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  1. So confused!, Special school/normal school?????
  2. DD is picking up any bug going!
  3. Are we doing the right thing? Advice needed
  4. Social Security
  5. Family life shattered into a million pieces.
  6. Not sure I should be in here :(
  7. Yeah, daughter has got past her first stage of extra funding
  8. Has anyone applied for DLA for a baby?
  9. A bit sad today, just needed to vent
  10. Lorna Wing centre for autism
  11. Daughter has just sung the bing bong song
  12. Parents of kids who are non-verbal/low communication
  13. Just Googled pica now I'm panicking about sickle cell!!!
  14. Anybody home school their special needs child
  15. Oh my God I'm absolutely fuming!!!!
  16. The reason I jump
  17. Very very proud mummy
  18. Exome sequencing
  19. Focal Seizures
  20. Having a bad day, just needed to talk
  21. What were the signs - ASD?
  22. Toilet training a speech delayed, possibly autistic 4yr old
  23. Teaching courses to help my daughter????
  24. Educational Psychologist?
  25. 100,000 genome testing, anyone done this????
  26. Advice on 5 YO. Should i claim DLA?
  27. Concerned son may have Dyspraxia
  28. Could my 3.5 year old be autistic?
  29. ASD in 2.5 year old girl
  30. Suprer ventricular tachycardic, anyone?
  31. Autism and school?
  32. delete please
  33. Autism, advice for a friend
  34. Been told dd could be autistic but they won't test her
  35. For anyone that has a child with Autsim and then went on to have more children
  36. Suddenly starting to line up food and toys!
  37. My 3 year old son got diagnosed with Autism and feeling very lost and bitter
  38. Intense intervention
  39. Asthma in newborn? Acid reflux?
  40. Absence seizures?
  41. At last - a diagnosis !
  42. Aspergies 3 year old girl signs
  43. Jeavons syndrome/eyelid myoclonia with absences/ethosuximide
  44. epilepsy surgery
  45. DD grown out off nappies but still needs them, help!!
  46. Any cleft moms?
  47. Does anyone else's child go to a child development centre
  48. Just An Update Really
  49. Advice about a friend
  50. First day of autism screening
  51. No other way to say it - poo
  52. awaiting diagnosis over the holidays?
  53. Pathological demand avoidance syndrome PDA
  54. Aspergers
  55. any tips to stop head butting
  56. Genetic testing?
  57. trisomy 12p
  58. Potty Training ASD non verbal child
  59. Ados
  60. I feel an absolutely useless mother
  61. Oh no, just done something stupid. Help! Dispraxia?
  62. Bowel Resection Surgery, and I'm Scared
  63. Free Social Stories
  64. ASD parent support group in Norfolk
  65. Feeling like we don't fit in anywhere
  66. Prob been asked a thousand times but how to potty train with global development delay
  67. What is ecg biotinidase?
  68. Referred for assessment - possible ASD
  69. Proud mummy, dd reduced me to tears tonight
  70. Epilepsy
  71. Medicated autistic child
  72. I need help.....autism
  73. Dla form, is it really that long
  74. How do I get dla forms?
  75. 20 month old not talking referred to pediatrician UK
  76. Borderline high iron levels
  77. developmental delay + dla
  78. Potty training advice please. :)
  79. Child with learning /speech delay/global development delay
  80. speech, behaviours and more
  81. Just need to vent (awaiting asd apt & genetics results atm)
  82. Finally have our official diagnosis
  83. 3 year old son possibly on the autisic spectrum
  84. Possible autism?
  85. Anyone with twins?
  86. Any other parents out there with a young autistic child?
  87. Home safety help!
  88. Reception class in a special needs unit
  89. Any great toys/books for hearing impaired babies and children?
  90. Autism
  91. Any experience (phonological disorders)?
  92. Canadian parents/Ontario parents
  93. potty training
  94. Disabled mum to be
  95. DLA claim
  96. Want to share a moment...
  97. Mainstream nursery and your SN child...
  98. auditory processing disorder ?
  99. dla
  100. Helpful books on autism?
  101. Still no diagnosis (ASD)
  102. Blue Badge
  103. neighbours!!!!
  104. Disability Living Allowance
  105. How can I deal with "before" and "after" grief?
  106. Abdominal support/binder for toddler
  107. autism? or "normal" 3yo behaviour
  108. My son failed his M-CHAT...Autism?
  109. Gross motor delay
  110. Anyone experienced with Spina Bifida?
  111. Where to go from here...
  112. Grandparents leave out my special needs child
  113. road to an Autism diagnosis
  114. Little things...
  115. Suggestions please.
  116. It makes so mad and it shouldn't....
  117. Autism?
  118. My daughter is being referred
  119. Finally caving on medicating DS
  120. When kids make comments or ask questions
  121. Did you trust your gut?
  122. Eye referral
  123. Advice and reassurance.
  124. Anyone a parent with special needs???
  125. Advise please
  126. Does anyone else have a 'what would people think' relative?
  127. Dyspraxia
  128. Cleft Palate
  129. Any parents who have children with hearing loss
  130. Don't feel ASD assessment went well :(
  131. Speech Delay Question?
  132. "But All Kids Do That"
  133. Cheap Autism course
  134. Autism help.
  135. Initial ASD assessment questions...
  136. normal behaviour?
  137. HR, working and reasonable time off for dependants...
  138. Anyone with 3 kids or had another after SN child...
  139. Signs of autism but not diagnosed?
  140. Curious if anyone has a child like mine with this condition...
  141. Probable ASD
  142. Autism evaluation
  143. Poland Syndrome
  144. ASD. Help
  145. Got the date asd diagnosis
  146. Anyone have any "Chewllery"?
  147. Toileting help please !
  148. development delay - 3 mth old?
  149. Disciplining?
  150. when to have "the talk" - ASD
  151. Scared and not feeling like a good mother...
  152. Not sure if this is the right place- sensory issues
  153. Hypermobility and exercise
  154. Marwell zoo with asd toddler
  155. Supporting a deaf/blind epileptic two year old?!
  156. meltdown tactics and support
  157. anyone's child have chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis?
  158. My 4yr old has just been diagnosed with autism
  159. Just felt discriminated against :(
  160. Autism....
  161. potty training with autism
  162. starting nursery - question about support
  163. Can sensory issues stand alone from ASD?
  164. I'm at a total loss
  165. 4 and not talking
  166. solihull approach for autism
  167. ENT
  168. New here on the special needs support forum. Needing advice.
  169. Physical therapy
  170. ADOS Test
  171. perthes disease?
  172. Muscle stiffness
  173. Leaving career to be a SAHM
  174. TTC#2 with a child with serious health issues
  175. Any transplant parents out there?
  176. GI issues and ASD?
  177. for those familiar with asd diagnosis
  178. Process for Diagnosing Autism
  179. any ladies out there with children who have polydactyly
  180. Autism or adhd?
  181. playing catch up
  182. transitioning to a bed question
  183. my daughter is 5
  184. Weighted blankets - anyone use?
  185. SPD I need some help
  186. Should I put a complaint in?? nursery
  187. In desperate need of advice regarding stair gates
  188. Sensory Processing Disorder.....
  189. Exciting news
  190. eeeeek
  191. When someone says "I'm Sorry" for ASD or disability?
  192. How do you come to accept your child has/may have a disability?
  193. Proximal 18q deletion syndrome/Ring 18p deletion syndrome
  194. Dirty Nappies
  195. autism becoming less
  196. 3 month old with dislocated hip/impending op and hip spica
  197. Can you really cure autism?
  198. Gross developmental delay, hyper mobility & screaming fits
  199. I'm just so frustrated and upset
  200. Education physcologist
  201. Tantrums
  202. awaiting an assessment/groups
  203. Anger issues.
  204. Only positives
  205. GDD- what does it mean as they get older?
  206. Question- if you had another child after a special needs child
  207. Feeling sorry for myself
  208. Mitochondrial Disease
  209. absence sezuires - sodium valproate
  210. Special Needs, IEPs and Report Cards
  211. would you be happy?
  212. Autism Spectrum Disorder ..... newly diagnosed
  213. Aaaaarrrrgh!
  214. Multiple wheelchairs
  215. Possible Tethered cord/spina bifida?
  216. epilepsy
  217. Drooling and other concerns
  218. Portage..
  219. Feel a fool
  220. sorry just want a rant
  221. DLA new applications
  222. Noonans Syndrome?
  223. Don't know if I belong here?
  224. CAF/Multi-agency meeting
  225. Just starting group session for speech delay and possible autism
  226. Really upset with my ds atm
  227. Do you feel its rude
  228. GAPS diet, Speech Delay, & Possible Autism
  229. Possibility of multipule disabilities
  230. Geneticist appointments??
  231. Kabuki syndrome
  232. So here I am
  233. How to just take one day at a time
  234. Advice please...is this discrimination?
  235. Statements
  236. The anxiety of ASD assessment process
  237. Does the cat have autism?!
  238. Our big changes
  239. Hope this makes you smile too :)
  240. Did Having A Special Child Change or Impact Your Plans for Having Others??
  241. I just don't know...
  242. ASD routine change help!!
  243. Thinking about schools
  244. DLA - worth applying?
  245. Blue badges for children under 3
  246. Please Read - Holly and Mya's Story
  247. Second paediatric appointment in two weeks, what's it for?
  248. Constriction Therapy
  249. Down Syndrome
  250. Have to unload this
  251. Finding today hard - start of p1 for most children
  252. Scottish mums - New CDAT Process being rolled out
  253. anyone else have a 'gifted' child? (autism)
  254. I belong here now
  255. Epilepsy
  256. 2 yrs old DD speech delayed - I'm scared & depressed
  257. So Stressed!
  258. Advice about 9 year old with bowel problems
  259. Anyone else's baby been diagnosed with rare chromosome disorder?
  260. Would really appreciate some advice..
  261. Advise please.
  262. 3rd round of speech therapy
  263. Global delay ? Statement ?
  264. my son might be autistic please I need some advice
  265. speech therapy help
  266. Early intervention
  267. He's going to special school !!!!
  268. typing instead of writing
  269. bed time and mixed receptive-expressive language disorder
  270. First paediatric assessment in ages, what to expect?
  271. Smart trike for development?
  272. diagnosis and feeling lonely
  273. Bulbar Palsy
  274. Proud Mummy moments :)
  275. Just read a What's Your 20 month old doing thread
  276. just feel pathetic today
  277. is this seriously the makaton sign for toilet, or is the internet trippin me
  278. Speech disorder ?
  279. MyChoicePad for Android
  280. anyone know anything about spina bifida ? help please !
  281. What to expect. Please help.
  282. G tube
  283. Anybody else on here have a child/children with 1q21.1 microdeletion syndrome?
  284. I'm struggling to understand how this changes things
  285. Speech delay :-(
  286. Global Developmental Delay
  287. possible ASD? or something else?
  288. Worried...asd moms
  289. Hirschsprung disease
  290. gdd looking for some advice . :)
  291. Deliberately Avoiding Friends
  292. I can't tell if my 2 year old has Global Developmental Delay....
  293. Global Developmental Delay Awareness Day May 1st 2014
  294. babysitting / child minding / nursery
  295. bulbar palsy?
  296. .
  297. anyone have a child with ADHD?
  298. deleted
  299. Age of testing
  300. Investigating ASD- bit shocked