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My son's developmental delays are all social and emotional (which is why the autism flag keeps coming up). He going from one emotional extreme to the next, usually either super happy and excited or super angry. He doesn't seem to care about playing with other kids (besides his brother) and wont do much imaginative play. For example, we have a play kitchen, but instead of pretending to cook and eat the food, he just wants to put the pieces of the toy hamburger together and then take it apart again. He's very smart, though. He knows all the letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and can identify patterns, so it's not an intellectual delay.

The good thing about a developmental delay, versus ASD, is that they can catch up to their peers eventually and not have a delay anymore, whereas ASD never really goes away. That's why I'm hoping my son only has a delay.

But my daughter didn't walk until 15 months, and she's fine, and like I said, my son didn't speak at all until 19 or 20 months, and his speech is so much better now.

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