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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC Low Progesterone

Hello, I'm 30yrs old and TTC for 10 months now. Previously a fitness competitor and I knew that had something to do with my infertility. Went to specialist and confirmed I was very low in progesterone. First was given 50mg clomid CD5-9. Progesterone barely increased. Then was given 100mg Clo CD5-9. Then ultra sound which showed 1 mature follicle and 2 others close to maturing. Was given the ovidrel shot that night then went on the progesterone suppositories 4 days after shot twice a day. I'm 14 DPO and I took a digital HPT and it came back BFN . I never knew this low progesterone would be such an issue I was really hoping this cycle would be it. I told the doctor and he said he would do a blood test tomorrow and that my Beta may be too low to show on a HPT. Fingers crossed. Anyone have any success stories and have been in the same boat?

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