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  1. lazy eye operation 16 year ago
  2. Delayed cord clamping?
  3. What was your 3rd labour & birth like?
  4. Any experience with acupuncture to induce labour?
  5. Likeness of labour starting naturally the 2nd time around, if it did the 1st time?
  6. Who did you have in the room with you?
  7. Anxiety with labor after my first (second chid)
  8. Childbirth with HPV
  9. Will they let me change position?
  10. Feeling down when thinking back to L&D
  11. How long is the IV in for?
  12. How can I measure contactions? My tummy is almost always firm
  13. Favorite songs for labour
  14. Hypotherapy/hypnobirthing book/CD
  15. Normal delivery after a prolapse?
  16. So apprehensive about going overdue and worried I'll have to be induced.
  17. Is it too late to switch to a midwife/birthing center??
  18. Is the second labour more painful?
  19. TTC After 4th Degree Tear...
  20. share your positive stories and advice
  21. I have been given the all clear for VBAC - 29 days and counting!!!!
  22. 3rd pregnancy, when did labor happen with your 3rd baby?
  23. TENS machines?
  24. midwife experiences
  25. Vbac consensus?
  26. Could this be labour? 36 weeks, advice please?
  27. asking again nottingham city hospital experiences uk
  28. Prem first = Prem second?
  29. Second pregnancy and anxiety over labour and delivery is getting bad
  30. Admitted to L&D
  31. Hi! I'm a doula :)
  32. Is being an emotional wreck a sign of impending labour?
  33. Anyone had a third or fourth degree tear?
  34. baby was stuck first time, does it mean second will be the same?
  35. feeling guilty for wanting a c section instead this time...can anyone relate?
  36. Getting Started Early
  37. Anyone laboured under epidural after induction???
  38. How long a labour is too long?
  39. What was more painful?
  40. Things you said you wouldn't do...
  41. What to expect after??
  42. Sex after delivery
  43. C-Section after Traumatic first childs birth??? questioning. help!
  44. Labour Pain and more ....
  45. Was your second labour quicker or slower than your first?
  46. Acupuncture to induce labour
  47. do the suction cups and forceps cause any damage to baby
  48. Home birth or hospital birth, how much is the cost?
  49. Raw afterbirth recovery details please
  50. Delayed cord clamping? Uk
  51. Water Birth worries & Questions
  52. Hoping it'll be simpler second time around
  53. gestational diabetes and labour stories please
  54. third labour stories please
  55. Fainting during labour?
  56. anyone had their baby at nottingham city hospital?
  57. Did you have any lasting, long term effects of having a Vaginal Birth?
  58. 36w1d..being induced @ 37w. baby is transverse
  59. Kaya birthing stool?
  60. HELP PLEASE!! Baby #2 Induction due to PreE (again)
  61. Placenta Previa, Anyone?
  62. Experiences with healing after a natural birth?
  63. TMI but what is this? Pic
  64. Anyone here have a fast first birth? What was the second birth like?
  65. 35 weeks with breech number 3!
  66. Rate your labour pains by stage
  67. 38 weeks 3cm dilated, baby dropped - how long until active labour?
  68. How was your labour for second baby?
  69. Could this be my water breaking?
  70. Retained placenta/placental abruption
  71. is pushing more effective without the epidural?
  72. In-laws staying post birth
  73. anyone with short umbilical cords?
  74. VBAC Induced With Pitocin?
  75. Teasing contractions...
  76. Scared of every little pain!
  77. Normal delivery after 3A tear?
  78. Those With 2 More .. How Similar Where Your Labor Signs/Actual Labor
  79. birth music?
  80. thinking about labour. what advice can you give
  81. Scared of going into labour again
  82. VBAC 2nd Baby- your experiences please
  83. Symptoms and Signs?
  84. Taking 3 year old to hospital with me??
  85. Taking 3 year old to hospital with me??
  86. Natural Birth, why can't I?
  87. midwife and doctor?
  88. Signs before labour?
  89. anyone given birth at grimsby?? c sections?
  90. Posterior babies
  91. If your first was born before their due date (but not prem) when was the second born?
  92. Giving birth after previous placenta abruption experiences pease!!
  93. Active to due date Question!
  94. Delivery
  95. 4th degree tear with 1st, now pregnant with #2
  96. Being induced at 36 weeks d/t chemo...
  97. Birthing Center experiances please :)
  98. Tens Machine
  99. OB/Water birth question
  100. Back pain 2 years after spinal block
  101. Girls HELP!So scared of labor!
  102. VBA2C - positive stories!
  103. Will sweep work again?
  104. Serious worries after my last birth: warning, not a nice story. Very rare labour.
  105. Is my partner in labor?? (Need advice mums)
  106. Bleeding?
  107. Vaginal Breech Birth - a very positive experience!
  108. Castor Oil started to work 12 hours after taking?
  109. Recovery from forceps and episiotomy
  110. AFTER labour - Clicky back/hips?
  111. Anyone else feel like they didn't cope very well during labour?
  112. Post dural puncture after epidural
  113. UK ladies, did you have a midwife with you in the room all the time?
  114. Bad birth experience with first, good with second?
  115. UK Ladies who've had a VBAC
  116. Anyone suffered a 4th degree tear and gone on to have another?
  117. VBAC book!
  118. Natural birth after difficult first birth...
  119. Experience with shoulder dystocia??
  120. Anyone been allowed a VBAC water birth?
  121. Possible start of labour, dont know what to do with myself!!
  122. How long after having a sweep did you go into labour?
  123. Being induced?
  124. Signs?? But not sure.. Help??
  125. episiotomy with first, what about second?
  126. Start Of Something?
  127. VBAC and induction
  128. how long did you labour?
  129. Not sore at all after birth.. Normal?
  130. Considering an all natural birth. HELP!
  131. Think iv changed my mind ,
  132. pimples how close to labor did your face break out
  133. Couple questions!
  134. How long to labour at home at 4cm
  135. slow labour ?
  136. induction farce
  137. VBAC with 5th baby
  138. Cost of giving birth in the USA
  139. How many people here had post-partum hemmoraghes?
  140. contractions? braxon hicks? when will baby come.
  141. Walking epidural?
  142. C section or VBAC
  143. early labour signs
  144. Labour Stories..
  145. What happens immediately after baby is born?
  146. Pelvic exam during recovery??
  147. Hospital, getting there and chemo...
  148. epidural experiences please?
  149. What part hurt the most
  150. labor and delivery - my experience - delightful!
  151. VBAC success stories!!
  152. Labour watch - july babies 2014
  153. Baby so low, does it mean fast labor?
  154. tampax...
  155. I had an Unnecessary C-Section
  156. VBAC - is my uterus too thin to attempt vbac?
  157. Pain at the front of pelvis when crowning? - please help
  158. birth worries
  159. Hypnobirthing- who has had one?
  160. Preeclampsia and labor/induction - any experiences please ?
  161. Great news for England & Wales!
  162. Please help
  163. Best TENS machine out there?
  164. So.... What do I do now?
  165. I need some medical advise please.
  166. Small age gap between labours how fast was yours??
  167. packing bubs hospital bag
  168. Clicking in lower spine after a night if lower back contractions
  169. Any happy 2nd birth hypnobirthing stories out there? :D
  170. What was your first sign of labor?
  171. "All women need Pitocin at some point"
  172. Who else is 39 weeks + playing the waiting game?
  173. Placenta issue/help
  174. ECV failed, no other options left :(
  175. Preparing for a natural birth (vbac)
  176. VBAC / C-Section
  177. Doula needed in Silicon Valley
  178. fast labour with 2nd?
  179. Big age gap, what was the second labour like?
  180. Cut off point for epidurals?
  181. Hypnobirthing- the Mongan method
  182. Pph with first birth, scared about 2nd! Any positive stories?
  183. Canadian OBGYNs no longer recommended to perform c-sections in breech births
  184. Second+ babies come earlier?
  185. Natural birth vs. epidural
  186. VBAC in the hospital
  187. Waterbirth - success or fail
  188. Due date today, no sign of baby. Need some support, hubby just doesn't get it.
  189. Labour Inducing Meals
  190. Weighing up my options - Advice please
  191. Induction ending in c-section...
  192. Getting really scared with #4... What's wrong with me??
  193. early labour
  194. How many centimeters dilated for water to break?
  195. tachycardia in labour
  196. When does sac come out?
  197. My baby has Gastroschisis
  198. What's the procedure for induction?
  199. Worried about previous episiotomy scarring and 2nd labour...
  200. 20 year gap between births- still easier the second time?
  201. How did 2nd labor compare to first?
  202. RLT, EPO and trying for a VBAC
  203. Question for those who experienced both Csection and Vaginal Births...
  204. Has anyone taken caulophyllum for labor?
  205. Does size/weight of baby affect length of labor and pushing?
  206. 2nd bubs. need advice to c section or try for normal birth.
  207. EXCELLENT birth preparation book
  208. booked for induction monday
  209. Children allowed in labour ward??
  210. Uk water births allowed if induced?
  211. UK ladies who had/tried for a VBAC
  212. Any ladies here that going for a VBAC?
  213. Annoyed at people telling me I'll get an epidural!
  214. Consultant App - VBAC or Section
  215. How soon did you or someone you know had a succesfull VBAC?
  216. helping placenta deliver
  217. Pain relief, water birth or active?
  218. Dear Birth Fairy... (what would be your DREAM birth?)
  219. did you try clary sage oil and did it work?
  220. Was the pushing stage shorter for your subsequent births?
  221. First time mom. Am I going into labor?
  222. Labor & Chiropractic care....did you feel a difference?
  223. are you more likely to go into labour earlier with second baby?
  224. Contractions all over the place! -please read my timings I'm confused!..
  225. Confused can Braxton Hicks case mucus plug to be lost? opinions please
  226. Anyone been induced with 2 (or more!) pregnancies?
  227. What to expect in the hospital after delivery
  228. New Birthing Center...
  229. how do I prolong labour
  230. my induction play by play
  231. Induction with cervidil?
  232. To those who have experienced labour before - How long were you 'pushing'??
  233. Feeling more nervous the second time around
  234. 3rd, 4th + moms!
  235. VBAC after two c-sections?? Is it even an option?
  236. vbac after a vaginal and c section????
  237. My fiance gets disgusted easily
  238. Gel induced labour experiences please?
  239. descisions.....
  240. Anyone else reference their birth plan?
  241. Feel like this is a dumb question....
  242. Piles and Pushing...
  243. Old wives tales?
  244. active birth vs water birth...?
  245. uk ladies, where to give birth?
  246. Pretty constant dull period pains low down? 36 weeks
  247. Vba2c
  248. How long once head was in pelvis etc did labour start for you?
  249. Pain but no tightenings?
  250. is this labour?!
  251. VBAC in Pensacola, FL
  252. I wasn't scared last time so why am I now??
  253. HELP! I think my water broke but I'm not sure!
  254. going for vbac being induced with prostin, advice please?!
  255. second birth easier/faster?
  256. Back ache
  257. Anyone have experience of being consultant led for the birth?
  258. waterproof sheets for floor protection (home birth)
  259. Hospital bag
  260. almost every pregnancy/vaginal birth expeirence possible in two labours!
  261. hypnobirthing
  262. Labor symptoms or just end-of-pregnancy woes?
  263. Baby's position now?
  264. Help ladies! Op for selected c section or risk another 3rd degree tear???
  265. Episiotomy to prevent tearing? Opinions anyone?
  266. Prostin gel experiences??
  267. Is there a problem with my body?
  268. pooping during labour
  269. Birth centre ?
  270. prem labour
  271. Do contractions necessarily feel like tightenings? Is this the start of labour?
  272. Tubal?
  273. Natal hypnotherapy
  274. Epidural?
  275. Interesting Fact
  276. Scared. Advice Please?
  277. Has anyone used cloth/reuseable pads postpartum?
  278. Can it be predicted?
  279. POLL: Hints that labor is near
  280. Induction?
  281. light bleeding in underwear
  282. How to avoid tearing???
  283. Natural Birth
  284. Those who have two or more..
  285. What pain relief are you planning on having?
  286. Epidural with induction UK
  287. Mucus Plug
  288. Episiotomy and second degree tear
  289. who thinks this is true?
  290. every pregnant woman should see this
  291. Elective C-Section?
  292. Positive Unmedicated Birth Story :)
  293. Edd wrong maybe?
  294. Second Birth Experiences Please
  295. 2 c-sections due to not dilating=( HELP!!
  296. tips
  297. Anyone ever have labor with a back injury?
  298. Due tomorrow!
  299. The one thing that is really panicking me!
  300. Anyone out there with scoliosis??