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  1. Unexplained Infertility
  2. After 6 1/2 yrs of trying he's here!!
  3. IUI Success
  4. Acupuncture/herbs
  5. Success with IVF after 7 years of trying
  6. Success after having implantation issues?
  7. FET Success after endometrial biopsy
  8. Curious--when did you get your BFP?
  9. just got a bfp after 18 months trying things i did different- might help
  10. I bought donation sperm via internet
  11. Looking for success stories with antibodies?
  12. My babygirl arrived 6 pregnancies later :)
  13. Male infertility, No sperm help :(
  14. 1st IVF success after over 10yrs ttc
  15. Low Sperm Count Success Stories???
  16. Anyone overcame obstacles the natural way?
  17. Male Infertility
  18. Confirmed pregnant through ultrasound after BFN?
  19. My Success story after 3.5 yrs of tTc .
  20. Wanted to share my story long 5 years TTC
  21. Conceiving after a chemical/ early miscarriage
  22. is this REAL?!?!
  23. IUI and symptoms. All feedback appreciated!
  24. V.early ovulation
  25. Day 21 Progesteron Test
  26. In need of success stories w/blood clotting disoder.
  27. My YEAR of TTC!
  28. Ok, so what am i forgetting?
  29. Sperm count 12-13 million? What are our chances for BFP?
  30. Shocked- natural BFP
  31. pregnancy years after vasectomy?
  32. Anyone got pregnant on Clomid?
  33. driving myself crazy!!
  34. Vitex and low BBT pre-ovulation?
  35. Finally Pregnant- Update
  36. 4 yrs TTC - now 37 weeks pregnant
  37. any lap&dye success stories?
  38. My beautiful BFP, baby #2
  39. IUI#1, BFP. It can happen!
  40. Hope for people dealing with oligospermia-4.8million
  41. 2+ years TTC #1, went to fertility specialist, got my BFP naturally
  42. Anyone get a BFP straight after ovarian drilling?
  43. Clomid question :)
  44. Anyone get BFP with Maca??
  45. Would like to hear successful pregnancy stories after first miscarriage?
  46. Natural 2nd conception after assisted with 1st?
  47. Weight loss and BFP?
  48. Is this an AF or IB?? has anyone ever gotten a bfp after a af???!!
  49. Pregnant After Miscarriage With No Period In-between!!!
  50. Expecting after 23 years!
  51. Dizziness around Ovualtion!
  52. Anyone had success after Clomid +injectables +HCG trigger?
  53. Successful clomid IUI with very low ovarian reserve
  54. Natural Pregnancy After 0% Morphology
  55. sometimes old life has to pass before new life can enter the world
  56. Progesterone Supplement Successes
  57. What you guys did differently the month you got BFP
  58. hey everyone
  59. 5 years later..... BFP naturally
  60. BFP after 29 (long & emotional)months ttc!!!
  61. Just A Fun Thread:)
  62. 5yrs NTNP and TTC we got BFP naturally!
  63. Pregnant after 3 years and 6 miscarriages!.
  64. 21 months total ttc: HOW I got my BFP
  65. Success after blood count/MTHFR issues?
  66. How?
  67. BFP?!
  68. *success here* 6 stone down (the easy way) and a little one on board
  69. how soon after conceiving did you get symptoms and what were they?
  70. Dermoid Tumor Removal while Pregnant
  71. Some words of Hope
  72. Success with premature ovarian aging/DOR??
  73. 3 years of trying...HCG did it for me!
  74. It only took 5 years, but it finally happened..
  75. which opks worked for you?
  76. PCOS, clomid and late ovulation bfp
  77. 5 years exactly.
  78. how many months
  79. Vit D3--Our Miracle Drug!!
  80. TTC Supplements Thread
  81. Septum removed- success stories?
  82. Implantation bleeding or period?
  83. Almost 3 years and finally a late BFP!!
  84. When did you notice your first symptoms?
  85. Donation of meds?
  86. Anyone have success getting pregnant with long/irregular cycles?? Please give me hope
  87. How much activity did you do after your transfer?
  88. My BFP symptoms :)
  89. I can't believe I am pregnant.
  90. What finally worked for me - long term TTC
  91. pre af spotting and finally bfp!!!!how we did it
  92. bfp after almost 3 yrs one m/c, one surgery, not great sperm, and countless obgyn app
  93. Success....or stickiness after 5 long years
  94. What comes after....
  95. Weight loss and success?
  96. Pregnant after diagnosed infertility
  97. Advice, help, and buddies?
  98. Anyone get pregnant on a natural cycle after failed fertility treatments?
  99. Brown spotting, no period, negative HPTs?
  100. Looking for IUI Success Stories
  101. Please help :'(
  102. Worth every terrible second
  103. Just wondering..
  104. Clomid success stories?!
  105. Any success stories with a heart shaped/bicornuate uterus?
  106. Anybody Out There with Soy Isoflavones BFP?
  107. first cycle on clomid
  108. Femara u/s to check follicles
  109. anyone know anything about vitex?
  110. Menopur success stories?
  111. success after d&c
  112. Any success stories with low AMH?
  113. any success with metformin
  114. First ivf success
  115. I heard a lovely story the other day...
  116. my story!
  117. Clomid- CBFM 2 different peak days?
  118. Does anyone see anything?! Tweakers please!
  119. 14dpt and this morning had a faint positve and this evening had a bfn ... :(
  120. Implantation dip??
  121. Chart lookers
  122. Femara V. Clomid Success Stories please!!
  123. Clomid question
  124. PCOS TTC 4 years and BFP 2nd Clomid cycle
  125. infertility 6 years acupuncture and boom x2
  126. my success story ...short
  127. Anyone get pregnant on more than 6 Clomid cycles?
  128. hope for ltttc ladies...
  129. anyone else been diagnosed with Endometrial Hyperplasia
  130. Combination of Natural Fertility and Western Medicine worked for me!
  131. Any success stories from PCOS with metformin alone?
  132. Anyone pregnant after endo scratch?
  133. What I did the month I got my BFP, hope this helps
  134. Anyone pregnant after ublocking tubes with surgery
  135. HyCosy and laparoscopy success
  136. Anyone with BFP with late ovulation??
  137. Looking for Clomid, Trigger shot, and IUI Success
  138. anyone get pregnant using gonal f ??
  139. Anyone get pregnant with one tube?
  140. How long were you ttc before a BFP ?
  141. TTC #1 with 1 tube after ectopic pregnancy
  142. pregnant after recurrent miscarriage and high fsh.
  143. pregnant after recurrent miscarriage and high fsh.
  144. Any success stories after fibroids?
  145. looking for answers on what to ask my doctor this week
  146. A little bit pregnant? hCG 17
  147. B6 and agnus castus
  148. The Birth Of My Little Miracle
  149. Success with TCM or Acupuncture??
  150. Femara success?
  151. BFP after 2+ years: IUI, surgery, endo, IVF. Believe!
  152. After 4 years of trying ...
  153. Success After LTTC, treatments, surgery and Endo- BELIEVE!
  154. Does anyone see the line so I can possibly have a start to my success story?
  155. Anyone get pregnant on Vitex?
  156. Hypnosis for pregnancy
  157. a thread for all you long term ttc xxx
  158. "There is hope" - My PCOS success story!
  159. Any 1st time IVF success stories using Donor Sperm?
  160. Success on first iui
  161. Any success with injectables and timed intercourse???
  162. Anyone have success with Soy Isoflavones???
  163. Anyone with Clomid success at 6 rounds?
  164. 2.8 yrs, POCS, 5 round clomid and surprise BFP!
  165. Natural BFP after 29 months TTC
  166. natural BFP with PCOS and low sperm count and motility :)
  167. Success on Clomid and Trigger shot?
  168. Fertilaid Success stories!
  169. i have no idea where i belong!
  170. HSG and Femara Success! (kinda long)
  171. My Miracle Journey
  172. Success stories~clomid, trigger, IUI (singleton/multiples)
  173. got pregnant after lap & dye test, 3 years trying
  174. Nearly 3 years TTC and MF - IUI success
  175. conception day!
  176. Positive again?? Please look
  177. anyone get pregnant after 6 years???
  178. Any 4th round clomid success stories?
  179. success with iui and low sperm count?
  180. Pregnant at last
  181. Did any of y'all use instead softcup?
  182. Anyone tried complete BEDREST to maintain pregnancy?
  183. BFP after 18 months
  184. 3.5 years TTC No. 1 and just 1 month for number 2!
  185. First IVF and only 1 egg retrieved!!!
  186. Failed IVF then naturally conceived so don't lose hope!
  187. Any Success with clomid?
  188. Anyone Conceive with Clomid estrogen and progesterone?
  189. Fertility clinic
  190. BFP after HSG and clomid
  191. PCOS Success Story!
  192. Anyone conceive with hypothyroidism?
  193. Any advice for my friend?
  194. Elevated FSH Level - Successes?
  195. After 3.5+ years
  196. Ivf/amh levels
  197. Miracle pregnancy
  198. CD 1, anyone?!
  199. Low sperm count success stories... please!
  200. low progesterone, questionable sperm count, 1% morphology: BFP!! :) (No IVF!)
  201. hi anyone here get pregnant using fertomid
  202. TTC for nearly 3 years - It's possible!
  203. Sorry - posted this in wrong thread
  204. There is hope everyone!
  205. Hypothyroidism PCOS success stories !
  206. don't lose hope .....
  207. Lttc No.1 doesnt always me lttc no. 2 :)
  208. 3 yrs ttc with pcos, 12 months of clomid, conceived naturally
  209. My Story of 4 Years TTC
  210. Any success stories with low amh,maybe second infertility
  211. BFP with 2mil count male sub infertility all natural 2 years TTC- What I did..
  212. Success the month after clomid??
  213. Metformin success stories??
  214. My success story - 21mth TTC - 1st round IVF/ICSI
  215. Lost hope
  216. BFN? Endometriosis? Irregular Period? DO NOT GIVE UP! Here's my story.
  217. Low Sperm Morphology Success Stories??
  218. Need help! Taking Clomid & positive OPK today
  219. My story
  220. IVF and BFP hurray!!
  221. success ovarian drilling as first line of treatment?
  222. Anyone have any experience with DH having their varicocele repaired?
  223. Someone, shed some light, give me some kind of hope...
  224. I think im finally pregnant 3 bfp!!!!
  225. How long did it take you to get pregnant with your first?
  226. Any1 Got BFP After Bad Cramps?
  227. Natural BFP after 20+ months TTC. Long story.
  228. SUCCESS STORIES: BFP TEST.. How long you were trying and when you got your BFP
  229. Lap and dye success?????
  230. Any BFP's out there as result from using reiki?
  231. Looking for Injectables story...
  232. Clomid/Acupuncture/Geritol/Aspirin...something worked got my BFP today!!!
  233. Anyone have success with high Cardiolipin igg??
  234. My little clomid baby <3
  235. Success after 4 m/c with no known cause?
  236. one tube?
  237. 4 years twice!
  238. I am about to pull my hair out.
  239. 4 yrs ttc 1st sept ivf cancelled natrual bfp oct
  240. success after 4 years time!
  241. geritol complete
  242. How many days or weeks was af late when you got your bfp?
  243. Heavy Bleeding but Positive beta and 4 Positive HPT
  244. success after being told infertile! and PCOs
  245. First cycle of clomid.....
  246. Any success for TTC#1 with low motility?!
  247. need help with 2 specific symptoms
  248. any luck with adhesions girls???
  249. I wanted to share my success story to help others
  250. Menstruating properly after years of irregularities and 2 mcs
  251. Pregnant after 20 months ttc
  252. Losing hope..
  253. any1 got BFP after around 5years need some hope?
  254. Success stories after blighted ovum?
  255. Success after 2 years TTC
  256. Success stories after almost 8 mo's of trying???
  257. Looking for FET sucesses especially with 1 embie
  258. No heartbeat and slow growth at 8 weeks, any success stories?????
  259. Any success with Geritol?! Please!
  260. Success aged 35+ after 3+ m/c naturally or aided?
  261. Success stories using Geritol? PLEASE!
  262. a little ray of hope for ltttc er's
  263. BFP after 2 Years...IUI + Clomid
  264. BFP's with Soy Isoflavones
  265. 3 years and finally here!
  266. Faint positive
  267. FINALLY....natural bfp 27 months later!
  268. Anybody get pregnant after Hysteroscopy to remove polyp/fibroid/lap to unblock tubes?
  269. Question since you gals are BFP.
  270. Success stories with Male Factor Infertility
  271. IVF Success after 3 years of trying!!!
  272. Help choosing to do iui or not
  273. pregnant after polyp removal??
  274. Bfp after 19 months TTC :0)
  275. Hope finally??
  276. bored. anyone have any questions for second tri lady?
  277. I need advise with this one.
  278. success stories of dh/oh poor sa?
  279. IUI success w/ no DTD after?
  280. Pcos women must read!!!!!
  281. Natural BFP after 25 months TTC#1
  282. TTC after 5 years on depo injection
  283. BFP with reflexology
  284. Need to hear ltttc success stories, so down.
  285. Need help with a important question
  286. Clomid round 8 BFP :)
  287. PCOS LTTC Success story :)
  288. progesterone or biopsy sucsess stories
  289. Gonal F Success
  290. Advice for us LTTTCers
  291. bfp after 1 1/2 yrs (1 month after lapro)
  292. Anyone faced low morphology and motility, but natural pregnancy?
  293. Clomid without IUI and would like to try naturally.
  294. A minor success story, PG 2x after 18 months (secondary infertility) loss mentioned
  295. To all u long term ttcers please read..
  296. BFP after 20 months (2nd month after HSG), the week we are due to start IVF
  297. Success on 3rd or 4th Round of Clomid?
  298. BFP with Low ovarian reserve x 3
  299. Zoladex
  300. Iui success after 6 years ttc