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Learning BSL

We have accepted that we're getting nowhere with our Alex at 3.5yrs and he speech isnt coming along. Many have suggested really getting into BSl but I dont know where to start. They do classes round here but they are themed (at the mo its Christmas) and I would rather take it right from the basics. I also work full time so i would probably benefit better from videos and books that both me and the husband can share

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Have you contacted your local college? Ours do different levels of BSL. We have used it from birth, both our children are hearing but to us its just like them learning a 2nd language.
Another option is to contact your local social services, they are fantastic at helping families that having children with extra learning needs x

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You might find makaton easier? It's supposed to be quite good for encouraging talking. Mog isn't a fan of signing, so we've stuck with pecs for now. I didn't think she'd get that at all, but they taught her hand over hand and she picked it up really quickly.

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Were learning how to use pecs at the minute too x

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We started using "baby sign time" at 19months (which is very similar to makaton), and which goes into the toddler years, there is a series of dvd's you can buy on e-bay or amazon (they are American, so only way I found to buy them) my son looooved them and immediately started copying what he saw and this is how i learned some basic signs. Despite being called "baby" sign time I think they can still be fun for older toddlers, and actually not babies - unless for the parents sake. Now we have extended this and use makaton which I have learned through his therapists and online. It is brilliant, can't recommend it enough. It enables them to have a means of basic communication while also encouraging their speech I think makaton is more geared to those who may not need to use sign permanently, but use it in the short term and to aid speech... Makaton (I think!) is also easier to learn as it directly relates to the action or word, you can aim at teaching yourself something like 5 signs a day and they would easily stick, as they make sense in the "sign" you attribute...

Maybe see if there are any local makaton courses being run locally?

So happy to hear some of you are using pec's, this is new to me and I find it a bit tricky introducing it may need to start another thread to pick some brains....!

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It depends on what your ultimate aim is i think.

I am trying to teach my 3 year old makaton based signing but i have recently been told by my playschool that makaton isn't the child signing that a lot of places will be using in the future. I can't remember what she said it's going to be to. I am sticking with the makaton though as i am planing on learning BSL anyway so i'd rather do something that is based on BSL.

Have you looked on the BSL website?

I would google 'baby signing classes' and your area. We have a few in our area but i think Esther is too old for them now.

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We do makaton with our daughter (3), she has speech delay due to brain damage.

Makaton is great as it uses signs with words and encourages speech. Something special on cbeebies uses makaton, you can also find resources on the internet.

Makaton also run courses (my husband just did one and found it really good) - if your little one has a speech and language therapist you might be able to get on a course for free/reduced cost.

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Agree with everyone re Makaton, contact your local speech and language support they should be able to refer you to Makaton workshops I also use Makaton with my daughter they also have a self taught pack you can buy online but I feel this is a bit pricey considering you can get it for free or a small donation xx

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