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3 years but we got our BFP!

We have been TTC with #2 since my DS turned 1. Of course on our last attempt we finally fell pregnant. I am not sure what worked, or if it was a combination of things, but I know what it is like to be in the position of trying and look for advice and what works, so I thought I would share our story.

I do suffer from PCOS, and 2 years ago I had an ovarian wedge done. Since then my cycles have been much better and more regular. When it still wasn't working, we turned to my husband. The first time we got pregnant he was on clomid too, but he had been on it this time as well, and even after the wedge we still weren't conceiving so we knew we needed to look deeper. He ended up having bilateral varicocele surgery on April 1st. They say sperm takes 3 months to rebuild, and so I am not sure if that was what helped, or it was everything I did this cycle.

This cycle I took clomid 100mg days 3-7, mucinex 600mg 2 cd 9 until the the day after I ovulated. I am also on Metformin 2000mg daily and have been for several months prior. After I ovulated I had some leftover progesterone that I took for 5 days. Typically we BD every other day, because that is what the doctors recommend, but I got a positive OPK the day after we BD'd, so we just kept it going and BD'd 3 days in a row.

I didn't realize I had ran out of Wondofo pregnancy tests, so it prevented me from testing early like I normally do. I did give in at 10dpo and bought a First Response, and took it in the afternoon and it came back negative. I knew I was out for the last time. We were scheduled for an adoption orientation for last week, and I ended up getting the time wrong. I was so disappointed because the next one wasn't for 3 more weeks. But when I was thinking about it I realized my period still hadn't come. I told my husband and that night he ran out and got me a pregnancy test. To our surprise, the next morning it was a BFP!

I will know after this baby is born if it was the surgery or all of the medication if/when we try for another! Until then... I hope this helps someone else!

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So happy for you! What a journey! How are you doing with the pregnancy?

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