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my first bfp!

I got married to my hubby in 2012 and later that year came off birth control and we thought "we'll see what happens" and then in April 2013 decided to actively try and was tracking and doing SMEP and all that...well April 2014 rolls around and still nothing so I eventually made an appointment for the Dr...she runs a bunch of tests and nothing is out of the ordinary so refers me to a OB/GYN for more specialized testing and I started seeing him in Jan 2015, HSG test is done a few months later and everythings normal...he eventually puts me on Clomid starting October's cycle and 1st cycle, nothing (but I did get horribly sick during that month), 2nd cycle I take the pills 3-7 instead of 5-9 like he prescribed (I'm bad) and add soft-cups after BDing during fertile window. nothing.

3rd cycle...I took EPO from CD 1-13 ish and only had one time using the soft-cups and I just tested yesterday to see if I could drink NYE and I saw a line in the test area! I have never ever ever in my life seen one before!

Gonna call the office on monday and schedule a blood test for confirmation and then hopefully switch to a midwife and have a healthy pregnancy. OMG!

I was joking though that babies are contagious because the other thing different this cycle was just before ovulation time we were visiting my family and my sister had had her first baby in November and it was the first time I got to meet the little dude so I was holding him lots and loving every minute of it. and then I am gonna get me own!

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Congrats!! So exciting!

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Congratulations! H+H pregnancy ☺

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