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nursery and autism

hi everyone!
well i thought i would ask in here for some advice as i don't really know what to do.
my 3year old is going to be starting nursery in sept. he will be going to a 'normal' one 3afternoons a week and also a special needs one but haven't been told the dates yet. anyway my question is, with the 'normal' nursery they havent said what help he will recieve. and being honest they havent asked ANYTHING about how he is. they know he is autisic but that is it. so to sum it up, what questions should i ask them.... and also how did you find 'normal' nursery for your little ones?
thanks. any advice will be greatfully recieved!!

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My son went to a daycare starting at 15 months loooooong before we had an Asperger's diagnosis at age 5. I knew he was different though. He had a hard time warming up to the teachers and students. It took a few months each time his class would change for him to be comfortable. When he got older of the kids wanted to be his friend because he knew a lot about a lot and could show them how to build cool things, etc. even though he couldn't tell me their names after being in class with some of them for years The main thing I focused on with his teachers was that he is hyper sensitive to some things (tags, wet clothes) and sensory seeking in others (pinched self, spinning, jumping). I warned them that if he is bored he will act out and be disruptive, but he will do that if overstimulated too. No one at the school had any training in special needs kids, but they were all very open to getting papers and handouts from me about how to care for him and things not to do. My advice is to just keep tabs on everyone and give them as much info about your child as you can.

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Sonny goes to a mainstream nursery for one morning a week, two from September and he has a named SIPs worker who stays with him all the time he is there, they also liase with his special needs nursery so that they can work on the same goals/achievements for Sonny . Sonny's SIPs worker has also gone to visit him at his special needs nursery and vice versa. If you are in doubt then ask what provisions they have in place for your son or what plans they are putting in place. All mainstream nurseries usually have a SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator) who should be the one arranging all this for him. xx

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my son went to a mainstream preschool. They didnt make much in place for him tbh as it all needs funding from local council/government but they were more aware and keeping an extra eye on him. During his last year there he was funded a 1-1 helper x

Have you heard of portage? They can help x

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