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  1. Aiming for home water birth, due 6th of June
  2. Hypnobirthing & period pains
  3. Home Birth Question..
  4. A few water home birth questions!
  5. Thinking of a Home Birth after watching The Business of Being Born
  6. Just decided on a home birth...
  7. Home birth after 2 sections?
  8. Awkward and alienation
  9. Vbac after uterine extension/tear?
  10. Water Birth
  11. Midwives in Ontario????
  12. Newborn check at the hospital?
  13. Gift Ideas For Midwife/Doula
  15. Did you know midwives aren't nurse midwives?
  16. Things You Wish You Had Known Beforehand
  17. My planned HB turned unplanned free birth!
  18. Any tips for a momma who is having a csection, but so desperately wants natural
  19. Homebirth stories and advice please!
  20. Siblings attending HB?
  21. Home birth chance looking less likely
  22. Cervical abrasion and home birth
  23. I'm Finally a Mommy! (Natural Birth Story)
  24. Anyone else almost uncontrollably scared shitless?
  25. Unusual looking umbilical cord (ultrasound)?
  26. Drug free hypnobirth story :)
  27. when to call?
  28. HB oldtimers & time of birth
  29. One step further! Eeek!
  30. Consultant cleared for home birth!
  31. Home Birth after a few hospital Births, advice?
  32. Anyone else really interested in herbal remedies
  33. Had my home birth :)
  34. 38+3 and arranging for homebirth at the last minute!
  35. First time birth, freebirthing?
  36. GP says I can't have a homebirth because...
  37. Questions to ask on hospital tour tomorrow?
  38. Unassisted home birth?
  39. hubby has lost faith in me
  40. A hello and some questions :)
  41. Homebirth UK
  42. Am I the only pro-home-birther who doesn't get the appeal of a water birth?
  43. WaterBirth after a C-section
  44. What's an acceptable driving distance for your midwife?
  45. Recommend home birth books
  46. Hello!
  47. Information and advice please!
  48. Feeling crushed. No hope for another homebirth.
  49. Advice...
  50. Ready to go?
  51. so excited. ..
  52. covering carpets during home birth
  53. Water birth, vernix, and the third stage of labor
  54. natural hospital birth UK
  55. When to tell hospital
  56. Good hypnobirthing books?
  57. I Got my home birth! :-)
  58. So tired of negativity...
  59. hypnobirthing uk ladies
  60. Natural Birth possible after c-section?
  61. Home Birth being encouraged by midwife
  62. can I insist on going by my dates? planning home birth, scared of going ' over'
  63. What to clamp the cord with
  64. Is it common to throw up during labor??
  65. Freebirthing in the UK
  66. US: Good news for my HB to have a cylinder of gas!
  67. Had my homebirth!! On Christmas day no less
  68. Need tips and insights for a film about natural birth
  69. Umm gross but a need to know
  70. Hospital is 1/2 hour away, I want a home birth, what to do?
  71. now planning VBAC at home! so excited!
  72. Shall I get a pool?
  73. Home birth?
  74. co-sleeping with a preemie?
  75. Questions to ask potential Doula?
  76. U.S. ladies and homebirth
  77. Natural Coping Methods
  78. Is Hypnobirthing possible without taking a class?
  79. Can't find a midwife in my area that will do a HB
  80. Packing a hospital bag in case of transfer?
  81. Home birth after induction with 1st
  82. Preparing the hubby
  83. Two Homebirths?
  84. Anyone have a HB with twins?
  85. Considering drug free (VBAC) birth.
  86. home birth after 2 c-sections
  87. Aromatherapy
  88. So many questions..... help!!!!!
  89. My Intro
  90. My birth plan - natural birth in Hospital
  91. Vbac?
  92. anybody had a home birth with other children at home?
  93. How to persuade husband!!
  94. I just ordered
  95. I got my home birth
  96. FTM - Homebirth
  97. Hypnobirth
  98. Can I have a Home Birth...At my Mum's?
  99. Doula
  100. Hvbac?
  101. Natural birthing book recommendations?
  102. Homebirth with 2 year old in the house?
  103. So Shattered
  104. Anyone had a planned freebirth, UK?
  105. I'm Having Baby In Hospital, But...
  106. Dolphin Assisted Birth?
  107. UK ladies... I want a home birth
  108. UK ladies - second hand pool and when to buy?
  109. Small gift for Doula?
  110. Midwife website?
  111. Homebirth (non-water)-Which room? which position?
  112. homebirth
  113. Natural birth question
  114. What helped you prepare for a natural birth?
  115. not sure where this question belongs
  116. Hypnobirthing and other classes
  117. trouble finding birth center
  118. Do I have to wait to be discharged from hospital after birth?
  119. Has anyone seen this documentary about women's rights and childbirth?
  120. stitches???
  121. Wanting an HBAC, needing advice and support.
  122. strep b
  123. What are you doing special for HB?
  124. Hoping for a natural water birth at the hospital, any tips?
  125. I got my home water birth :D!
  126. Induction methods most favorable to a natural birth?
  127. Had my first consultant appointment
  128. Meditation During Labor
  129. Anyone make umbilical cord ties?
  130. Rasberry leaf tea
  131. Avoiding the newborn vaccines in hospital...how to in Canada?!
  132. Hypnobirthing question
  133. Need some advice to convince the hubby
  134. Am I as crazy as the doctor seems to think
  135. Natural approach to a repeat c-section?
  136. Remind me what I need
  137. Home birth for dummies
  138. Tips for natural hospital birth...
  139. Postnatal abdominal massage if breastfeedin?
  140. Many silly lotus birth questions!
  141. An Update and a request.
  142. Home Birth after Previous 3rd Degree Tear
  143. Water birth after waters have broken?
  144. Water birth after waters have broken?
  145. Asking for a VBAC in U.K
  146. Birth plan for a VBAC.............
  147. Not sure if i need to ask ..
  148. US ladies...natural birth at a hospital?
  149. Waterbirth with GBS+?
  150. Any IVF'ers foregoing ultrasounds & standard medical care post-conception?
  151. Which would you pick?...
  152. Birthing Pool (home) recommendations
  153. Birth Video
  154. Continuous monitoring during hospital VBAC?
  155. can I do it?
  156. Home birth could be anytime so excited
  157. 25miles away from a hospital.. risky or not?
  158. thoughts on being over due
  159. had my homebirth!!!!
  160. home birth after traumatic 1st birth
  161. stretch and sweeps
  162. What would you say my chances of a HB are?
  163. still upset
  164. Birthing Tub Question
  165. Natal Hypnotherapy birth prep - your "regime"?
  166. Natural CS birth plan
  167. Desperately want a WBAC in Scotland
  168. Excited for labor?
  169. Worried about being transferred?
  170. anyone have a c-section for CPD and then have a HBAC?
  171. Question re placenta
  172. Advice on low iron and risks with home birth
  173. Home birth after traumatic first birth - fears of pain
  174. can i still have a water birth?
  175. Techniques
  176. Damaged Pelvic Floors and Going for a Natural Birth
  177. Giving birth first time nearly killed me, would you home birth with second??
  178. Would you let it change your mind?
  179. Positive Stories of Natural Birth With no Doula
  180. Water birth - what if cord is round baby's neck?
  181. Advice as starting to worry a bit
  182. Please share your positive natural hospital-birth stories!
  183. Another blow to women's rights- Zimbabwe charging women for screaming
  184. Eeeek, I may be able to have a HB, lots of questions!
  185. nhs. bmi over 35. did u have to fight?
  186. M/W said not to buy a birth pool
  187. I want to book for home but....
  188. How to clean up after a water birth?
  189. Home birth is making me feel so relaxed about labour!
  190. Freebirth resources
  191. Birthing pool suggestions
  192. can't plan/consider birth
  193. Optimal positioning before labor
  194. Internal exams question
  195. Baby wearing advice
  196. got my home birth :-) first time mum
  197. opinions/advice please...waters broke...home birth
  198. 38+5, home birth but now ? breech?
  199. TENS machine and birthing pool
  200. Did you pack a 'just in case' hospital bag?
  201. Just got my home birth item list Really hoping everything falls into place :)
  202. Homebirth-Is it too late??
  203. Water birth hospital bag list?
  204. Homebirthing at an hard to access house?
  205. Happy Home Birth! (GBS +)
  206. Too far from Hositpal for homebirth ? Opinion
  207. home birth or cord blood donation?
  208. Homebirth Questions
  209. Home Birth
  210. Midwives/Birthing Center
  211. Overweight and home birth?
  212. Negativity from midwife
  213. Breathing baby out vs. pushing
  214. considering natural birth
  215. anyone use pain control first time but nothing 2nd time?
  216. Free birth / Unassisted?
  217. Had my second successful home birth :) edited with story!
  218. Can't find a Hypnobabies Workbook and want to read experiences with Hypnobabies
  219. Need advice about terrified Grandma-To-Be...
  220. To late to switch to Midwife?
  221. Induction looking likely :-( UPDATED :-)
  222. Any ladies planned on/have used Hypnobirthing techniques during an induction?
  223. Birth and labor preparation/relaxation tracks
  224. Kiddie pool vs birth pool
  225. Bath tub vs birth pool?
  226. Birth Kit
  227. Success with Hypnobirthing?
  228. Anyone else heard of ticc tocc?
  229. Should a first time mom risk a home birth?
  230. Hypnobirthing
  231. homebirth in a flat?
  232. I finished my birth plan, what do you think?
  233. Induction following waters breaking
  234. Home water birth questions
  235. Placenta Encapsulation - Raw vs. TCM
  236. ladies in the US - Cost of a homebirth
  237. Hypnobabies
  238. Can I change my mind at this late stage?
  239. Natural hospital birth...how much control do i lose?
  240. Pain relief...
  241. No medication second time around?
  242. Haemorrhage risk with 2nd child
  243. Finally had the 'talk' with OB
  244. Incredible Natural Birth
  245. For those that have experience using a midwife
  246. Questions about a water birth
  247. Being Induced?
  248. Is there such a thing?
  249. "maternity ward"
  250. Where and when do u listen to ur natal hypno cd?
  251. Was this c-section necessary?
  252. Just aaaaaaaagh!
  253. Natural birth with a sunny-side up baby?
  254. High Risk Pregnancy - Thyroid, Home Birth & IMs!
  255. Water birth?
  256. How do you handle visitors?
  257. Natural birth in hospital w/ no midwife
  258. Transferring to a different birth centre?
  259. Booking in issues
  260. My Positive Home Birth Story :)
  261. Have to see consultant :(
  262. Positive Strep B
  263. Aromatherapy oils
  264. Home Birth & fastest labour EVER!
  265. Does anyone have any positive birth stories that were at the hospital?
  266. What's going on your home birth playlist?
  267. If you've encapsulated your placenta yourself...
  268. home birth or hospital birth
  269. Anyone use Yvonne Novak the Doula?
  270. Home birth- what are my rights?
  271. Where do I get a pool from?!
  272. "Spontaneous" home birth?? UK
  273. homebirthing UK any advice?
  274. Hypnobirthing: are classes worth it?
  275. vitamin k
  276. Coping with labour.. Quick question
  277. Hypnobirthing resources
  278. Homebirth and BIG baby?
  279. Birth plans for HB/in case of transfer??
  280. Hoping for a homebirth
  281. Weighty Issues...
  282. Getting scared
  283. Deciding on a doula
  284. Home birth- where do I start?
  285. medication affect my chances?
  286. The best birthing positions?
  287. hypnobirthing query...
  288. More 'practical' natural birth resources
  289. Feeling reflective and sad about my failed homebirth.
  290. Worried about my risk assesment
  291. What childbirth prep classes to take?!
  292. Cheap mattress protector?
  293. Planning a natural hospital birth
  294. 41 Weeks...Feeling Discouraged
  295. help advoiding stress with 5th induction and VBAC
  296. Hoping for natural birth... I think?
  297. Home birth after an induction with 1st
  298. Any teen moms that had a completely natural birth?
  299. Planning a Home Birth after Cesarian!
  300. Home birth story - I did it (to my great surprise0