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  1. Important information for UK mums, especially sahms / those not getting mat pay
  2. Help needed - urgent.
  3. Benefits
  4. Career change at 36 and pregnant?
  5. Can anyone explain MA to me ? As a self employed casual worker
  6. Any primary teachers here with 2 or 3 children ?
  7. Job hunt has really knocked my confidence
  8. Concentrix - please help ?
  9. Single mum: reduce hours?
  10. Flexible working hours , going back
  11. Pregnant again on benefits
  12. Work Dilemma
  13. Never had a credit card. Should I? Wanting to improve credit rating
  14. Worrying about maternity leave
  15. Wanting to move abroad to teach!
  16. Cheeki monkeys event organising......any experience?
  17. tax credits gone down by a considerable amount
  18. USA Social Security question.
  19. Tax credit advice
  20. Childcare Voucher Calculations
  21. serous consequences over data protection breach.
  22. Employer Advice
  23. Credit scoring
  24. Credit scoring
  25. Income support claim
  26. Virtual Job- Working moms question
  27. JSA to IS?
  28. Need some advice, my head is a shed!
  29. Tax Credits - Self Employed
  30. Questions about claiming as a couple on Income support
  31. Housing benefit
  32. NI & Scotland NHS Maternity Pay
  33. Don't know what to do
  34. Tax credits first payment?
  35. HR question re: probation in a job
  36. *admin edited*
  37. Working full time but still skint!
  38. Any healthcare assistants
  39. Sexual Discrimination.. Or?
  40. Did you know you can reclaim money if you had a package bank account?
  41. Single mum again, re claiming benefits singly?
  42. can you become more organised?
  43. Feel like Work trying to get rid of me/risk assessment
  44. Guilty feeling
  45. New job.. wages gone up by 20pw tax credits gone down by 35pw
  46. Housing benefit question
  47. Opinions needed: finances and housing!
  48. Need a home help guys!! Anyone recently bought?
  49. Mortgage renewal
  50. Benefits/brake up/rented house
  51. Frustrations Of The Working Mum
  52. How effective is Direct mail advertising?
  53. Back to work announcement
  54. Bounced paycheck
  55. Tax Credit Cuts (next year)
  56. Life insurance help (UK)
  57. TTC and worried about finances!
  58. Not returning to work - maternity pay affected ? In the U.K.
  59. Going bankrupt :(
  60. contract bill..
  61. Tax credits- another worry is all I need
  62. Does anyone else live in their overdraft?
  63. 2 month old - looking at going back to work :(
  64. SAHM working from home!
  65. Thinking about running a messy play group.
  66. Up to date tax credits calculator?
  67. Dh spending all our money!!
  68. Where do uk schools advertise jobs?
  69. I want to change jobs and work less hours. Advice please?
  70. Can you just quit work or do you have to work out your notice? Notice as holiday?????
  71. Confused about Maternity Pay form ?
  72. Tax question...
  73. maternity allowance for a casual worker
  74. SAHM job opportunities
  75. Signing off sick, help please
  76. Tax credits helpline gave me totally wrong info! Upset!
  77. I won't be able to afford daycare when I have my third child
  78. Texts from HMRC about renewal
  79. Red flags in buying our first house! Advice?
  80. Being Made Redundant - 17 Weeks Pregnant !
  81. Options for student mum to be
  82. Tax Credits and the budget
  83. Affording health insurance when you're the "working poor"
  84. How long do tax credit changes take?
  85. Sick Note
  86. Risk of Redundancy 18 weeks pregnant
  87. Can anyone help me with tax credits?
  88. How do I dispute leasehold charges (Countrywide Property Management-bunch of cowboys)
  89. Work help please
  90. How early can I apply for housing benefit?
  91. So, tax credits saying I was overpaid.
  92. SAHD- why is my OH being forced to work? UK
  93. Redundancy while on Mat leave
  94. *admin edited*
  95. Boring Q regarding SMP
  96. Don't want to go back to work 😢
  97. When to start maternity leave ?
  98. worried about how we will cope!?
  99. Does it matter how many hours you work for tax credits?
  100. What if you're pregnant before you get your contract?
  101. Another number for tax credits??
  102. Tax Cfredits and 0 hour contracts
  103. Job suggestions for a SAHM
  104. jsa .. moving with working partner
  105. Friends now got me worried I will have to repay tax credits!
  106. maternity pay after tax and ni
  107. Restructure at work and flexible working request
  108. Time off for Antenatal Appointments
  109. Can I claim?
  110. Water meter pros and cons?
  111. Work Uniform
  112. Child benefit over 50,000
  113. Maternity Pay
  114. Would you choose a job based on the maternity pay?
  115. Single Mum... Pregnant... Same Father... Benefits
  116. those who claim maternity allowance
  117. single working mum, hate my job. what do you work as?
  118. Would you work full time if you didn't have to?
  119. Scheduling dilemma
  120. creative ways to make extra income
  121. Switching from part time to full time
  122. Any body work from home? I have questions!
  123. What do you work as?
  124. Which daycare?
  125. so upset I'm shaking!
  126. Flexible working dilemma - help!!
  127. Letter from concentrix working on behalf of HMRC
  128. Admin Edited
  129. Question to those who use childminders..
  130. postgraduate study
  131. Child tax credits help
  132. Just a general query - why do student nurses get a bursary but not teachers?
  133. Moving to Galway, Ireland due to new job
  134. Maternity Pay - Can they do this?
  135. I need advice - Job interview
  136. Tax credits won't let me make any changes!!
  137. **help please**how much notice to give to end my job- on maternity leave now
  138. Childcare element of tax credits
  139. accused of housing benefit fraud
  140. When to inform HMRC about new Job?
  141. Anyone done there tax return on maternity allowance??
  142. Flexible working - thoughts appreciated!
  143. i want to work with Monkeys
  144. Ttc and offered an interview
  145. my boss didnt stick up for me- long post
  146. Childcare Vouchers during Maternity Leave
  147. Maternity Leave nearly over!
  148. New job and pregnant
  149. Maternity Allowance / Behind on NI Class 2 / Self Employed
  150. maternity allowance
  151. Maternity leave
  152. I have a plan.
  153. does anyone know how housing benefit deals with overestimated income?
  154. could we get in trouble?
  155. Tax credits, maternity change in income really need help pls
  156. Tax credits, debt, depression and a 2yo..
  157. My Someday Debt Free Journal
  158. Working from home and setting a routine
  159. Confused re: eligibility for tax credits (maternity leave)
  160. wish me luck!
  161. Job interviews and pre-chosen candidates
  162. Bit of a long shot but is there anyone else here who claims Rotherham housing benefit
  163. Anyone good with tax credits please?
  164. Tips on getting a job while pregnant?
  165. returned from maternity
  166. Seperating from OH whilst on mat leave, what can I do about money?
  167. Teachers in the UK, maternity leave question
  168. I feel like my boss doesn't like me. Just a small rant.
  169. Stress at work
  170. Any artist/creative mums on here?
  171. Long commute and mummy to pre schoolers.
  172. Weekly pay and monthly bills....how to manage?
  173. Temp/supply teaching maternity pay?
  174. Any advice for buying a new build house??
  175. Please help! Ahhh..
  176. Tax Credits? Help please.
  177. Working as an NHS neonatal/midwifery healthcare assistant
  178. everythink going wrong
  179. New business ideas needed :-) xx
  180. New business idea...suggestions needed
  181. Promotion whilst on maternity leave
  182. Changing Career
  183. Benefits for teenage single mother and student PLEASE HELP
  184. Is my partner really not entitled to time off?
  185. Drop in income... Tax credits advice needed
  186. MA, JSA and sure start grant query!
  187. New employer.. new pregnancy
  188. what's my rights when signed off?
  189. Parental Leave
  190. Is it really possible benefits cover my childcare costs?!?
  191. Contribution based JSA...
  192. Have work got my maternity pay wrong?
  193. Confused over pay
  194. ignore
  195. Flexible working hours request stress
  196. Can they sack me? UK
  197. Maternity Allowance and Occupational Maternity Pay
  198. Csa help!!
  199. Childcare vouchers during maternity leave
  200. Has anyone tried scentsy for extra income?
  201. how much smp do you get when youre paid monthly?
  202. JSA claim at 32 weeks?
  203. Full time students, in a couple & benefits
  204. csa only paid me half of what im meant to get?
  205. Working whilst on maternity
  206. Ideas for making money from home? **UK**
  207. getting tax back
  208. Tax Credits Underpayment?
  209. Maternity Allowance
  210. UK tax credits - help please
  211. strike action
  212. Need some advice, i work at a chemical company....
  213. Going part-time and public sector savings
  214. Can they refuse payment if I leave 4 days earlier from crappy job?
  215. When should I inform work?
  216. Can't decide on best choice
  217. Maternity pay
  218. Tax creds q
  219. Asking to go part time
  220. Sigh.. scared about situation
  221. confused about how to renew tax credits
  222. Random WTC payment
  223. Edited
  224. So fed up of applying for jobs and getting no where :(
  225. Opinions on grievance letter please
  226. Where is my tax credits payment?
  227. Need a "Mortgages for Dummies" book! Advice?
  228. Money advice needed
  229. child tax credit/working tax credits
  230. Truly Madly Baby, has anyone worked/work as a consultant for them?
  231. WWYD unsure if df will get paid on day rent is due!
  232. 20hrs work, benefits, Ireland.
  233. Tax credits Help!
  234. interview for new job-not sure due to childcare
  235. Child Tax Credit 'Overpayment'
  236. Suggestions on another job?
  237. Rental panic! - Advise please what would you do?
  238. Tax Credit Additional Payments
  239. Financial help whilst studying?
  240. Anyone part-time in NHS? Easy to negotiate?
  241. Finance worries! Help! (Uk)
  242. Forced maternity leave!
  243. Why Can't I Get Over It?
  244. Quitting Job to Go back to school
  245. Writing a raise proposal [first timer] - tips or advice would be greatly appreciated
  246. Part Buy Part Rent?..how do you go about doing it?
  247. Bank charges some helpful positive info.
  248. tax credits
  249. Declined housing benefit
  250. Deleted
  251. Anyone work for Leapforce?
  252. Anyone volunteered at a hospital before?
  253. Any Mystery Shoppers with a baby/toddler?
  254. Moving house with housing benefit..
  255. Applying for a mortgage and part time working
  256. When do you tell tax credits your redundant?
  257. Really need some help re: p60 please
  258. wonder if anyone can help? CTC etc...
  259. Tax credits down
  260. childcare help.. does this sound right?
  261. Maternity allowance - fell pregnant on maternity leave
  262. dumb question...
  263. Do I bother with tax credits?
  264. Tax credit
  265. Random child/working tax query!
  266. Child tax/working tax
  267. CV / cover letter help
  268. tax cred and childcare
  269. Teachers-Changing to supply teaching after maternity leave do I have to repay money?
  270. slightly ot..
  271. Does anyone do Betterware?
  272. benifts
  273. Redundancy while pregnant UK
  274. (UK) How do you start a benefit claim?
  275. Car purchase opinions wanted
  276. nhs maternity pay?
  277. I HATE work
  278. HELP.. with saving money!
  279. tax credits help
  280. Financing a 7 seater
  281. tax credits,,, help
  282. Career Change in your 30's
  283. Interview for an apprentice.. don't know if I'll get any help?
  284. Childcare element of working tax credits
  285. How do you cope while on Maternity leave
  286. Question about joint claim?
  287. SMP - some questions
  288. Reundancy looming....cant re-jig finances, really worried!
  289. Address changes and CB/tax credits
  290. Massive overpayment letter hmrc tax credits!
  291. Maternity Leave
  292. Anyone been on a joint JSA and switched to Income support?
  293. Can I claim?
  294. does JSA affect child tax credits?
  295. Wish me luck......
  296. Only going to be 20 a month better off if I accept job
  297. Working part time.. Is it worth it?
  298. 2nd child benefit changes
  299. Working from home.
  300. Hubby is off work sick for a few weeks and SSP isn't enough :(