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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Calling for success stories by taking Fertilaid for PCOS

Been married for a little over 2 years, TTC since we have been married. I have PCOS, 26 years old and have a 6 six year old before I met my husband. My cycles used to be normal and first couple years but have gotten out of control while I had a no hormone copper IUD. The last few years my period has been absent. I'm almost down to my weight when I was having regular periods.

I've been on metformin 1000mg a day, taking Provera to get my flow and Letrozole 5 mg for about 9 months now and getting no where. According to my temperatures I don't think I have ovulated once. I'm in the middle of my last attempt of this Provera/Letrozole. After this last attempt I'm going to give my body and break then try Fertilaid, so it's going to be about 2 months before I try it.

Calling for all Fertilaid success stories if it ending in a BFP or regulating your cycle (or both).

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