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Why was the diagnosis a shock!

Hi, my little princess is nearly 6 yrs old, we have suspected for a few years that she had autism, she is in a ARB class room in school. There was a big meeting today about her diagnosis and she has level 2 Autism and developmental delay. I knew it was coming I've known a long time but when I was told for definite I was shocked and when I finished the phone call I burst into tears. As I say she is level 2 now, but does that mean she will stay at level 2?

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Mum (Mom)
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Just wanted to send hugs. In a lot off ways a diagnosis is a positive thing but it is bound to be emotional too.

I am not an expert but I believe the level of autism doesn't change as you get older. Although occasionally a diagnosis will change that isn't because a person has become less autistic but some people get good at coping strategies which can effect the outcome of tests. It's not like there is a blood test for it so a certain amount of interpretation goes into the diagnosis.

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