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fine motor skills and autism, can anyone explain?

Hi there

I have posted before in this area and im not sure if my LO is autistic or not...tbh im scared...

She had her 2 year check and i the HV is coming out again as my LO is a slow talker (knows 100-150 words) and she said in her fine motor skills she was slightly behind, the only thing she did to check her fine motor skills was draw a square and give her a crayon to see what she would LO has never been into colouring therefore she drew a line and walked off...if anything only this week she has started to enjoy colouring!

Is there a link with autism and fine motor skills? Any insight would be grateful...mummys with LO's with autism, are their fine motor skills affected? x

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There can be, but as I'm sure you know all those with autism are unique and especially so as girls. Alex has ASD and attends a fine motor skills group within school to help.

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My son had delayed fine motor skills (still does to some extent, he is 5 now) but he is not autistic. I believe he may have something, perhaps ADHD or maybe dyslexia, but he doesn't seem to fit an ASD profile at all so far. He is also left handed but that has only emerged in the past 6 months, until then he would use both hands the same. Fine motor skills delay can be a sign of something else or can occur on its own. My son has had a lot of help with this at school as writing has been a struggle for him and he is improving, he got a certificate for his writing this term

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IT can be linked however to have Autism you must have the triad of impairments. Fine motor skills and infact gross motor skills are not part of that triad. Just so happens that children with ASD aslo regularly have a co-morbid diagnosis such as dyslexia or dyspraxia which is more to do with visual and physical skills. This is more about ASD and the triad.

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Unless there is anything else wrong I really wouldn't worry, my son had his 2yr check today, he doesn't draw a line either and hv just said nit to worry that will come. My son only knows about 50 words and could have a little bit of speech delay but she said he was border line and not to worry. My daughter is being tested for autism next yr and on her 2yr review she had no words and could draw a line. I wouldn't think for a second that just because your child can't draw a line he could be Autistic

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