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  1. Previous PPROM mummies...
  2. 24 - 30 Week Birth??
  3. UK mummies - what happens if you have a poorly baby at a hospital without a NICU?
  4. 36 weeks but struggling
  5. Having baby tomorrow at 36+2
  6. hi ladies
  7. Admitted to hospital... Suspected preeclampsia.
  8. How long to get to full bottle feedings with no NG tube?
  9. MW not interested, possible PPROM?
  10. Temperature question. (32 week premie)
  11. 32 week preemie, how long did they stay in hospital?
  12. pre school age premmie or older
  13. Micro preemie length after reaching term
  14. Advice about very early steroid timing?
  15. how can i prepare for a preemie?
  16. How long did it take for your milk to come in?
  17. Breast milk supply
  18. Late term preemie underweight at 10 months... need advice
  19. hypoglycemia with seizures and infarcts in 3 days kid
  20. Was 2nd a preemie? Stats thread
  21. 24 weekers - Weight gain
  22. When did your preemies reflux clear up?
  23. One Year
  24. Exhausted
  25. vocal cord paralysis
  26. still not catching up..
  27. Yorkhil picu
  28. Children's books about prematurity?
  29. Edited
  30. Pregnant and scared.
  31. Hospital pacifiers
  32. Saint NICU
  33. 26-28 weekers
  34. NICU crib decoration ideas?
  35. So scared.
  36. Combo feeding
  37. Development question!
  38. How did you know your baby was latching properly?
  39. How long did your baby stay off of the Cpap?
  40. A new study.
  41. Good gifts for micro-premie & mum?
  42. reflux
  43. 23 weeker... my baby girl.
  44. steroid question
  45. How did you make it through the wait?
  46. Waters broke at 24+6
  47. want another baby
  48. Can anyone please help? 10th centile and dropping
  49. colic drops
  50. sleepy preemy
  51. Advice needed ladies
  52. When to start my premie on solids?
  53. 34 weekers
  54. Feeling trapped...
  55. Nightime feed help...
  56. C section at 35 weeks
  57. Anyone have a baby on an AOP (Apnea of Prematurity) Monitors
  58. Question about pregnancy care after a premie
  59. Beat the odds... stay together.
  60. nurses in ICU (Long post)
  61. Question - Want to be sensitive to preemie parents
  62. "But he isn't home with you, is he?"
  63. 5 months later still really emotional...
  64. Really having to bite my tongue!
  65. Any experience with a 35 week preemie? Please help!
  66. Feeling like my babies will never come home
  67. Still waking every 2 hours...
  68. Any moms of 26 weekers?
  69. Just a vent. Can't hold my baby. :(
  70. Any older prems still around?
  71. when did you take your premie home?
  72. 35/36/37 week babies
  73. help to pay for parking at hospital?
  74. When did you wean?
  75. To all preemie mommies who are worries about weight/height
  76. Question about preemie fussiness and due date
  77. Cord resistance/poor flow - experiences?
  78. When did you hold your baby after birth?
  79. I need help!
  80. Birth
  81. Preemie weight loss - really worried
  82. Finally walking!
  83. NICU Shadow Box
  84. Preemie Care 1930's
  85. My son was intubated.
  86. Not sure I really belong here..
  87. adjusted age and first smile
  88. Twins born at 29 weeks
  89. What happens when baby is delivered at 32 weeks?
  90. 73 days in the NICU
  91. My 25 weeker Ellie's update!
  92. Driving myself crazy - pregnancy after a preemie
  93. So scared to try again but we desperately want another baby!
  94. Does anyone else feel "cheated" out of their mat leave?
  95. My baby girl was born at 35+3
  96. I hate asq.
  97. She's home!
  98. Having a hard time with oxygen needs and desats.
  99. People's reaction to your baby's age
  100. Looking for reassurance...
  101. Work vs. stay at home?
  102. NICU Journey Beads
  103. Severe neonatal jaundice...
  104. Emerson, the brady queen
  105. ROP and eye exams
  106. Transposition of the Great Arteries.
  107. Any other small ones still?
  108. Bronchiolitis
  109. 2 previous premmies onto number 4
  110. A bit upset.
  111. When did your preemie sit up?
  112. Anyone with a 16 month old preemie that isnt talking yet?
  113. Asda launching Prem Baby clothes
  114. over the moon
  115. Exclusively pumping for preemie
  116. Introduction
  117. Anyone had IUGR?
  118. PTL? Does any of this sound familiar?
  119. Worried , need some support And help please
  120. When to go home?
  121. Previous short cervix and premmie now on 2nd pregnancy
  122. Sodium feredetate
  123. What if baby is taken to nicu for no good reason?
  124. When did your baby crawl/bum shuffle
  125. Not sure how to help my husband
  126. Need to Rant!!!
  127. Low birth weight babies
  128. Starting solids...
  129. Still working while my daughter is in the NICU...
  130. Advice wanted
  131. Premie weight gain...is my supply tanking?
  132. Struggling to feed my preemie
  133. Preemies and their heads.
  134. Can you tell?
  135. What age/weight were your preemies when their feeding tube was taken out
  136. My 29 weeker - Lainee's story/my own
  137. When to expect teething?
  138. Stupid Thing to be Frustrated Over...
  139. Human milk fortifier
  140. Full Term 38 weeks - 23 Days in NICU - Amanda's Story
  141. My 3lb 10ozbundle just born
  142. Introducing my boys
  143. when can you give premie cows milk?
  144. New - preemie born at 28 weeks due to the flu
  145. Pprom and induction pros and cons?
  146. Frustration, need to vent
  147. Pre-eclampsia experiences
  148. Skylar has a cold :(
  149. Merry Christmas!
  150. Similac High Energy formula
  151. Feeding non stop. Is this normal?
  152. Maternity leave issue with HR because of premature baby
  153. Immature GI tract and reflux
  154. Late term preemie not meeting milestones
  155. Does anyone know of
  156. Weaning
  157. How do you deal with not being able to hold LO?
  158. Baby in NICU and I'm having bad day with it
  159. Best friend is pregnant again :(
  160. Purple Toes 24 Week Premature Baby
  161. Feeling guilty.
  162. How were your NICU nurses, honestly?
  163. 31wks, Delivery soon. I'm absolutely TERRIFIED.
  164. Can't Stop Crying
  165. NICU feeding. Cup or bottle?
  166. late premie, feeling guilty and angry
  167. just looking for some support/understanding.. [kind of long]
  168. Baby almost tripled birth weight at only 4 months old
  169. Looking at adopting a prem born at 25wks
  170. Son's Weight.
  171. Flu Vaccine Nasal Spray for Preemie 3 year old?
  172. Any other babies born hypoglycemic? (low blood sugar)
  173. People invalidating our feelings...
  174. is there ANYONE that can help me :( i dont see the end near!!
  175. Why Does my Baby need to "Catch Up"??
  176. help for a friend please
  177. Cant catch a break at all.
  178. Please help, possible IC at 19 weeks? - UPDATE!
  179. Low weight gain this week. Worried :( *UPDATE :D*
  180. Am I wrong for feeling this way?
  181. Great! I'm getting a cold! Help/advice please?
  182. Baby in NICU, having a hard time coping.
  183. Letting your preemie sleep through feedings?
  184. When did your preemie start breast feeding?
  185. Transition to baby food
  186. How much does your toddler weight now and how many weeks were they born?
  187. Hospital bag for premature babies...
  188. Feel angry, sad and upset with others "perfect" birth stories
  189. Iugr and absent edf
  190. my prem is nearly 1!
  191. Doctor overestimating my preemies?
  192. Advice needed about coming off oxygen
  193. fFN test/ test to dtermine if u could go into labor within 2 weeks
  194. What are/did you do for holidays with your prem?
  195. formula without guilt - help !
  196. Grieving the last trimester
  197. Other peoples children when visiting
  198. What kind of insensitive things were said to you?
  199. Prem baby now 6 months old and maybe anaemic? Any advice would be appreciated!
  200. Hi ladies, it's been a while..Help with college work?
  201. Something I had to share
  202. Smiles: is it even possible
  203. My Premmie
  204. Preemie follow-up clinic
  205. baby rice?
  206. 39+4 Baby still in NICU :(
  207. We're home!!
  208. Anyone got a NICU/SCBU full term baby?
  209. Urgh!! (Feeding in NICU)
  210. Breastfeeding after TPN?
  211. Routine
  212. 32 weeks and my sOn has puv. Anyone else?
  213. Acid reflux
  214. feeling totally overwhelmed
  215. Possibly the most silly question ever asked on here!
  216. Am I To Blame For My Baby's Prematurity?
  217. 35 weeker: going outside?
  218. NICU Babies & Germs
  219. Feeling lost and alone
  220. Older preemie having trouble hitting milestones
  221. Things get worse after a good start?
  222. OMG! They've just hinted Skylar may be ready for home next week
  223. Preemie Learning to Eat.
  224. Honest opinions girls.....
  225. 23 weeker with twisted bowel
  226. Has anyone had issues with billi levels due to TPN?
  227. We're Back!
  228. Some Hope for you guys <3 amazing journey
  229. Preemie gulping bottles too fast and choking
  230. Vaccinating in the NICU
  231. Will my second be a preemie as well?
  232. Still not really smiling :(
  233. So annoyed!!!
  234. Preemie Won't Eat at Night
  235. formula-can I go from 1 straight to 3?
  236. formula-can I go from 1 straight to 3?
  237. Let's talk oxygen.
  238. Bedtime routine
  239. Very superficial question coming up!
  240. Teaching your toddler the alphabet and how to talk
  241. Confused,if premature do we adjust age?
  242. How Much is Your Preemie Eating if Breastfeeding?
  243. Anyone have a 33 weeker?
  244. Acceptable Heartrate for Preemies?
  245. Dsat's and Bradycardia
  246. Bonding with a NICU Baby
  247. Nervously waiting for home
  248. Ladies who got weekly progesterone shots...
  249. Newbie here...
  250. Can't wait to get to NICU and tell those doctors what for!
  251. Anyone who had HELLP - TTC #2
  252. 17P Injections.
  253. I think I need a therapist.
  254. Are preemies meant to be long and lean?
  255. In your experience, is this normal?
  256. How long?
  257. 1st time I've been this scared-bloated tummy & stats dropping
  258. can change of milk affect my babies sleep?
  259. New Nursing Support Page that includes Preemie Story!
  260. Has anyone leaked amniotic fluid before 20 weeks?
  261. tummy time and lifting head
  262. 1 premature baby born at 25wks will this happen to my second child?!?!?
  263. My baby born @ 25weeks choked on her milk and went blue!!!
  264. How long do/did you visit baby in NICU?
  265. When your prem baby continues to be poorly as they grow...
  266. Finally Off Oxygen!!
  267. Damn radio!
  268. Both my babies had Polycythemia...
  269. Will the guilt ever go?
  270. Help! - Premie
  271. Struggling to keep my mouth zipped!
  272. Advice needed
  273. Baby Owen?
  274. Angry and sad...NICU: 72 days so far
  275. How well did your preemie gain weight?
  276. any advice? please excuse the intrusion
  277. Life after NICU
  278. neonatal stroke
  279. Twins arriving too soon
  280. help with weaning prems plz
  281. My poor little baby :(
  282. Help please!
  283. Skylar Summer Faith King 29+4w
  284. 1st baby preemie, what about 2nd+ baby?
  285. Weaning a preemie - they say 6 months, I feel she's not ready
  286. Introducing myself - kinda...
  287. Elena (way past due update)
  288. Baby born at 28 weeks
  289. Blood sugars
  290. Sttn, CIO, with preemies
  291. so anxious for my baby boys
  292. 24 weeks 6 day
  293. baby wearing
  294. Micro Preemie Cpap question.
  295. Tips for making baby alert enough to feed?
  296. Nipple Shields ?
  297. Iron supplements for preemies
  298. Is this preterm labor?!
  299. To try for a second baby or not? So confused!
  300. Prilosec making reflux problems worse?