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  1. Age of testing
  2. Investigating ASD- bit shocked
  3. How the hell do you deal...
  4. Respiratory Issues?
  5. And there we have it....ADHD
  6. Tube feeding + allergies
  7. Resources on bf a baby with Downs Syndrome?
  8. microarray test?
  9. seriously thinking my son has autism ... any help, ideas please
  10. Does anyone use PECS?
  11. Things people say....mini rant
  12. DLA Mobility age 5
  13. Nursery and child with special needs?
  14. Really struggling at the moment.
  15. Timer or ending an activity to avoid meltdown suggestions
  16. Assessment/Evaluation Questions
  17. my 3yo does not speak at day care
  18. please read possible autism?
  19. anyone elses children experience these things
  20. Worried :S
  21. First appointment nerves
  22. health visitor absolutely appaling
  23. Chromosome 2 missing?
  24. I wouldent let my child get away with that or if that was my kid !
  25. Infant spasms anyone?
  26. Torticollis
  27. Great Ormand Street Hospital
  28. Is this normal childhood behaviour or something else?
  29. Is there anyone with a child with epilepsy?
  30. New here
  31. Dilated Cardiomyopathy/ heart failure xx
  32. Aspergers help
  33. Asthma in an infant
  34. Failure to thrive
  35. Ruth Griffiths assessment? And GA scores?
  36. Choanal atresia advise
  37. Hereditary multiple exostoses
  38. Behaviour Problem / ADHD
  39. New to this and struggling already :(
  40. Aspergers Support?
  41. Back to earth with a thud.
  42. Hearing Evaluation
  43. Leery.
  44. Pushchairs, what age til?
  45. More than 1 special need child
  46. nervous about dla
  47. no understanding, 2yr 8m.
  48. Books about autism?
  49. Bit overwhelming
  50. I hate DS school
  51. any babies or children with Mcadd?
  52. Tips for Transitioning DD 2 year old to Toddler Bed?
  53. Help!
  54. Help!
  55. Anyones child with hydrocephalus
  56. My son loves me!
  57. Giving injections
  58. Just a good story
  59. Autism??
  60. Moving across the country for a school?
  61. brand new special needs... and really struggling to cope!
  62. Not disabled "enough"
  63. reluctant to say what's up with my son
  64. Any other parents of children with hearing aids?
  65. sensory processing disorder (SPD)
  66. Thank You All xXx
  67. Dyspraxia
  68. Autism and getting upset at the tv?
  69. Daughter got decline assment due to speech therpy
  70. autism? quirks? concern?
  71. ADOS assessment tomorrow
  72. Dyslexia, Aspergers etc etc.
  73. Great website with switch access games
  74. Any babies with gastrostomies out there?
  75. Sounds like fun
  76. Signs of autism in 1.5 year-old?
  77. Problems mixing with other children (15 mo)
  78. Coping with a diagnosis
  79. ASD and birthdays/Xmas
  80. so confused! Autism/speech delay related
  81. Need advice from moms of children with autism
  82. At a loss , please give advice
  83. Autism? long post.
  84. Wrong diagnosis of autism
  85. I need hug
  86. autism - what age??
  87. Hates school :(
  88. Support for parents of children with visual impairments
  89. Feel quite alone here sometimes
  90. Got a referral to been seen..
  91. Canadian Moms of Special Needs Kiddos!!!!
  92. Is she ready?
  93. Anyone's children go to a private school?
  94. I'm not sure what i should be doing
  95. Any Cerebral Palsy parents out there :)
  96. just wanted to say hi ( mummy to asd child)
  97. Help from the ladies that have autistic kids
  98. M needs orthodontic treatment
  99. ASD
  100. Help needed
  101. Coloboma and GDD?
  102. baby stroke
  103. Nearly four worried about autism
  104. Waiting to tell DS about pregnancy.
  105. Struggling with DD being behind at the moment
  106. Clinical geneticist?
  107. Hanen More Than Words Programme
  108. toddler with aspergers
  109. Multidisciplinary referal
  110. Anyone have 24/7 nursing? Having issues/concerns about a nurse and dont know how to
  111. Toilet Training ASD Son - Any advice?
  112. Autism- caused by trauma?
  113. Global Developmental Delay check in, how are we?
  114. Dealing with violence
  115. Grants
  116. Feeling useless.
  117. Roughest month of my life :(
  118. Received ASD Diagnosis for Son - Do I need a Statement?**Update - advice please**
  119. Occupational Therapy
  120. Anyone have a special needs toddler plus "normal" infant twins?
  121. Bonding with children with autism
  122. Does this sound like reflux or something else?
  123. Anyone pay for an educational psychiatrist?
  124. Autism
  125. Asd moms- what tipped you off?
  126. Keeping Toddler (with autism) Entertained
  127. Popper vests aged 3-4 UK - where?
  128. Weighted blankets
  129. my little boy (2) has autism
  130. (ADHD) 1-2 year waitlist for evaluation!!!???
  131. Hi. Just found this section.
  132. Question to mums of babies with downs?
  133. Disability Advocacy Info
  134. Nursery or not
  135. Signs of something? Autism/sensory processing? Or nothing?
  136. portage
  137. hi =)
  138. We finally have a diagnosis.
  139. How did your child react when a new sibling arrived?
  140. worried mommy
  141. New to this part of the site: Popping in to say hello :)
  142. Anyones child had similar?
  143. Its back :( Juvenile Arthritis.
  144. Talipes
  145. Could my four month old have autism?
  146. swimming
  147. 7mo being registered blind
  148. Pumonary Hypertension
  149. Multiple Congenital Anomalies... How are you coping?
  150. My son has development delays and i'm feeling really alone with it all.
  151. Congenital CMV hearing loss
  152. Are there any Tourettes parents out there?
  153. First seizure appointment?
  154. Serial casting
  155. Developmentally Behind Support & Chat
  156. Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month
  157. Melatonin (is that how you spell it?!)
  158. 19week scan showing no arm
  159. new and scared :(
  160. Autism and potty training
  161. Possible ADHD or another disorder? WON’T SLEEP AND BAD BEHAVIOUR.
  162. Reflux and Sandifer Syndrome?
  163. Symptoms of CF in babies
  164. Hirschsprung's experience?
  165. Can't cope any more :(
  166. Calling parents of autistic children!
  167. Need some advice
  168. my baby will be born with downs, advice, etc please
  169. Grandparents
  170. Higher Functioning Autism
  171. Daughter is getting assessed for an SEN
  172. Signing and autism
  173. epilepsy and autism
  174. How do you tell if there's an issue or if he's just being 2
  175. At what age should a baby start to recognise their name?
  176. Nervously dipping my toe in to SN..... post re CLD
  177. Diagnosing ADHD
  178. Advice please
  179. CAMHS result tomorrow...
  180. suggestions for reads on diet for adhd etc
  181. 'Less than perfect'
  182. anyone get benifits that can help???
  183. Autism
  184. Diagnosis and falling apart
  185. Just need some support
  186. Anyone do gluten and/or dairy free diet?
  187. Is a NG going down a non returnable route
  188. *updated, got a few answers* What is wrong with my son??
  189. 23 month old with suspected autism - Intro
  190. Child With Sensory Processing Issues Help
  191. New and looking to meet parents with experience of autism
  192. Cerebral Palsy
  193. Hi
  194. What do you think?
  195. Congenital Vertical Talus
  196. How long did your autistic child need a pushchair when out and about?
  197. attachment disorder
  198. 10 weeks too early to worry about autism?
  199. do i belong here?
  200. Goldenhar Syndrome or other Craniofacial conditions
  201. stomach problems
  202. Optic Nerve Hypoplasia
  203. Melatonin.
  204. Patents of children with ADHD, questions
  205. Should I ask for a re-diagnosis?
  206. help getting into school
  207. Autism and education choices:mainstream or special school?
  208. Autism friendly film screenings
  209. UK Autism Mums & Dads..
  210. Anyone else have an LO that had a massive stroke before 1 year old?
  211. We got our diagnosis - Autism
  212. now/next boards
  213. potty training with learning delays
  214. Hypermobility Syndrome.
  215. Does this sound like a form of autism?
  216. charge syndrome?
  217. Concerns about my 6 month old niece
  218. Severe Reflux: Swollow study??
  219. Anyone with experience with functional *******ity?
  220. How are your parents/in laws dealing with your child's needs?
  221. complex regional pain syndrome CRPS
  222. joint attention- worried about delay/autism etc
  223. How to help my husband be a better Dad and save our marriage
  224. Portage
  225. Can I get some opinions please? Worried about autism/ADHD/developmental delay
  226. Learning BSL
  227. Structured play for attention issues
  228. Need some advice via DLA
  229. Congenital Heart Defect..anyone in the same boat?
  230. dyspraxia
  231. Aspergers
  232. i have been thinking..it is dangerous lol!
  233. silver russell syndrome
  234. tips for disciplining a SN child
  235. Aarskog syndrome
  236. When & how did you potty train toddler with communication delay
  237. *knock knock* can i join
  238. Weaning 3 year old from NG tube?
  239. Any other Aspie Parents here?
  240. My daughter has nf1 :(
  241. moving schools with special needs
  242. think my daughter has ODD
  243. TTC#2 with a special needs child...how far apart?
  244. PICA disorder
  245. Happy about my sons therapy report
  246. Autism ?
  247. Support Chat Thread
  248. A bit of support
  249. Getting a diagnosis
  250. On our way to a diagnosis.
  251. Unilateral Hearing Loss
  252. Early Autism Signs??
  253. Discipline
  254. clicky hips
  255. Support for ADHD toddler
  256. Anyone know anything about tic's or Tourette's????
  257. please help re: asd/aspergers etc :(
  258. How is autism diagnosed ? Help !
  259. Rett syndrome
  260. Anat Baniel Method?
  261. My 2 yr old is being assessed for ASD. Need some advice
  262. Anyone's child partly incontinent?
  263. Claire got diagnosed today
  264. Head Lag at 6 months
  265. Anyone with kids with severe Dyslexia?
  266. Disabilities Facilities Grant
  267. Cleft Palate
  268. Hand Flapping - autism? Can you look at my video please!
  269. pydroxine dependency B6
  270. Sound like autistic 2 year old?
  271. Bit of advice re autism?
  272. Any moms of babies that have had a stroke AND/OR have a trach & g-tube?
  273. Arthritis in children?
  274. hypotonia
  275. Anyone have an infant with a trach AND/OR vocal cord paralysis
  276. Sleep! Help!
  277. Finally Finlay has been diagnosed
  278. newbie looking for support
  279. Bit of advice/ guidance
  280. Complex Motor Stereotypy
  281. Prayers for Baby B
  282. Autism, Teeth Grinding?
  283. Kiddos with developmental delays
  284. Struggling To Cope
  285. LO just diagnosed with hydrocephalus @10 months old..what now?
  286. Torticollis/Plagio
  287. Does anyone else experience this? - ASD
  288. Toddler Developmental appointment - Details of how the assement went below!
  289. How do you cope with operations? I'm a wreck.
  290. Cerebral Palsy.
  291. Couple Q's for Moms who went through the ADOS process
  292. UK Private clinics for diagnosing ASD
  293. Advice from mummies with Autisic Toddlers
  294. Huge fear my daughter will get bullied!
  295. GDD/ADHD/possible ASD and Pica
  296. adhd mums :)
  297. Deleted
  298. When to tell an autisic child
  299. sandifers syndrome
  300. Nursery help