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Question to mums of babies with downs?

Hi there
I was wondering if there was a link to spotting in early pregnancy and having a baby with a chromosome abnormality, with my baby that I lost at 17 weeks I had spotted regularly and I wondered if it could be s sign? Did anyone else with a downs baby or other chromosome abnormality have spotting ??

I'm scared as I'm spotting again and the only time I had that was with my lost baby but not with any of my healthy babies

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I can understand your anxiety. The only time spotting can be blamed on a chromosomal abnormality is if the abnormality is so bad the fetus can't survive and mc happens. Spotting in 1st tri is not uncommon. I have a dd with downs. No spotting or any other abnormal signs. If it carries on get yourself checked out rather than worrying yourself sick

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I had spotting and have a "normal" two year old.

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