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Old Jul 3rd, 2011, 21:50 PM   41
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Child's name - Brandon
Age - 7 years old

Currently fighting - Autism, ADHD and Global Development Delay

Other info - Brandon is severely mentally disabled, non-verbal and has major sensory issues. He is also the cutest little boy ever

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User Name: Leopard44
Name: Courtney

Child/ren Name/s: Keziah-May
Chid/ren DOB/s: 15th November 2011
My Child/ren is/are fighting: Bilateral hyrdonephrosis, grade IV Vesicoureteral Reflux and has a full duplex ureter system on the left kidney

Any extra Info:
On antibiotics at the moment, further tests are being done soon. Probably surgery

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Old Feb 23rd, 2012, 11:37 AM   43
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Username: katealim
Name: Shanna
Children: Ali (Oct. 2002) Kate ( Apr. 2005) #3 due in October.
My child is living with: Kaitlyn is 6 now and was diagnosed shortly after birth with cerebral palsy. Also born with a cleft palate. She is g-tube fed but doing amazing. She walks and talks and is a bundle of energy but does need a wheelchair for long distances as she tires easy.

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User Name:amylw1

Child/ren Name/s:jarred, mmackenzie, blake
Chid/ren DOB/s:jarred 2002, mackenzie 2005, blake 2009
My Child/ren is/are fighting: mackenzie has asthma and a squint, blake has a squint

Any extra Info:

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Old Mar 3rd, 2012, 10:55 AM   45
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User Name: Sini
Name: Sini

Child/ren Name/s: Rian
Chid/ren DOB/s: November 2011
My Child/ren is/are fighting: Dislocated hips and seeing genecist for possible Muscular Dystrophy

Any extra Info: We are being referred to different specialists at the moment to see if Rian has inherited his dad's rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. He has dislocated hips and is seeing a physio.

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User Name: milosmommy7
Name: nikki

Child/ren Name/s: Milo
Chid/ren DOB/s: Oct. 30, 2009
My Child/ren is/are fighting: sensory processing disorder (possible autism)

Any extra Info: right now the dx is just SPD. too inconsistent to rule out or dx ASD when he was 24 months (retesting in May). weak mouth muscles, low central nervous system. delayed in expressive/receptive speech, social-personal and cognitive.

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Old Mar 20th, 2012, 09:39 AM   47
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User Name: Ryders_Mommie
Name: Katie ( age 17 )

Childs Name: Ryder Lee Donegan
Chids DOB: March 31, 2011
My Child/ren is/are fighting: Gastroschisis, Panhypopitutairism, Hypothyriodism, Reflux, Anemia, and a curiviature of bones in legs.

Any extra Info: Even though he has tons of health problems you can't tell any difference from him and any other 11 month old ecept he is the size of a 9 month old.

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Old Jun 5th, 2012, 09:11 AM   48
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User Name: lilbumpblue
Name: Jayne

Childs Name: James Cooper
Chids DOB: september 2010
My Child/ren is/are fighting: James has bilateral dysplastic cystic kidneys, kidney reflux, gastric reflux and is PEG fed due to slow weight gain.

Other: James also will not eat solids which was caused by having an ng tube passed so many times (ng tube fed Apr 11 until Sept 11) xx

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User Name:Tabbycat

Child/ren Name/s:Seth
Chid/ren DOB/s: 06/06/2009
My Child/ren is/are fighting:At the moment still waiting for a diagnosis
Any extra Info:My litle boy is 3 and we have been refered to speach therapy and a Occupational therapist all to happen this month half of me is happy that someone is listening to me and the other half is terrifying ,what are we dealing with ?will we know right away ? how long will a diagnostic take ?all theses question zoom around my head ,we my boy of 3 is getting frustrated at everything cuz he speaks one word

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User Name: Tiff
Name: Tiff

Child's Name: Claire
Age: 4 in December
My Child is fighting: Autism

Any extra Info: Freshly diagnosed as of yesterday, would love to get to know some other Moms who are in the same boat as us.

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