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  1. Just out of curiosity...
  2. I've narrowed it down, boy and girl name, opinions please!
  3. name help
  4. Help! Thoughts on Girls name
  5. Need serious help with boys names
  6. William George?
  7. Here's Some Girl Names For You! :)
  8. DH is inlove with a very girly name ... thoughts?
  9. Help me with choosing my baby girls name!
  10. Stuck on a girls name! Help needed!!
  11. We have narrowed it down to three... opinions?
  12. Middle name for Haylen
  13. How important is _____________ when you name your baby?
  14. Can 1 Identical twin be a Jr?!
  15. Old lady name?
  16. Which boys name do you like better?
  17. How would you spell this name?
  18. Getting this baby named!
  19. Is it a mouthful?
  20. totally stuck for boys name, help plz :)
  21. How do you know when it's *the* name?
  22. Initials?
  23. Please vote on our boys names so far...
  24. Please vote on our girls names so far!
  25. French surname and boy's name?
  26. Evelyn Jeanette?
  27. Azalea
  28. Sistine or Sixtine
  29. Choosing between these boy names?
  30. Middle name help for Savannah please!
  31. Boys name help :-)
  32. Struggling with boys name.... Please help?
  33. Too much of a stretch?
  34. Leoben?
  35. Think we have chosen a name. Opinions?
  36. Thoughts and opinions please!
  37. Rate our name list!
  38. Help with baby boy names?
  39. Are these names too odd?
  40. Wiley/Wylie...does anyone like it?
  41. Girl names to go with surname Dolton
  42. Is it just me or are all boys names these days almost the same?
  43. Middle name ideas ladies?
  44. Initials - FVK
  45. Baby boy name Chase
  46. Really struggling with baby boy names
  47. Brothers Simon and Sam - too similar?
  48. Arrrggghhhhhh! DH keeps going off names.
  49. Please vote on these boys names!
  50. Edited
  51. Next door took my name!
  52. Help with our girl name..
  53. I need your help! Boys names!x
  54. Struggling for boys names
  55. Girl names for Cupps
  56. Finally decided on a girl's name...what do you think?!
  57. Help with girls names
  58. Is Caleb popular?
  59. Would this name be ok with our surname?
  60. opinions on spelling
  61. Am I in the wrong? Am I being horrible?
  62. Anyone care to share.....
  63. Middles names for Ares and Calista
  64. Twins - Which names??
  65. Traditional girl names.....
  66. Nickname help!
  67. Less traditional variations of Kate, Kait?
  68. Dutch names?
  69. Baby Girl Names Opinions and Suggestions
  70. Opinions on Leonidas?
  71. Can't agree on a male middle name...
  72. HELP! Xander and ..........???
  73. Is this too matchy?
  74. Middle name dilemma...
  75. Think Our Boy2 Has A Name :)
  76. Which of these do you prefer?
  77. What are your top 3 boy and girl names?
  78. Same name as OHs pet?
  79. Names for future babies!
  80. Your favourite of the 3?
  81. babies surname?? what are you doing??
  82. A name for baby girl Moore
  83. Thoughts on these girl names?
  84. Rate my girl name
  85. BRA initials?
  86. Ruby- how many do you know?
  87. I think we finally have our shortlists
  88. Is this tacky??
  89. Too similar?
  90. Stuck on a middle name!
  91. Opinions on this boys name? Is it too chav?
  92. I think we may have a name... Please give me your opinion
  93. Found this fun name game on Youtube
  94. Opinions please!
  95. Anyone have names picked before getting pregnant?
  96. Eliza-Grace or Grace?
  97. Middle name for Rose??? Ideas
  98. opinions on this name...
  99. Sibling for Sophia
  100. Sylvester as a boys name...does it sound silly with our surname?
  101. Quirky n cute name
  102. Using daughters middle name as a first name for new sibling?
  103. Some ideas?
  104. Isla vs. Norah?
  105. Help with rhyming name problem :(
  106. Just realised I DEFINITELY can't use the boys name I liked....
  107. Different spelling of a name?
  108. baby no.3
  109. Travis?
  110. First name for a boy!
  111. OH and I can't pick a name!
  112. Could this work for a girl?
  113. Poll... same letter first and Surname??
  114. Help ... What do you think?
  115. Short boy & girl names
  116. Seth and.....
  117. Colin vs Collin
  118. Still need help with spelling!
  119. Emmie Mae
  120. How cruel would it be to call our daughter Olive with our surname??
  121. We picked our names!
  122. Double barrelled name question?
  123. baby number 3 name
  124. Name help!
  125. A little rant ..
  126. The name Dolly??
  127. Honest opinions please
  128. Which name goes better with Jason as a middle.
  129. WDYT of this family (names) + BQ
  130. Does your baby have a name yet?
  131. Help with boys names for baby #2 please :)
  132. Muslim/Arabic Girls Name Help!
  133. Adalia for a girl's name? What do you ladies think?
  134. Struggling with girl names!
  135. Someone's using my baby name!!
  136. Brainstorm: middle name for Zoey.
  137. my baby names...
  138. Grace - too boring?
  139. Baby Boy Names starting with "S"
  140. Thoughts on Elsa?
  141. Finally Chose my baby girl's name
  142. Which one?
  143. Boys names - Freddie or Dylan
  144. What's the first thing you think?!
  145. After years of searching....!!! :)
  146. Summer, Skye and......?
  147. Do you like it?
  148. Middle name for Charlie pls:)
  149. Boy names beginning with C..
  150. Baby will be here in 4 days and just using the name everyone expects :(
  151. Middle name for Finley
  152. Name Help!!!
  153. What to name this little one?!
  154. Is Shea a boy or girl name?
  155. What else could shorten to Elsa?
  156. Elenore??
  157. Please help me decide what to name baby
  158. Girls names - which do you prefer?
  159. Another Name Challenge!
  160. Which middle name for Asher?
  161. Name Challenge!
  162. Baby Moore will be nameless at this rate!
  163. Boys names are harder than girls names
  164. Is this nickname ok? Does it work?
  165. We've finally got a name!
  166. what do people think of name frederick
  167. Our boy name
  168. help with boy names
  169. Baby names?! What's made your shortlist?
  170. Finding a name to fit both parents backgrounds
  171. The nickname of a drug?
  172. Help us name our 2 day old daughter!
  173. Team yellow names! Input please!
  174. The name Eli has been taken :(
  175. Arabelle or Arabella for a girl name?
  176. Logan?
  177. Phoebe?
  178. Need help please with name suggestions
  179. Sophia, Sienna, and... (girl names)
  180. Need help coming up with a girl "A" name!
  181. Best first and middle from list
  182. When you hear Madeline...
  183. Still have no idea what im going to call my baby girl!!
  184. What do y'all think of this girl name??
  185. Girls middle name for Bo?
  186. Think we've finally got a few names
  187. Girl Name (3rd baby, first girl)
  188. due in 7 days. please help!
  189. Boys name help
  190. Honest opinions on Iya.....
  191. Breaking tradition?
  192. Girl names poll
  193. need suggestions for a girl name starting with the letter A!
  194. Please vote on our top 5
  195. 2 general questions
  196. Awkward Hubby! 3 Syllable Girls names?
  197. Does Freddie sound like a real name?
  198. Doubting our girls name choice.. any suggestions?
  199. 12 Baby Names with a Calm, Peaceful Vibe
  200. Help with sibling for Micah?
  201. Which do you prefer?
  202. Opinion on Boy Names
  203. .
  204. Opinions on this girl's name?
  205. A little sister for jessica
  206. Having my baby on Friday! Help with a boys name?
  207. Iris?
  208. Middle name troubles!
  209. Need baby girl name suggestions - please help :)
  210. What do you think of Bella for a girl
  211. Please give your opinions!
  212. Baby middle name after grandmother
  213. Middle Name For Vance
  214. I hope its a girl because we have NO boy names at all
  215. Honest opinions please
  216. Boy Name / Girl Name - Middle name suggestions?
  217. Choosing names with OH
  218. Names that go with Rupert
  219. Which girls name do you prefer?
  220. Elsie?
  221. Anyone else's baby going to be nameless?
  222. Georgia/Georgie
  223. which girls name do you prefer ?
  224. First name to go with Jason as a middle
  225. What do you think of this girls name?
  226. Still not set on a boys name??
  227. Love our girl name, what do you think?
  228. How popular is amelia and Isla?
  229. Opinions? Boy names
  230. Its early days but choosing a name is part of our dream.....
  231. A little brother for Anna
  232. Emily or Emillia
  233. Can't seem to make up our minds!
  234. Need help please
  235. it's a toss up between these. Opinions please
  236. First name you think of....
  237. I think we settled on Lynnia, suggestion on MN?
  238. Girls name suggestions
  239. Please help me choose baby #2 name!!
  240. Reusing name of miscarried children. I need opinions.
  241. Looking for a longer name that can be shortened to....
  242. How do you pronounce Linnea?
  243. Thoughts on these names??...
  244. Finally found the perfect name.
  245. Middle name ideas/suggestions???
  246. Kai- what do you think?
  247. First name and surname with same initial
  248. Middle name ideas
  249. Disney Names!!
  250. Aria, Sadie or Ivy?
  251. baby girl name help
  252. Nan passed away - torn on name.
  253. Girl Name?
  254. Book & Film names?
  255. Struggling!
  256. help narrowing doen list
  257. Guilty Pleasure Name
  258. baby's name the same as the town we live in?
  259. Lovely idea but doesn't sit right with me
  260. Middle Name for Daisy?
  261. Suggestions for baby #3!
  262. The name Jasmine with different middle names or other??
  263. Middle name for Finn?
  264. Whats your boys called?
  265. Help??
  266. E Names
  267. Two middle names?
  268. Wasnt expecting a girl...
  269. Struggling to like our unborn son's name
  270. I think we have our boys name :)
  271. Boys name indecision! Opinions & advice please
  272. Early name ideas and issues!
  273. Help please - we cant choose!
  274. Help with a girls name...please:)
  275. Our little girls name
  276. What nickname?
  277. Girls names that can be shortened to Amy
  278. 2 names picked for each gender....
  279. How do you pronounce Linnea?
  280. Need help with middle names! Closed
  281. Can't pick name
  282. Which way round?
  283. What's your vote on these boys names
  284. Madeleine, Sadie, or Ivy?
  285. Does any body have a Jr?
  286. Names that rhyme? Too much??
  287. Looking for a simple boy name
  288. Emmeline "Millie", Annabel "Anna", and
  289. my list :)
  290. Vowel Letter Names - Girls and Boys
  291. Stuck for a middle name for our son
  292. please rank these names as you like them
  293. A sister for Sienna...
  294. Names that end the same way?
  295. Help us choose a middle name for baby boy Carson
  296. Think we've got our name!
  297. Maiden Name as middlename
  298. Using the same middle name(s) for more than one child?
  299. Already stressing over names
  300. Baby is here - don't change your mind now!