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Tiff. my son was diagnosed in July. so its still pretty fresh for us as well

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User Name:Lewiepud08
Name: Jen

Child's Name: Hayden(14) lewis (3) and finley (2)

My Child is fighting: Finley(2) - speech and development delay, waiting on diagnosis, possible ASD

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name - vicky
children - charlie 4 in january and lewis 6 months
my child is fighting - ? sensory processing disorder, ? asd
extra info - just starting our journey towards a diagnosis

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User Name: RachA
Name: Rachel (35)

Child/ren Name/s: Esther & Daniel
Chid/ren DOB/s: E - Oct 09 & D - Aug 07
My Child/ren is/are fighting: Esther has recently been diagnosed with a developmental delay.

Any extra Info: The DD is mainly affecting her speech - she currently has 4 solid words and 3 signs at 3 years. She has also suffered unexplained seizures in the past - she hasn't had one since Feb 2012 but isn't considered safe from them until we got to 1 year since her last one.

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User Name: Shezza84uk
Name: Shana (29)

Child/ren Name/s: Freya and Joshua
Chid/ren DOB/s:Freya is 5 Joshua is 12 weeks
My Child/ren is/are fighting: Freya is diagnosed with Autism and partial deafness.

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User Name: blaze777
Name: Jess

Child/ren Name/s: Moos
Chid/ren DOB/s: 14/02/10
My Child/ren is/are fighting: JIA - Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Any extra Info: Newly Diagnosed, waiting on consultant app to get official prognosis

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User Name: kit10grl
Name: Leanne

Child/ren Name/s: Robyn
Chid/ren DOB/s: 04/09/12
My Child/ren is/are fighting: Charge Syndrome symptoms including. Bilateral Choanal atresia, Coarctation of the aorta, partial AVSD, Coloboma of the optical disc, undetermined level of hearing loss, poor muscle tone, developmental delays, inability to feed, currently feeding via ng tube on a continuos pump run feed.

Any extra Info:

Currently being investigated for immunology problems

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User Name: twinmommy1
Name: Louise (Age 33)

Child/ren Name/s: Jake Anthony (& Twin Sister)
Chid/ren DOB/s: 2009 - 3 Years Old Now
My Child is living with: Autism

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User Name: Ward
Name: Celeste

Child/ren Name/s: Draven (and 4 siblings ages 20-4)
Chid/ren DOB/s: 3/28/2008
My Child/ren is/are fighting: Autism

Any extra Info: I'm new here and happy to get to know everyone.

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My Name is Michelle
My Child's name is Rhys
My child suffering from lack of speech and global developmental delay

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