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What do you think?

I'll fully admit - I've been literally dealing with postpartum anxiety/depression since my son was born. It sucks. Sucks big time. So, I don't know if my excessive worry is me, or there is something up with my son. Any insight anyone could offer would be so greatly appreciated.

My son turned two in December, so is currently almost 27 months old. He started early intervention in the summer for speech, and has made awesome progress. He currently says maybe 100 or more words, and is starting to put two words together. Seems like we tell him a word once, and he now has it and says it. We also notice new two word combos every few days or so, and is really using his words so nicely - telling us what he wants, asking for help, all of that. It's so great because I was so nervous last summer when he maybe has 10-15 words.

For whatever reason, I've always been super concerned about autism. He isn't super social. Definitely with people he knows - relatives, etc. that I see him with. He goes to an at home daycare, and his DC provider tells me he plays great with the other kids. Sometimes when we are out he will look at other kids, and stare, and once in awhile he will say "hi." But he's painfully shy, too. For example, if we go to a friend's house he hasn't been to much or ever, he gets super clingy, winy and will ask to "go car." He does, most of the time, warm up to people. At Christmas, he was doing awesome with everyone after awhile, and then was giving everyone stickers from his new sticker book.

Other concerns I have had are that he has done some odd things - he used to walk on his tip toes throughout the day. Never consistently but randomly. I do notice it every once in a great while now. He went through a period about five or so months ago where he spun in circles. And at dinner he will sometimes shake his head back and forth a ton. But - he apparently only ever does this when I'm with him and DH thinks he does it to piss me off. Which might be the case because he always looks right at me and laughs when I tell him to stop. Oh, and around early December he went a week where he constantly crossed his index finger over his middle finger, which I read is a sign of autism. But I haven't seen him do it since!

So yes, it's like he does these things that make me go into a panic, and then stops. I don't know what to think.

He plays with toys appropriately. He does sometimes line up his cars, but then plays with them completely normally. This is a new thing, and his therapist said that it is totally age appropriate because he's learning things go in a group. Which makes sense because that's kind of what I notice from him.

Just looking for some insight with people with experience. I just don't have any at all with kids this age. My family is so small, and I haven't been around a lot of kids to know what is expected. Again, I really appreciate any help. Thanks so much.

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Hi. I didn't want to read and run but I don't really have any insight. To me he sounds fine but I don't have any experience with autism. Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will be able to help more.

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From what you wrote it sounds like he is just a normal 2 year old. At only just 2, everything you describe (including speech) doesn't sound out of the ordinary at all. But it definitely sounds like you're spending lots of time studying his behaviour and worrying about what it's significance is though. Please don't let the stress of worrying about "what if" prevent you from enjoying you son!

But again - I'm just getting this info from reading what you wrote. If you really think something is wrong, definitely get it checked. But things like "he used to walk on his toes" or "he crossed his fingers in November" really don't mean anything on their own. Most toddlers do these things and it doesn't usually indicate anything more serious than being a toddler.

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Hi hun - as a mum of a 3 year old son with autism I would personally say that you have nothing to worry about. I am a mum of twins and my daughter does things very similar to what your describing but for me having two children the same age (one with autism, one without), I'm not worried about my daughter at all. The things you are describing are things that my daughter does from time to time. Sometimes she does it because she is copying her brother but most of the time she does it out of defiance and when I ask her to stop, she stops. So personally, I would say you have nothing to worry about but, always tust your gut instincts hun as autism is such a wide spectrum so if your concerned then speak to your Health Visitor or GP xx

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