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We had a parent teacher interview yesterday which went surprisingly well. She said that he has to take quiet a few brain breaks during high activity times when there is lots of noise and lots to focus on, he leaves the room and he goes to another room where him and kids like him go to power down, it is for kids with Scensory issues. there is a trampoline to bounce on, a rocking chair and other activites, and once he seems more relaxed he is brought back into the room. They also take him for walks around the school every half hour or so.. Ive told him to let the teacher know when he is getting over whelmed but I get the feeling he does not know when it is about to happen, just all of a sudden it is to much and he freaks out. They have a quiet room for him too that when his tantrum esculates to a un safe level, they can safely get him into this room for him to calm down and then he comes out and he can re join the class.

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Those all sound like positive things!! I would recommend the 5 point scale to help him learn when he is feeling out of control. It is not an expensive book, maybe 20 US dollars on Amazon. Definitely worth checking out for school and home if you're seeing similar behaviors.

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