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  1. Question for those who have had emcs followed by elective.
  2. My wife underwent caesarean and 3 months later she suffers pain
  3. When would 4th c-section be scheduled for?
  4. Looking at an elective c section.
  5. Shaving before section..
  6. Sudden pain a year after a section from exercise. Anyone else?
  7. when??
  8. Still in pain 3 weeks post op...
  9. High Spinal--scared it will happen again!
  10. Pain in scar, almost 12 weeks pregnant - 2 prior sections
  11. how much different were your csections pain wise
  12. C section
  13. scar
  14. What days do they do ELCS in the UK?
  15. Blood clots
  16. Just a few questions regarding my emcs!
  17. Pooping...
  18. difference between planned csection and emergency
  19. Shooting pain
  20. Lump above section scar
  21. Spinal question?
  22. clothing??
  23. Positive side to C-sections
  24. Recovery with a 16 month old?
  25. C-section pre admission appointment
  26. so much disappointment from csection threads..makes me sad :(
  27. For those who got an infection
  28. bleeding after 10 days
  29. C Section Disappointment
  30. Medication questions
  31. gas and air for nerves
  32. Red, warm belly
  33. Smelly belly 15 months on!
  34. C section booked. What do I need to know?
  35. Help!! - Painful trapped wind after section
  36. Getting pregnant after previous csections; Scar tissue/ Adhesions
  37. swelling on previous cs scar - 34 weeks pregnant
  38. Vbac
  39. ELCS after EMCS two years ago...
  40. Swelling after section
  41. Bleeding from scar area
  42. C section incision site
  43. Catheter
  44. Had to have an EMCS :-( few questions
  45. When Can I Get Pregnant Again?
  46. Questions & trying to wrap my head around this
  47. Think I want an elcs after emcs last time
  48. Rectovaginal fistula??
  49. Bath after cestion?
  50. July C-Section?!
  51. Having my csection tomorrow morning!!!!
  52. Csection the second time around?
  53. Emcs due to failure to progress
  54. VBAC - is my uterus too thin to attempt vbac?
  55. anyone else have this
  56. Breech C-section story
  57. How long to wait to push a stroller?
  58. How thick is your uterus wall?
  59. What to do? Elective or vbac?
  60. RCS with a toddler
  61. Did you let your toddler visit??
  62. uterine windows
  63. Failure.... how long does the feeling last?
  64. Birth disappointment? How did you deal with people's reactions?
  65. 5 weeks on how do you feel?
  66. Anyone having a csection this month?
  67. Weirdest c section pain
  68. Hospital bag
  69. Scared but starting to accept it
  70. when can I start running again after c section?
  71. I want my stomach back :(
  72. Possibly due for c section and worried as plus sized
  73. Lucky me...
  74. Exercise/yoga benefits?
  75. Difference between preparing for section vs. preparing for natural birth?
  76. C-Sections Save Lives
  77. getting bit disappointed
  78. Questions for Doctor
  79. How long did you have to stay in hospital after your planned section?
  80. 38+6 baby breech :(
  81. TVA - how do I measure the gap
  82. vbac after section
  83. When did you get your c-section date? Did you feel prepared?
  84. Not sure what to do elective section vs break waters Update
  85. Told I can only have one more child (3rd section)
  86. tmi...rectal bleeding
  87. 3rd C-Section....
  88. Planned csection vs. emergency UK?
  89. Which wrap would you recommend?
  90. Post c/s, period returned already?
  91. Timeline, visitors? Please share your experience
  92. Realistically.. Exercise after c-section
  93. vbac possible induction
  94. weight loss after two or more c-sections?
  95. Induction ending in c-section...
  96. Snacks for before and after a c-section?
  97. Post c section
  98. TMI... bleeding question
  99. Pregnant after only 6 months PP?
  100. Has anyone had more than 3 c sections?
  101. C Section at 37 + 2: Too Early? Experiences needed
  102. Elective C-Section, am I doing the right thing
  103. 2 C-sections.. post traumatic stress diorder?
  104. Opting for a C-Section
  105. Advise for 1st planned c-section really worried x
  106. Planned C section
  107. 2 Babies, 2 C-sections.. anyone have a 3rd?
  108. Is it risky getting pregnant after a previous section?
  109. Vbac/elective section questions
  110. Feels like ive been doing sit ups :S
  111. How are you feeling a week on after section ?
  112. Did you have a wound drain after c-section?
  113. Who cuts the cord?
  114. Be prepared for a vaginal delivery even with elective booked!
  115. While i was pregnant
  116. My scar hurts :(
  117. Period while EBF and on mini pill?
  118. When did you go back to DTD?
  119. Needing Support *tears*
  120. Supreme sacrifice of love
  121. Hospital Legnth Stay
  122. Needing support
  123. My section experience
  124. A little something for the ladies afraid of c-sections...
  125. Three or more sections?
  126. I had to voice my rant
  127. What to expect, US ladies
  128. elective was so different to emcs
  129. Anterior placenta and c-section....nervous!!
  130. scar burns and pulls with baby #2?
  131. How thin is too thin for uterus wall?
  132. Red raspberry leaf
  133. Feeling really scared about section
  134. Heavy bleeding 6 weeks after caesarean
  135. No shame in a c-section
  136. Urinary catheter anxiety
  137. Scheduled section date change...frustrated need support!
  138. Are you doing a birth plan?
  139. any one else planning on what birth you want 'next time around'
  140. Exercising Question
  141. Will a c section effect bf?
  142. steroid injections
  143. feeling upset
  144. Has anyone gotten an infection after a section?
  145. How long till I don't feel I'm tearing/burning?
  146. Looking for mommies with more than 4/5 cesareans
  147. someone help me please
  148. C-section belly
  149. Do you think 37 weeks is too early for a c-section?
  150. VBAC - Scared of birth injury to baby!
  151. Pregnancy after c-section/multiple section mums help please.
  152. Bit of a traumatic time...
  153. Vba2c
  154. Blood transfusion iron levels
  155. Want a c section after forceps and recovery time last time
  156. Worried he may come before scheduled CS
  157. Date for Csection??? UK!
  158. OMG .... what if
  159. Packing/Planning 2nd Csection
  160. EMCS with DD, now expecting #2
  161. when did you stop bleeding?
  162. what are the risks of being pregnant too soon after c section?
  163. Cesarean and breastfeeding
  164. 1st section + tubes tied, on 6th baby
  165. Hello Ladies -please read-
  166. ****really scared***** want C-section , will i have it??
  167. gushes of blood 2 weeks post c section
  168. Pregnant 9 months on
  169. TTC #2 following csec
  170. How soon can you take a bath after a c-sec?
  171. vbac advice
  172. First time C Section Mom
  173. Is being scared of birth a good enough reason for CS?
  174. Pre-op appointment, what to expect
  175. Belly band?
  176. A vaginal birth after TWO cesareans?
  177. c section 7 dsyd ago and upset stomach
  178. How do I choose?
  179. Chances of a VBAC?
  180. C section and pregnant again
  181. daily period pain and chills 4 months on
  182. advice.....2nd c section ??
  183. nine weeks out
  184. Previous C-section and induction
  185. 37 weeks and doctors suggesting csection after a 3rd degree tear at last birth
  186. Those with young children at home already who had c section
  187. Bleeding/Period After C-section
  188. A strange question
  189. Is this bump normal?
  190. Elective C Section at 39+6
  191. Scar ointments/creams
  192. Did anyone's spinal start to wear off?
  193. Anyone out there with scoliosis??
  194. Should have had c-section to begin with(traumatic delivery)
  195. Obese & C-Section = Positive Story?
  196. For people who have had a baby a year or less after a section
  197. 2nd section after a traumatic first one...
  198. Pre-op.... do I have options?
  199. Will it be my choice?
  200. For the first two weeks after section....
  201. Currently awaiting my VBAC
  202. 10lb8 baby, 4th degree tear...BIG delivery decision!!!!
  203. What to pack
  204. Should i be worried about my scar?
  205. Help after csection
  206. When did you / would you drive?
  207. I have a few questions/concerns
  208. Did any of you develop a belly like this?
  209. Asymmetrical swelling post csection
  210. How long does the pain last?
  211. fever and pain when urinating.
  212. Hoping it goes ok
  213. Sex after c-section?
  214. Two years after last section
  215. PID after c-section??
  216. Elective sections ... How much of a fight?
  217. 2 csections within a year?
  218. lower tummy numb???
  219. second c section.. worried how first kid will be after..
  220. Shoulder dystocia
  221. 4 months pp and still mourning the natural birth I will never have...
  222. booked in for 3rd c section in the morning.
  223. Did you needed a section because baby was breech
  224. Giving blood
  225. C section stomach swelling!
  226. Two sections then vbac??
  227. Question about Activity.
  228. Pregnant w/#2 after c-section
  229. due 1 year after emcs
  230. Vbac and being induced?
  231. C-Section With Natural Labor.
  232. Dalteparin / Fragmin & Breast feeding & DVT
  233. Traumatic previous EMCS petrified of spinal again!
  234. Result of Epidural?
  235. Will I need another?
  236. Pain 5 weeks after section?
  237. 11 Weeks Left..
  238. Pre op Drink
  239. VBAC with small gap?
  240. bowel movement question
  241. bowel movement question
  242. TMI Bowel Question
  243. Previous section
  244. How many kids can I have?
  245. VBAC induction? Yes or no!
  246. Previous Section Dressing
  247. Regression in healing 5 weeks pp?
  248. Previous elective section, now what?
  249. Can I choose a c-section BEFORE ttc??
  250. help please. is this normal or should I be worried?
  251. 3rd c-section and getting tubes tied.
  252. What makes a good vbac candidate?
  253. Elective Section, will baby stay with me?
  254. When were you insured to drive again?....
  255. hard side to section
  256. repeat cs or VBAC with previous overdue big baby?
  257. 9 days after c-section lots of pain on right side
  258. Preg with baby #2, High Risk due to prev emcs!
  259. Elective last pregnancy. Can I request another one?
  260. Differences Between Emergency And Scheduled?
  261. Had a great c-section experience :)
  262. I think I have to get a section - What to expect??
  263. Looking for natural approach to c-section if thats possible?
  264. no support after c section
  265. feet/legs swollen to 5 x size
  266. I'm such a baby!
  267. 4th c section
  268. positive stories please!
  269. What can I do to get ready for a c section?
  270. They have chosen to give me a c section
  271. my mum is insistent on a c section...
  272. Anyone pregnant 5 months after section??
  274. Sudden swelling and pain above incision 6 weeks PP Advice??
  275. C Section or VBAC
  276. 18 months on....pain :(
  277. when?
  278. still numb in abdomen 1 year + after c section
  279. VBAC & Epi Question
  280. Period 3 weeks aftrr c section???
  281. Am I the only one with this problem since their c-section?
  282. My C section
  283. Can someone reassure me that my insides are not going to fall out?!
  284. Breech Question.. Advice appreciated!
  285. Belly Size And Band
  286. Positive Elective C/S Stories?
  287. Still spotting 13 weeks after c section =/
  288. Driving after section, speaking to go
  289. Those of you who have had 4 or more c sections
  290. feeling guilty about having a c section
  291. 3 months after EMCS, still not over it.
  292. bag packing and general questions
  293. Belly "over hang"- is this normal?
  294. what gestation do you have section
  295. Informed midwife of sections plans
  296. Constipation after Section
  297. Wanting VBAC after EMCS will they induce
  298. How long was your hospital stay after second C-Section??
  299. Dr wants me to do a Vbac ? Questions
  300. is there anyway to strengthen the insicion site?