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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Unexplained Infertility

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone got pregnant naturally after years of unexplained infertility? I'm facing that obstacle right now; DH's sperm is great, no problems ovulating or PCOS, no blocked tubes, no STDs, regular periods, EWCM is plentiful, etc. We passed all of our tests with flying colors; even the gluten-intolerance one, which I insisted on because I'd heard of women getting pregnant after cutting gluten out of their diet. So there seems to be no reason that we aren't getting pregnant, but it's been three years now. IVF is just a little too expensive for us right now. I'd love to hear any success stories, and what you did differently when you got your BFP.

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I don't have a success story, but wanted to tell you that I'm in the same boat! No issues with us - unexplained secondary infertility. We have been pregnant 4 times (2 miscarriages) and all of those times we fell pregnant on the first try. Now we can't get pregnant for the life of us and they can't find a reason why. It's so frustrating. We are almost on the verge of an IUI. We too, cannot afford IVF.

Fingers crossed for you! Hang in there - it's frustrating and a long journey, but I'd like to think one of these days we'll be rewarded for our efforts.

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We were classed as unexplained infertility after almost 3 years TTC. We were refered for IVF and concieved our perfect ds on our first cycle. I'm now 14 wks 3 days pg with baby number 2 concieved naturally after 1 year TTC.

Good luck x

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