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IVF success then natural conception baby number 2

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to share my story. We were ltttc for almost 3 years for our ds who was concieved on our first cycle of IVF. 2 and a half years later we were ready for baby 2, 6 months of trying and nothing so went back to gp who refered us straight to assisted conception unit where we were told we would need to do IVF again. As we would be self funding this time we decided we would start treatment Sep 2016 seen as we are due to get married August 2016 and financially would be a big strain to do both. So anyway we decided to keep trying and on the 12th month to our surprise I got a super dark BFP

I'm now just over 14 weeks and we've had 2 scans both perfect.

I never would of believed we would concieve naturally. It was hard accepting we would need to do IVF again, this baby is such a blessing and will be 5 months old almost when we get married.

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Wow, that's so cool.

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