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  1. Freaking out after C-Section
  2. Elective section
  3. Tying tubes during c section
  4. side of scar red and weepy
  5. Elective Section, pros and cons?
  6. Has anyone had the spinal not work for 1 c-section but worked for their next?
  7. Elective section
  8. Previous C Section Scar causing infertility (Niche Defect)
  9. Today's the day!!
  10. So many questions!?
  11. section 2 weeks Monday
  12. Elective section hospital bag list
  13. Chances of vertical section after bikini?
  14. Emergency C Section - Not what I expected!
  15. Anyone have more than 3?
  16. C section experience ???
  17. repeat csection and tubal ligation
  18. Has anyone had their elective c section cancelled? uk
  19. Horrible aniexty with 3rd csection
  20. pros of a section
  21. Help! Need advice!
  22. Question
  23. general anesthetic and caesarean
  24. How long did you wait to get pregnant after a c-section?
  25. Question about piercings and sections.
  26. Vbac or vbac2 sucess stories
  27. C section at 36/37 weeks with baby below 5th centile?
  28. Recovery from 3rd c section (and possible tubal litigation)
  29. Pain above incision, 3 weeks PP
  30. First consultation
  31. The reality of immediate skin-to-skin?
  32. breast feeding and section
  33. Pregnancy after a section
  34. Struggling with recovery
  35. deciding c section vs induced
  36. Start to finish help?
  37. POUCH! Prevention/getting rid of?!
  38. Recovery after second c section
  39. Another C-section in 2 weeks! Nervous!
  40. For those who have had two c-sections..
  41. Hernia? *updated* - not hernia lol
  42. 5th section...hoping for 'gentle section' this time
  43. Feeling neglected, first section horrible wrong
  44. Salpingectomy during C-section?
  45. Dr wants natural but I want section
  46. Backache relief?
  47. Anyone else had a csection with a bilateral tubal ligatation?
  48. 6 or more c/s ???
  49. Questions for consultant.
  50. VBA2C hopefuls! Come and join me xx
  51. 3rd c-section?
  52. PP hemorrhage?
  53. Need to see a dr?
  54. Vaginal birth of twins after c-section
  55. cesarean- post opp troubles
  56. Numbness
  57. Missed 6 week PP c-section check up, big deal?
  58. C section scar pain, help me!!!
  59. Incisional endometriosis
  60. What's the post-op norm?
  61. C section booked 2nd on the list
  62. what actually happens in theatre?!
  63. Pjs or nighties?
  64. Could I have injured c-section wound 2.5 yrs later?
  65. Looks like a c-section for me....
  66. VBAC after 2 csections?
  67. Anyone had a csection for breech then elected for another section next time?
  68. Did you get any help after c-section?
  69. Pregnant with bulge on left side above scar
  70. Stories and reassurance about vbacs
  71. Nervous for a 3rd Csection.
  72. C-section incision pain.
  73. Anterior placenta and csection
  74. When can you safely ttc after a c-section
  75. Plus size c section?
  76. C section incision and healing...
  77. C section hospital bag
  78. Bleeding from urine tract
  79. Worried about c section scar
  80. Elective Caesarean for Anxiety
  81. How many c-sections are allowed?
  82. Pain came back after a month
  83. 3 csections safe?! Advice please
  84. Elective section uk- procedure?
  85. Anyone's scar still lumpy/itchy/tender 1 year on?
  86. Anybody had a VBAC after 2 sections?
  87. Questions ???
  88. Anyone have extensive scar tissue from from First cs
  89. Should I opt for elective c-section? Would love some advice
  90. Decided on a repeat csection and now I'm not so sure
  91. Intense back spasms after section?
  92. vba2C is possible, ive had one!
  93. 3rd c-section, thin uterus, worried.
  94. Question about Catheter for C-Section
  95. Pain on scar while pg?
  96. 3rd pregnancy, 1st Csection.
  97. Section tomorrow, coughing up blood after anti acid tablet?
  98. wish i could make up my mind
  99. Pain above incision
  100. Pain on scar years on?
  101. Can you ask for a c-section if it is not medically necessary?
  102. C-section tomorrow!
  103. General for c section...positive experience!
  104. Elective section questions.
  105. Vba2c!
  106. Breech and water breaks
  107. Pouch
  108. do you have to be awake...
  109. Cs tomorrow 19/8/15
  110. 15 days pp heavy feeling down below
  111. If first baby is csection, will I have csection again?
  112. C section in 5 days - nervous :/
  113. Elective C Section - birth plan & questions
  114. Opting for a scheduled c-section.
  115. I want an OB and a VBAC
  116. C section next week
  117. 9.5m pp, scar pain with carrying and AF
  118. 9 weeks pp, Pregnant again??
  119. Scheduled c section tomorrow - maybe!
  120. Tubal ligation during c-section
  121. Positive C-Section Experience
  122. It still 'hurts'.... Clouding my judgement?
  123. any body else
  124. Hard feeling behind scar. 10 days pp
  125. When will they do the c-section?
  126. Baby boy Here :) My second Section
  127. Have to have another C section, would love to hear about your 2nd c section experienc
  128. 7 weeks since emergency c section and I still look about 6 months pregnant!!
  129. Odds of c section at 38w breech / transverse lie ?
  130. VBAC or Elective C-section?
  131. Anyone else get fed up of.....
  132. Uk ladies - hospital stay?
  133. Maternity pads
  134. C section booked - June 15th
  135. I want a VBAC but I don't know...
  136. Natural c-section
  137. 5 weeks post c section ?
  138. high bmi and c section
  139. Recovery after c section
  140. very nervous about upcoming repeat c section
  141. When can I expect to stop bleeding?
  142. Anyone have a classical c-section before?
  143. Repeat Csection, advice needed!
  144. odd question
  145. Traumatic Experience - any positive stories?
  146. Edited
  147. Can a low lying placenta cause issues with a csection?
  148. c-sec
  149. 3 c-sections 3 years
  150. Post C-section clothing?
  151. uterine rupture?
  152. packing bag
  153. Vba2c
  154. C section with anterior placenta previa
  155. did you schedule your cs or did it happen naturally?
  156. C section
  157. Stomach Questions - Post Op
  158. I was told I have to have a c-section because...
  159. 4 c-sections. How long did you wait to try for 5th?
  160. Bruising days after surgery?
  161. Can they make you VBAC (UK)
  162. Need some happy stories
  163. How many of you induced?
  164. Pain in pelvis after c section
  165. bonding experience?
  166. Footling Breech
  167. Csection tomorrow! Help put me at ease! - UPDATED
  168. How do I decide between an elective section and a vbac?
  169. PROM and EMCS
  170. A few questions..
  171. Anyone getting a planned C-section after a 3rd or 4th degree tear?
  172. Gas
  173. Will they still do it if I have a cold?
  174. Can you be put to sleep?
  175. Those of both deliveries really
  176. How long to not look pregnant anymore?
  177. In 2 minds - VBAC or ECS
  178. Positive csections
  179. Hip pain after c-section
  180. C-section with a rotten cold
  181. they want VBAC i would like ECS
  182. Cant stop worrying
  183. Question for mommas of 3 sections
  184. Blood thinners after c-section?
  185. how much bleeding to expect?
  186. Bleeding?
  187. is a year OK to start TTC after having a c section?
  188. Gorgeous Caesarean blog post
  189. Has anyone requested a later planned c-section date?
  190. Planned section date?
  191. pain urinating after c section.
  192. Is it safe for me to ride my bicycle yet?
  193. Nervous, any tips?
  194. Kelo-Cote - C Sec scar Treatment???????
  195. New Here~ C Section Next Week!
  196. Anxiety Section? Opinions welcome!
  197. Choice
  198. Section and sterilisation?
  199. Not ready for another birth experience I didn't want!
  200. Uterine Infection - Not sure if this is theright forum for this...
  201. Do i have a choice?
  202. After twin c-section, I still look pregnant & got pain in my left side
  203. For those looking for a more "natural" approach to your sched. c-section
  204. ECV or just go ahead with scheduled c-section?
  205. Scheduled C-Section
  206. Caesarean due to HSV?
  207. C-Section - Out of hospital on the same day
  208. How to take care of self after CSection?
  209. Post c section issues
  210. Relaxation tips needed please.
  211. 4th C-section and scared
  212. Itchy Stitches!!!
  213. anyone's c section gone wrong?
  214. My 2nd (even more!) Positive Experience : )
  215. elcs question
  216. Big baby C-section
  217. This question might be a little premature! Lol x
  218. Help! Is this normal?
  219. The sense of failure
  220. c section 13TH oct! bellefit help?
  221. Very anxious about c-section #2
  222. May be an odd question...
  223. Needing advice about a third csection
  224. My section experience Xx
  225. Really depressed about c-section before it happens
  226. What are the chances that I will be delivering via c-section?
  227. My birth story :)
  228. Gas pain maybe?
  229. v section at Grimsby anyone?
  230. Should I be worried? TMI pic
  231. Scheduled C-section in the morning -- how does the rest of the day go?
  232. C-Section Questions
  233. subsequent pregnancies?
  234. Mamas who had a section for breech baby...
  235. Does baby's position matter if I'm having a c section anyway?
  236. 3.5 weeks after csection and hurt again
  237. Anyone had an EMCS and not sure what to do next time?
  238. Post your POSITIVE C Section stories.
  239. Natural birth after emergency section
  240. Trauma after EMCS 2+ years ago
  241. question about c sections
  242. Realistic recovery time after c-section?
  243. spinal vs general
  244. US ladies - pregnant 7 months after c/s questions
  245. Preparing for VBAC
  246. Why am I suddenly bleeding?!
  247. Issues after 2ndc-section - clot and Wound issues
  248. Pregnant after Surgery
  249. Does anyone else have a "special scar"?
  250. When did you get the date for ELCS?
  251. Question for those who have had emcs followed by elective.
  252. My wife underwent caesarean and 3 months later she suffers pain
  253. When would 4th c-section be scheduled for?
  254. Looking at an elective c section.
  255. Shaving before section..
  256. Sudden pain a year after a section from exercise. Anyone else?
  257. when??
  258. Still in pain 3 weeks post op...
  259. High Spinal--scared it will happen again!
  260. Pain in scar, almost 12 weeks pregnant - 2 prior sections
  261. how much different were your csections pain wise
  262. C section
  263. scar
  264. What days do they do ELCS in the UK?
  265. Blood clots
  266. Just a few questions regarding my emcs!
  267. Pooping...
  268. difference between planned csection and emergency
  269. Shooting pain
  270. Lump above section scar
  271. Spinal question?
  272. clothing??
  273. Positive side to C-sections
  274. Recovery with a 16 month old?
  275. C-section pre admission appointment
  276. so much disappointment from csection threads..makes me sad :(
  277. For those who got an infection
  278. bleeding after 10 days
  279. C Section Disappointment
  280. Medication questions
  281. gas and air for nerves
  282. Red, warm belly
  283. Smelly belly 15 months on!
  284. C section booked. What do I need to know?
  285. Help!! - Painful trapped wind after section
  286. Getting pregnant after previous csections; Scar tissue/ Adhesions
  287. swelling on previous cs scar - 34 weeks pregnant
  288. Vbac
  289. ELCS after EMCS two years ago...
  290. Swelling after section
  291. Bleeding from scar area
  292. C section incision site
  293. Catheter
  294. Had to have an EMCS :-( few questions
  295. When Can I Get Pregnant Again?
  296. Questions & trying to wrap my head around this
  297. Think I want an elcs after emcs last time
  298. Rectovaginal fistula??
  299. Bath after cestion?
  300. July C-Section?!