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  1. Pull Out Method Users
  2. could i still get pregnant? help please :)
  3. Chemical?
  4. Pull Out Method - Pregnant?
  5. Am I possibly pregnant! Need advice NOW!!
  6. Please read, idk what is going on :(
  7. thoughts/input on my situation? (ovulation pain?)
  8. Conceiving and congenital hypothyroidism
  9. new here advice please
  10. Am I pg or is a mind game?
  11. Can someone plz help?
  12. Can I be/get pregnant?
  13. Not sure where to put this. Should i test?
  14. Dh finally agreed to number 2!!! Anyone else just starting to ntnp?
  15. I need opinions! First time here!
  16. Just came off BC
  17. Venting.
  18. help please
  19. excited to be here! but financial worries
  20. Bfn hpt?
  21. Light period or implantation? Im so new to this!
  22. 4 weeks and three days late, negative hpt 2 days ago
  23. Advice, similar stories, help?
  24. take a test or go to the doctorss??
  25. Help!? Not sure what to think??
  26. Prenatal Vitamins?
  27. Ruling out the possibility?
  28. genes...
  29. Ideas Anyone?
  30. Pregnancy readings... Mind blown!!!
  31. Helloooo! I'm baaacccckkkk!
  32. Unsure, need advice.
  33. Not trying but kinda preventing 5 1/2 months PB
  34. C-Section three months ago worried I am pregnant AGAIN!! Advice needed.
  35. Day 43...confused!
  36. Ntnp #2, 5dpo
  37. Coming off BC! Ahh! Excited
  38. AF not here today! First post, first msg board, maybe 1st time preggo?
  39. 16 days late....2 negative test and 2 positive
  40. Helppp do I sound pregnant!?
  41. preconception check up?
  42. helppp? need answers
  43. Conceiving, undescended testicle?
  44. confused !
  45. Anyone experienced this?
  46. maybe baby
  47. Ovulation Question
  48. Anyone Else Have these symptoms?
  49. Does EWCM mean ovulation?
  50. Pregnant or Not? Strange menses
  51. What are the chances?
  52. Implantation bleeding or wacky AF!?
  53. 1Day Late.
  54. Enlighten me
  55. Pregnancy/PMS symtoms a week after having af?!
  56. how accurate are the first response early detection pregnancy tests?!
  57. how accurate are the first response early detection pregnancy tests?!
  58. wondering how quickly it could happen
  59. Could use a little advice
  60. How long did it take before discouragement set in?
  61. NTNP first lo!
  62. Wondering if this is the right place for me :) Deciding if it's time to NTNP
  63. What's harder ...
  64. Is it worth taking a test? Short, abnormal period..
  65. Are you both NTNP or just your OH?!
  66. Probably Nothing But Just in Case
  67. 6 DPO! really in need of support/wishful thinking/baby dust!
  68. Was stress the cause of my lack of periods?
  69. pregnant?
  70. What do you think
  71. I can't believe it.... (Test pic)
  72. Finally! I got it!
  73. HELP ME! Relaxed TTC - 40 days since LMP - BFN test :(
  74. am BF .not on any contaceptive but 5 days late.. v.light positive
  75. PCOS and Cycles after Pregnancy
  76. Bachelorette, relaxed TTC, how to hide not drinking?
  77. No period, negative pregnancy test...
  78. I just knew this would happen...
  79. am I Pregnant?!?
  80. Just A Little Nervous!!
  81. NTNP and kinda sorta charting.. O pain a few days after O?
  82. 11dpo symptoms
  83. How do you do it?
  84. Bbt fluctuation So confused
  85. 6 days late...so confused!
  86. What do you think?
  87. 10 weeks pp, pumping, bloodtinged EWCM, no period
  88. I'm Back :D
  89. 5 days late
  90. Two weeks late, three negative tests?
  91. Period for 3 days, only 1 day of heavy period.
  92. Unprotected sex after period?
  93. Anyone fall pregnant on the pill?
  94. Trying not to symptom spot.. But what do you think?
  95. Does anybody here Ntnp and chart?
  96. Symptoms ??
  97. Anyone else freak out?!
  98. NTNP #2 after implant
  99. late, bfn, wacky chart, help!
  100. ntnp after microgynon half pack ??
  101. NTNP after chemical pregnancy?
  102. Breastfeeding & possibly pregnant?
  103. Can anyone else see the line?
  104. Just looking for some advice! :)
  105. dont you just hate the wait!
  106. Can Implantation Spotting Stop and Start?
  107. possitive opk using fmu?
  108. Fertibella....or natural
  109. Could I be pregnant ? Advice . Help . Something
  110. Feeling a bit paranoid
  111. Advice/help!
  112. Ntnp #1!
  113. a bit confused!
  114. When should I test?
  115. I'm on Cerazette and WTT, and I need advice?
  116. .
  117. Period 4 days late, all negative tests?
  118. early period or implantation bleeding?
  119. NTNP #2, any buddies?
  120. did I just make a baby? implantation?
  121. NTNP in June, when to stop taking pill?
  122. did I just make a baby? implantation?
  123. Pregnant or period?
  124. stopped pill mid-pack. how soon could I ovulate?
  125. What are the chances of pregnancy?
  126. Tracking cycles, need some help.
  127. Am I miscarrying?
  128. 18 days late, brown spotting at time of period, cramps and negative HPT
  129. Hi ladies I have moved over here and selling all my ovulation stuff !!!
  130. Faint BFP? or are my eyes playing tricks?
  131. I guess we're ntnp....
  132. Missed period,nausea, brown spotting
  133. KY jelly??
  134. would you test the day af is due?
  135. Implantation Bleeding... opinions please.
  136. Could this be an early pregnancy?
  137. 3 test I thought positive nurse keeps saying no
  138. Newbie needing advice.
  139. NTNP #3! Ovulation cycle and sperm life span :)
  140. hay ladies ! what ya think *pics included*
  141. Is this the beginning of something?
  142. Possibly pregnant on the pill?
  143. Starting NTNP 3 weeks post partum?
  144. Is there a chance I could get pregnant
  145. Should I test again..Plz help!!!
  146. lightbleed af or ib? ttc
  147. One Day Period?
  148. So Confused
  149. NTNP #2 - nausea good sign?
  150. Cycle day 47, No Af BFN
  151. CM Question
  152. Am I preganant? Advice?
  153. <2 on blood pregnancy test results
  154. Positive opk on cd9???
  155. New to the boards
  156. Any other ntnp mums after multiples ??
  157. New here: NTNP for 3 months, now want to actively try!!
  158. Should I test or wait???
  159. Ntnp #3. :)
  160. Heartbroken
  161. Newbie!!
  162. IMPLANTATION BLEEDING OR???? please give me input..
  163. a little confused..
  164. .
  165. Grrr think I may have to go on BCP
  166. Cramping everyday for a week now
  167. Hello
  168. Withdrawal Method?
  169. hysteroscopy tomorrow and i am crazy anxious
  170. Number 3??????
  171. serious question, in need of help?
  172. Implantation bleeding or period? Other symptoms
  173. when to re-test?
  174. TTC After Depo stories...any luck..advice?
  175. Light bleeding
  176. cervix looks kind of like that of a pregnant woman
  177. Could I be?
  178. Hi Ladies new here
  179. Need Advice Please!!!
  180. Advice please
  181. anyone save my sanity!!!
  182. Anyone ever gotten pregnant on the implant?
  183. Anyone else in the same boat?
  184. NTNP #3 but... (dong quai)
  185. a little confused?!?!
  186. Could I be pregnant?!!! Need cm info!
  187. On birth control. Pregnancy suspicion.HELP
  188. New year, new and better attitude! :)
  189. Help! 2week wait: Don't know what I want anymore
  190. What do you think?
  191. Weird Symptoms
  192. NTNP for baby bean
  193. I'm now officially NTNP
  194. Period 3 days late, symptoms but negative test? Help!
  195. Ladies with a BFP after NTNP
  196. Best time to test ovulation??
  197. Negative test 3 days early? Help?!
  198. Anyone else experience this?
  199. One shot chances?
  200. confused, help!
  201. Could I still be pregnant?
  202. Could i be??
  203. NTNP#3... anyone else :D lets buddy up!
  204. late period. help!
  205. chemical pregnancy???
  206. Could this be implantation bleeding? Am I pregnant?
  207. aunt flow ,implantion bleeding ,misscarriage
  208. Big Mistake!!!
  209. 2 periods in 2 weeks??
  210. Maybeeee?
  211. Why is my period 2 weeks early??
  212. Did I do it again!?
  213. Negative dollar store pregnancy test last night, pretty clear 2nd line this morning
  214. Late AF and symptoms
  215. So confused
  216. Your opinion is appreciated.
  217. please help!!:( :(
  218. Oh what am i doing to myself!
  219. Confused????Help!
  220. Frustrated!
  221. extremely light periods
  222. Frustrated, angry and worried.
  223. Need some help input please
  224. Regular lube?
  225. Chance of being pregnant? (Cramps since 5dpo)
  226. Late period, negative pregnancy test
  227. someone help?! what is going on??
  228. Breastfeeding my 3 month old and I feel like I'm pregnant again
  229. Cramping
  230. Late and bfn?
  231. I feel so new to all of this. Need input.
  232. Pull-out method for BC???
  233. Please help!! Can you have implantation bleeding after a missed period??
  234. Is this a sign of spotting?
  235. 1st born was BFN at 4 weeks past DPO, BFP at 7the weeks... could it be again?
  236. Anyone 8-9dpo?
  237. A little help limbo driving me mad
  238. unnecessary bliss..
  239. Strange pressure around uterus...anyone experience this before?
  240. Looking for buddies - NTNP and very irregular cycles
  241. Holding it in!
  242. Could I be pregnant, 11dpo with back pain?
  243. Need some support
  244. I think this is it!!!
  245. hello everyone, new to this section!
  246. Could this be implantation bleeding? 3 Days Late...
  247. TTC and spotting!! Help please!
  248. Sharp pain in right breast
  249. Really bad nausea this early?
  250. Please help
  251. is this implantation bleeding??
  252. Any ideas?
  253. Could I be?!
  254. Not trying.. sort of preventing..
  255. Anyone else realising how much more they want to be actively trying during the 2ww??
  256. OMG my body is so so so sore >:( Normal?
  257. All the symptoms.. Neg test.. Help.
  258. OMG!!!! NTNP by accident :-D
  259. Hands in the air!
  260. Newbie!!
  261. NTNP, but what are my odds?
  262. Chances of becoming pregnant?
  263. Does it sound like I'm pregnant possibly?
  264. I'm back! NTNP #4 Anyone else?
  265. pregnant???
  266. Ovulation spotting?
  267. Weird irregular cycles after birth control??!!
  268. Can drinking too much water affect test?
  269. Not exactly trying nor am I preventing
  270. Test at 7 dpo?
  271. Totally confused about dates and symptoms!
  272. Could I be Pregnant?
  273. Feeling pregnant, what do you think
  274. Already Regretting What Hasn't Happened Yet
  275. New to this site...
  276. Could I be pregnant, or could it be something else?
  277. 21 and NTNP CD 10... Friends?
  278. Younger Mommas [to be]? Military?
  279. Symptoms Since ovulated
  280. What's the Chance I'm Pregnant?
  281. Scared and need HELP
  282. Not trying but not preventing.. What's going on with me?
  283. Confused, opinions please?
  284. 15 days late... help!
  285. Could I be pregnant????? please help.
  286. Looking for a NTNP buddy! CD5, 28 day cycles?
  287. im just curious...
  288. Too early to test?
  289. Blood test
  290. Can you get pregnant if you dont have a period?
  291. best time to test after early bleeding
  292. I'm new here, NTNP, I'd love some support.
  293. What is wrong with my body?? I need ANSWERS!!!
  294. If someone else is experiencing this. I hope you can tell me what's going on.
  295. Don't know how I'll get pregnant at this rate!
  296. I need your help please!
  297. Apple Cider Vinegar
  298. What could this be? Help or just share.
  299. looking for a buddy :)
  300. CB OPK says first morning urine??? CONFUSED. Please help.