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Are we doing the right thing? Advice needed

Hi, so to cut a long story short, my daughter who has learning difficulties /autism woke a few weeks ago hysterically screaming in pain, couldn't walk and kept holding neck. I rushed to to hospital abd they think it's torticollis which ment she couldn't turn her head properly. She was getting better then her neck started hurting again and she also developed a fever so another trip to hospital. They don't know if her neck is behavioural as I can turn it without it hurting her but she won't turn it herself and as she can't talk and doesn't understand we can't ask her. She maybe associate turning her head with pain we just don't know. She has been referred for physio. She goes to 2 nursary, one is a specialist nursary with one 2 one attention and there ate only 4 children to a class. The other is a normal nursary with 2 teachers to 20 children. She has been to the specialist nursary with no probs but she has been off for 2 wks from other nursary as I'm worried she is more likely to be knocked over or bumped into plus the other children like to tickle my daughter to make her laugh but they do this by tickling her neck and if She falls over they pull her up but her head needs supporting if she is picked up now. We are in the middle of doing an early health care plan so she can get extra funding for school and this nursary is helping us abd we are worried by her not going that this will effect them doing the form. I'm really worried she's gonna hurt her neck again and send everything back to square one. What we are thinking of doing is keeping her home tomorrow and calling her teacher to see if she has any advice, they may prefer us to keep her home or they may reasure us thst they will keep an extra eye on her. Plus we can make sure this doesn't effect the form. Does that sound like a good plan or am I worrying for nothing again

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I think I would be the same and if you feel comfortable then it's the right thing to do. My son to is autistic and he done something similar awhile back he woke up screaming in pain and he pulled my hand to his leg so I guessed it was a cramp but that whole day he would either hop or limp he actually kept it going for 3 days I took him to the swing park and off he went bolting across the grass lol. It's hard to tell when they have limited language I hope she or yourself don't have to go through anything like that again xx

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