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15 months TTC...FIRST EVER BFP!

I promised myself I would post my story if/when I ever got my BFP to provide you other long ttc'ers with some encouragement. I hope my story is a help to someone out there.

I have never, ever been pregnant in my life. Hubby & I have been TTC over 15 months with no luck! I started seeing a specialist (OBGYN) for some testing early this year. Originally I was told I had PCOS, but then 6 months later was told everything was normal for me, but that Hubby has low numbers (everything is low: sperm count, motility, & morphology).

I have tried all the tricks in the book: OPKs (never got a positive on them, even when testing 3 times a day), timing intercourse, BD every day, every other day, taking herbs (Femaprin Vitex), etc. It got to the point where I finally stopped taking everything, including my prenatal, two months ago because I couldn't take the disappointment anymore.

My doctor made a suggestion that since my Hubby has low numbers, that maybe we were BD'ing "too much" and that we weren't giving his swimmers a chance to recuperate when it mattered. He told us to begin BD'ing 16 days before the start of my period (NOT CD16) and then every other day until 10 days before my period and then STOP until the next cycle. It worked on our second try! Just got my long-awaited BFP last night.

I have no other symptoms other than some slight cramping and a heavy feeling in my lower abdomen. Similar to premenstrual cramps, but not as strong (for me, anyway) and feels more like you have to go #2 (TMI, sorry!) and this continuous strong cramp near what I suspect is my right ovary area. Also, I always get very heavy and sore boobs right after ovulation all the way through until my period stops. I had it this time, except they stopped hurting as bad as they normally do after about a week post-ovulation. And that's about it!!

Don't lose hope ladies. My Hubby & I were going to receive an IUI in January because doctors said the chances of us getting pregnant on our own was very low. I never stopped trying though. I never "stopped thinking about it & let it happen" either. I did, however, lighten up on myself and stopped all the vitamins, herbs, trying to eat some crazy cleansing diets, stopped depriving myself of caffeine & stopped temping and just did what my doctor suggested.

Hope this gives some of you encouragement. Cheers!

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Thank you Rebekaa for posting this.

Congratulation to you and wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy

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