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  1. So this has never happened before. Positive OPK CD 12?
  2. First time using IC.....advice please!
  3. Question in regards to depo provera and ovulation?
  4. Digital Vs. IC
  5. Do these look the same?
  6. Positive or not?
  7. positive?
  8. what's going on!?
  9. Does this look positive to you?
  10. how many times
  11. +opk??
  12. Dollar Tree OPK--are any of these positive?
  13. ttc for a girl using answer opk
  14. CB flashing smileys .. Help? 4 days & now low O???
  15. Is this positive? can OPK have evap line??? HELP :(
  16. First month testing - is this positive?
  17. Ttc, ovulation help?!
  18. This is positive right?
  19. PCOS... Look at My OPK Please
  20. is this positive? target brand
  21. Pcos can someone explain plz
  22. Is this the positive I've been waiting for?! :D
  23. very positive
  24. + Wondfo opk
  25. +OPK and -OPK... which is it?
  26. New to opk
  27. First time with OPK.....is this positive.
  28. Does this look positive?
  29. Yay!!!
  30. Positive? Yes no, I dont know.
  31. clearblue digital advanced ovulation tests
  32. Is this positive LH test?
  33. Please help is this positive before i make dr app!
  34. Thoughts please?
  35. Cheapie CD12 is it positive?!
  36. Went from low to peak in one day?
  37. New to OPK testing...Is this positive??
  38. Answer OPK...pos? Close to pos?
  39. Positive opk on day 10?
  40. Confused - please help...?
  41. For reference - using IC green tests neg-pos-neg
  42. CD10 darker than CD11? Did I O?
  43. is it dark enough?! HELLLLP!
  44. 2nd O test getting darker could this be my time?!
  45. Input on these ovulation test? Confused..
  46. Getting so close!
  47. up & up cd11about to O?!
  48. What do you think?
  49. Phewf!!! Difference AM to PM can make with OPK
  50. positive O test after first period since MMC?
  51. Positive positive or no lol
  52. I think this is a pos, but my EWCM has dried... (more)
  53. Could I actually be about to O?! Have a look please :)
  54. Help please - I have two faint lines!!!
  55. Is this positive now lol
  56. First time trying opk someone help!!!!
  57. Is this +?
  58. almost positive or not even close? warning: cm pic too
  59. Help with OPK?
  60. Is this positive?
  61. Ovulation bleeding?
  62. Never used OPKs before how does this look?
  63. Here we go again! Help appreciated!
  64. Opk question, chart attached
  65. Help is this positive?
  66. Is this normal
  67. JUST RECEIVED MY FIRST +opk but....
  68. Wal mart brand positive??
  69. Wondfo opk progression
  70. Wanted to share my postive OPK but...
  71. CD 8 opk darker?
  72. Pretty safe to say it's time!!!
  73. Is this getting close or not
  74. Positive OPK test 7 days after ovulation. Pregnant?
  75. Help pls.. first time using tests and conflicting results
  76. Walgreens brand OPK- Positive?
  77. Pcos and + okt result on cd30! Anyone?
  78. OPKs positive first time! pics included!
  79. New to Forum and never received a +opk
  80. Am I ever going to get a positive?!?
  81. 2nd set of eyes please!!! :)
  82. Fertility Monitor
  83. second positive opk??
  84. test again tonight??
  85. Would you call this a positive test??
  86. Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Tester = frustration!
  87. Why so dark? Cd8 wondfo opk
  88. Did I miss something???
  89. Very very dark test line
  90. Wondfo! !cd11 here we go
  91. what the what??
  92. Positive ovulation test in the morning then negative in the evening?
  93. Answer brand OPK CD 19
  94. how can 2 ovulation tests be so far apart!!
  95. is one of these positive?
  96. What is going on?
  97. Only half of the test line is dark?
  98. Positive or Negative please?!
  99. OPKs & chart...eyes needed!
  100. Newbie OPK tester - do I need to jump hubby when he gets home?!
  101. Are any of these positive?
  102. I am 6DPO and I have a blazing dark pos opk's???
  103. Clear and simple ovulation tests negative
  104. Does anyone use digital OPK's?
  105. newbie help please x
  106. CD 12 too early?
  107. this a positive
  108. CD14 OPK Newbie
  109. Opk newbie...Help! First cycle off bcp
  110. First OPK, Do I have time?
  111. First OPK, Do I have time?
  112. Ovulation test negative to no line at all...
  113. Need advice
  114. internet cheapie confusion
  115. look positive or not?
  116. Positive opk or not?
  117. Experienced OPK takers please x
  118. Hmmmm would you class these as positive? X
  119. Faulty Opk??
  120. Need fresh eyes!!!***UPDATED WITH BETTER PICS***
  121. Longest cycle ever is this positive???
  122. New to this brand.
  123. panic!!!!! help!!!!
  124. Finally + OPK..... or not? cd 28, help!
  125. Eyes needed! Is this positive?
  126. HIGH on CBFM on CD7. Is this possible??
  127. Temp dropped 5dpo
  128. Is this positive?
  129. What does this mean????
  130. No positive OPK - Fertomid question
  131. Positive?
  132. I need you help! Lend me your eyes please
  133. Is this nearly positive? Cd14 plz look x
  134. $tree and up and up opks
  135. Did I miss my surge?
  136. I think cheapy OPKs hate me
  137. test line very dark, control line not so much?
  138. CD 18...Finally getting somewhere?!
  139. Ttc after 6 miscarriage and septum removal...
  140. Anyone else get this pos opk before AF?
  141. Opk positive?
  142. OPK help
  143. Opk's after a chemical
  144. Interesting Ovulation Test Results
  145. Positive or negative?
  146. OPKs after miscarriage
  147. Cd16 am
  148. can you upload from an iphone?
  149. Cd 14
  150. Urge to test at 3am....positive?
  151. Taken with hardly any hold..
  152. Positive or not?
  153. when could i have Oed?
  154. Positive OPK r not quite?
  155. Update (is this positive) Progression o tomorrow I hope
  156. How many flashing smiley face did you get in the cycle you got your bfp?
  157. What do we think ladies?
  158. woohoo please say bfp*** update opk progression?
  159. 3+ years ttc... ovulation question+answer please
  160. Is this positive? confused ? (I am supposed to be 6DPO)
  161. $1 Store OPK, is this a +?
  162. Thought they were duds...
  163. First time using OPK's what you think?
  164. HELP Positive? Or Just Almost??
  165. Its Getting There... anyone else?... heres hoping for actual ovulation
  166. Cervical fluid and ovulation
  167. still positive...help ladies!
  168. Please help
  169. Lighter Control Lines?
  170. Start of BFP I EVAP line?? *pic included*
  171. First ovulation post mc...do you think this is positive?
  172. Help please ladies :) picture
  173. does this look positive? neg on cb digi
  174. One natural cycle before IVF again. OPK
  175. Clearblue digital
  176. is ovulation approaching?
  177. Did I ovulate, chart attached
  178. First pos opk.anyone wanna count down to testing??
  179. testing begins cd11!
  180. Testing testing... 1,2,3
  181. Does this mean anything?
  182. Positive OPK today, can't BD until tomorrow - am I out?
  183. Not sure if this is a positive?!
  184. Cd24 am i ovulating now? Can Someone giv advise
  185. Cd 14, have i already ovulated? Pic added!
  186. Confused, please help!
  187. What's the go??
  188. Is this positive??
  189. Have I missed my surge overnight?
  190. Have I missed my surge?
  191. Positive opks for a whole week? Pic included!
  192. i think im confused!
  193. Positive Ovulation Test??
  194. Someone plz help me understand
  195. What do you think? soon?
  196. What do you think?????
  197. Positive?!
  198. Is this it??
  199. Which one do I trust?!
  200. Weirdest cycle I've ever had
  201. Would you Say its nearly there!
  202. Well that escalated quickly..
  203. help! is this positive or near positive?!
  204. Is this positive?
  205. Line darker than control but no smiley what is going on?? Pictures!!
  206. Cb digi advanced
  207. I'm divided - is this positive?
  208. Why are my tests so random?!
  209. opk limbo
  210. Really need some help
  211. Is this almost positive? New to opks. Help!
  212. I'm sure this is positive?
  213. Need an experienced OPK users advice please!
  214. Blinking Smiley at CD 30 after D&C?
  215. Which OPK to buy....confused!
  216. Positive or just really close?
  217. Why wont CB digi opk give me a smiley?!
  218. Does this look positive??
  219. Please help: is it possible to ovulate while you have a positive opk?
  220. Eyes pleeeaaasssee! Is this definitely positive?
  221. Thoughts please!!
  222. did i ovulate?
  223. Is this Positive? Or should I be looking for darker?
  224. Positive, nearly or negative?
  225. CD18 opk
  226. Is this positive plz take a look? X
  227. Cheap amazon OPK from home health uk... Positive or nearly there???
  228. Ovulation Test Help Please =(
  229. help please - which day?
  230. does this look positive or soon to be
  231. CD22 Well
  232. Don't know what's happening?
  233. Any thoughts please
  234. Only cd9
  235. Positive?
  236. Opinions? positive or test again?
  237. IC positive CB negative
  238. Is this positive?
  239. OPK, First time
  240. OPK testing with PCOS
  241. help!! 5dpo but looks like a faint positive on opk??
  242. Comparing Tests?
  243. Help new to all this
  244. Please help, I have some Qs about $tree OPKs....
  245. When did I have my surge?
  246. Is this positive strange because of the date?
  247. 4 days of positives.. is this normal?
  248. What do you Think?
  249. deleted
  250. positive opk for 2 days...no ovulation. Is this normal?
  251. Is there a certain time of day to take opk?
  252. Please look and tell me what u think?? Positive??
  253. Please take a look, new to this....positive opk?
  254. First positive??
  255. help!! Is this positive??
  256. Dollar store ovulation tests.
  257. yay or nay ?
  258. First time using opk.. is this positive??
  259. Either of these positive ??
  260. Help please
  261. Ovulation test stips - one day dark, next light, next dark..and so on..meaning??
  262. Possitive?? Need oppinions as patner working away tomorrow so fingures crossed its ye
  263. POSITIVE yet What do you think??
  264. New to OPK, doing SMEP ?positive yet....
  265. A little confused...
  266. help! first time using ovulation kit. possitive or negative????
  267. So close is it pos or almost! Please reply I'm driving myself crazy!
  268. I have questions ladies please help...
  269. Does this look darker or am I going crazy?
  270. *Late positives*
  271. .
  272. Cervix high and soft but CM creamy??
  273. 1 week after implant ovulation test
  274. Nearly there?
  275. OPK progression
  276. Positive??? Or not??
  277. CD 11/12 - Positive or almost??
  278. Driving myself insane- is this positive?? ( nearly 2 weeks of the same!)
  279. Flashy smiley, to solid, to blank, back to flashy????
  280. +OPK after early miscarriage? FX crossed!!
  281. Early peak on a digi? Lots of ewcm!!
  282. deleted
  283. Thoughts?
  284. Is this nearly positive?
  285. Is this positive? 14dpo
  286. Positive, or close to?
  287. 2 days of Positive OPK's
  288. Help! OPK question
  289. Help
  290. Clearblue OV Positive and Negative in 1 day
  291. Positive dollar tree negative cb digi?????????????
  292. What cd do you normally get ur first pos opk? X
  293. Opinions......is this positive??
  294. Woohoo!!! Lookey here
  295. Nearly positive???
  296. Ovulation help please
  297. opinions???? cheapies, CD20.
  298. Confused with clearblue digi...
  299. Help with ovulation day? (Pictures Inside)
  300. Someone help me!