ PCOS
  118. Smep..would YOU call this pos+?
  119. Really confused about my OPKs?
  120. TTC #2 - tracking ovulation after implant removal on 16.4
  121. Would you say this is positive or not?
  122. I need some help please
  123. ovulation test positive?
  124. 2 LH surges one month, progression pics attached.
  125. this is negative, right?
  126. Ovulating or due to ovulate
  127. Meant to be 3dpo but got really dark OPK?? What do you think?
  128. Many positive opk before af..
  129. does this happen with your opks?
  130. What brand?
  131. todays test x
  132. OPK help!!
  133. Ovulation test and question
  134. Two separate positives in one cycle?
  135. this positive??
  136. Is this OPK positive??
  137. CB Advanced Ferility Monitor Sticks question
  138. Help please
  139. Negative cb digi ---> is this opk positive???
  140. ttc while bf... testing until positive!!!! who's in?!
  141. +OPK 7dpo
  142. thought i ovulated over a week ago... maybe not?
  143. Really need some help... OPK/HPT??
  144. Cycle #2 testing commences CD3. Opinions appreciated :)
  145. Light to darker to light again
  146. Is my OPK strip positive???
  147. Bleeding at ovulation, but negative OPKs?
  148. Help! Cheapie opk definitely +...
  149. CVS brand opk - is this positive?
  150. IC OPK VS DIGI - bold lines but no smiley!
  151. **Warning** cm pics. Ovulation CD25?*WARNING*Graphic pics of CM.
  152. advice xx
  153. what do you think? x
  154. Excited!! Pretty sure its a pos!
  155. What's the best site to buy pressed, cheapie tests, etc?
  156. Clearblue digital ovulation tests questions
  157. whwn to start testing? only once per day is enough?
  158. CD24... Positive opk?
  159. Almost there...
  160. Positive or almost positive ?? opk help
  161. 4 days of positive opks... Again
  162. Seems dark to me...
  163. Positive OPKs cd 13 & 18 ?
  164. confused
  165. opinions please
  166. Just Ovulated or just about to?
  167. Transitional period? Ferning microscope pic
  168. OPK brands -I'm a beginner
  169. Positive or Nearly Positive OPK
  170. If they were your tests....
  171. Confused and need help
  172. CD6 testing 'till +ive!
  173. Bought new OPK.. hmm so clueless!
  174. CB OPK.. is it a possibility?
  175. CD12 - OPK positive or almost positive ?
  176. Early ov?
  177. Positive?!
  178. Which day?
  179. Peak fertility on clear blue ovulation test!
  180. Is this positive??!!! This is as darkest OPK I got!!!
  181. Positive test
  182. Could it be? My first possibly + opk!!
  183. Ovulating?
  184. Did I miss my surge?
  185. did I ovulate
  186. Can it be!?
  187. When is my expected period?
  188. Not sure what is going on?!?
  189. Does this look positive?
  190. Nearly positive OPK CD18 SMEP!
  191. best choice dollar tree test
  192. Cd17 positive?
  193. Very puzzled
  194. Help needed reading OPK test strips!
  195. Ovulation tests and BBT... what do I need to know?
  196. Not sure when to bd
  197. Pos opk 3 days in a row
  198. First month need to borrow eyes please!?
  199. Pos??
  200. Is this pos + Opk
  201. cycle day 12, is this positive?
  202. Could use some input and experienced eyes. Did I ovulate?
  203. Question about first time Testing with PCOS and one tube 😥
  204. Opk help girls
  205. Is it just me or does the bottom test look positive or almost?
  206. Is this positive? On soy! OH away.. noo!!!
  207. First time OPK use, can you look at this for me?
  208. valentines day positive!
  209. What tests do you use?
  210. How long do you get positive OPK for?
  211. couldnt help myself..
  212. Have I missed my surge? or not ovulated yet? Confused, please help!
  213. AF and positive opk??
  214. Positive? Or only on its way to being?
  215. UPDATE: 6 dpo opk almost positive?
  216. New to ic opks - is this positive please?
  217. New to OPK usage. confused.
  218. Dollar tree cheapies experiences?
  219. New to OPKs, advice?
  220. Cb dual+cheap opks...anyone guess when 1dpo newbieeee
  221. Please read my OPK
  222. What-cha think??
  223. Help!!! Positive or nearly positive?! Boots tests
  224. Testing for days... Finally a positive???
  225. i think it's positive! what do you think?
  226. Is this close to O day?
  227. Positive OPK
  228. Positive or nearly positive?
  229. what is going on? please help!
  230. Help, is this also positive? #updated 3rd day of +ve#
  231. Eyes please... Positive or almost positive?
  232. Is this positive?
  233. Superdrug Ovulation Tests
  234. BFP? BFN? Flashing Smiley too!
  235. Is my opk positive?
  236. So will I ovulate soon?
  237. Positive or almost positive?
  238. 2 LH surges a week apart???
  239. TESTING until positive... Cd 9
  240. opk help?
  241. positive!!!
  242. Help please
  243. OPK help pls.
  244. is this positive
  245. Smiley face on CB Digital OPK on first day?
  246. I hate opk's
  247. Still showing +opk 5 days from day *I think* I ovulated...
  248. Clearblue digital ovulation test stick
  249. OPK cheapys and CBAD confusing me!?? What do you think?
  250. First timer, please help!
  251. is this positive?
  252. Opk help plz is this positive
  253. Here we go AGAIN
  254. I'm on cd 33
  255. positive? or nearly there?
  256. Positive? Late O?
  257. OPKs reveal short Luteal Phase... Should I be worried?
  258. Is this a positive OPK??!
  259. Cd29
  260. Ewcm
  261. Am I getting close...
  262. Leftover OPKs
  263. OPK confusion!!
  264. Close to ovulation?
  265. Is it O day, or nearly? OPKs
  266. WTH is going on? need help...
  267. opinions Ovulation been and gone??
  268. dvice
  269. Advice
  270. what is happening?!
  271. how close?
  272. first time using opks and wondering wth..
  273. So confused about my test strips versus digital readings this cycle...
  274. New to this...
  275. Positive or nearly there??
  276. Please help is this positive at only cd10?
  277. Cd 10, going to start testing, help please
  278. Positive or not?
  279. OPK progression.... CD8 onwards... **daily updates** UPDATE POSTIVE**
  280. Is this positive?
  281. Help reading opk!!
  282. Ovulation/progesterone level
  283. Cd 13 - today's OPK
  284. Ovulating again????
  285. New to opk's. Is this positive?
  286. + opk on cd 19 and 6 days after i got a different +opk
  287. How long do you hold? Also, just HELP in general.
  288. what do you think?
  289. Late Start. Will It Still Work?
  290. Help please, is this opk +?
  291. did I miss it?? confused!
  292. What do you think of this opk?
  293. Is this positive?
  294. First ever OPKs. Is this a positive?
  295. +opk 6 days in a row?
  296. why i have two positive opk twice in one cycle?
  297. Super confused please help.... :-(
  298. clearblue dual hormone reader
  299. Are these positive?
  300. Positive for a someone with thyroid issues?