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Is a NG going down a non returnable route

Our son is bottle fed and topped up with NG.

We are told they hope its temporary.

Up to yesterday i would of agreed only needed 2 top ups - 4 top ups a day of 10-15ml. I was happy and dealing with his other issues.

Yesterday horrendous, he needed topping up every feed. Some by 50ml!!.

I have this sickning feeling we will never get rid of this tube and that they will end up doing the direct in the stomach tubes.

They still dont know why he has seizures but not had one for weeks.

His head control is almost none existant but they still say that was due to the malnutrition he had.

Does anyone ever get to take the NG out and not need any other intervention....I want to enjoy my boy not spend the whole day doing medicines and feeds all while entertaining a 21 month old.

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Mum (Mom)
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im hoping so.

We are beginning weaning this week and our SALT has decided to skip bottle feeding and move onto sippy cups as we have pretty much accepted she wont ever be coordinated enough for bottle feeding. I'm hoping if we cant get this established we can then get rid of the NG.

A friend of mine whose son had an ng tube when he was little has had his removed. he is 13 months old now and feeds totally fine without it now.

I know the stomah tubes are a pretty serious step though and weve been told that they are def a total last resort stage thing as i think it requires a surgery to fit them. Fingers crossed for you thast you can see soem progress soon

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