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Speech at age 7

Is it normal for a child (7) to be different at school than at home? My son has been given an 8 (1 being good, 10 being bad) for his speech at school but at home we think he's more 4-5?

He has a bit of a stutter and has trouble getting his words out... i.e. He will repeat the same word a few times before managing to 'spit it out'...

He's got a bit of a lisp too but that could be because he's lost a lot of teeth recently including his two front ones.

I guess we are used to it and we are patient with him when he can't get his words out?

He's also very behind with his reading and writing but good with maths.

Also what happens next? He's redoing his phonics test this year because he failed it last year and he's got his SATs coming up and I'm worried he won't be able to read the question!

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