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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Fertilaid problems.. Need HELP!

Okay, I'm 28 and one month TTC . And my monthly cycle is regular. I've started taking fertilaid last month and AF is suppose be here in like 4 days. I normally cramp a little and have breast tenderness a week prior. But this week I've been having very light noticeable cramps, backaches, and NO breast tenderness. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests and all came out negative. Idk if it's too soon or it's the pills I've consumed. I've read some reviews about fertilaid helped couples concieved and that is why I started taken. Then I stopped a few days ago when I read about some problems with a lot of women not having periods and going through the same problem I'm going through. Idk if I'm pregnant with the first month of trying or it's the pills that messing with me.

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Dont take fertilaid if you have normal cycles/ ovulate on your own, the vitex in it can mess up your cycle.

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