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To all Struggling..Please Read!!

My name is Jenn. When I was 18, I got pregnant naturally with my first child. It was a difficult pregnancy to say the least. Terrible Hyperemisis, that lasted the whole 9 months. Pumped with fluids numerous times, and almost lost him and died myself. Labor was complicated as well, as I was 11 days late and was in hard labor at 1cm due to the balloon and medication. When I finally pushed him out, I bled hard, and a lot. I became severely anemic, and almost needed a transfusion (they didnt give me one since I didnt pass out).

At age 22, my fiance (dad of my first, and now hubby) and I decided that we wanted to have another baby. I met with my OBGYN doc, got the clearance to stop birth control and was told to come back in 1 year if not yet pregnant. First 3 months were uneventful. Didnt get pregnant. I was then told to use a Clearblue Ovulation Predictor, to make it easier to determine when the best time to DTD was. So I did. I never got a smiley. I also stopped getting my period. After about 65 pregnancy tests in the course of about 4-5 months, and no period, I called my doctor. She had seen that I was gaining weight, and had acne, which i usually ever have. We did an ultrasound and blood work and determined that I had severe PCOS. Which meant that getting pregnant would be hard...staying pregnant would be harder. She ordered an HSG to check my tubes before referring me to an RE. My tubes were blocked. The doctor/radiologist said to me that my only chance of getting pregnant would be IVF. If, on the very rare chance, I would get pregnant naturally, there was a 99% chance it would be an ectopic pregnancy. Gee, what a ray of sunshine he was. So, off to the RE i went.

First RE was very, unhelpful. He didnt agree with the radiologist, and put me on clomid. I did 5 cycles of clomid, finally getting that little smiley on the OPK. But didnt get pregnant. My 5th clomid cycle, I didnt even ovulate, and I was on 200 mg. I tried to schedule an appt with the doctor to discuss other options, but he REFUSED to see me and told the nurse to tell me to keep doing the clomid "until it works." Yeah go to aint working and now im not ovulating on it. Bye Bye RE.

Second RE was more first. She agreed with the radiologist to some level and wanted to redo the procedure. So she did...well, actually, she had a medical student do it, and she screwed it up, so we didnt get a good reading. I didnt no a med student was doing it, i wouldnt have allowed it, not for something this important. I thought they were observing. Anywho, she said that she couldnt see much, so instead of redoing again, we would go by the first one that showed blockage. She also said that I had an almost 0% chance of conceiving naturally. IUI wouldnt work, and if it did, it would be ectopic for sure, so it was too dangerous to risk. So she said I need IVF. My insurance covers IVF, after some criteria are met. She said she would work on it and get back to me. Well, she didnt get back to me, the insurance did and said no. I needed 6 ovulatory cycles before they would cover it. I called my doctor to explain the results to her. She said that we would need to do 6 IUIs. I asked her why, and she repeated what the insurance told me, I needed 6 ovulatory cycles. I told her I already had 5 ovulatory cycles with clomid, and asked why they would make me do another with my results being what they were, that it was too dangerous to risk a "natural" pregnancy. She said that they insurances radiologist didnt agree with the HSG findings. Turns out, she never submitted my clomid results, and she didnt submit the original HSG results, she submitted the one that was screwed up by the med student. She refused to fight for me. It was almost as if she wanted me to pay extra for the 6 IUIs instead of only 1 cycle. But whatever, I went with the one IUI just to shut them up. The entire time of the IUI process, the nurses and assistants would say everytime, every appt, this is pointless. Its not going to work. Way to keep up my hope! When the first IUI didnt work, I was done with that RE, considering they had a medical assistant doing my procedure. Bye Bye Bitch.

RE #3. Not much hope going into it, but hey whatever. This doctor was amazing. Answered all my questions. Said that he saw what the other docs saw, but said that there was still a chance of pregnancy with clomid, thought success rate was low. Asked me what I wanted to do. I said IVF. He clapped his hands and said ok, lets get started. First thing was first, fighting my insurance company. He got the approval in a week. Dont know how, but he did it. So we got started. First IVF cycle got me 5 eggs, 2 fertilized, but not good quality. We transferred them both anyway. Got my BFP, but miscarried almost right away. Doc looked at my results and said we learned sooo much about my body with that cycle, and that this cycle was almost guaranteed to be a success. I wasnt into it. I wanted to give up. I was too upset at the miscarriage to continue. But he talked me through it, my insurance would cover another one, and if there was a chance to be had, I needed to take it. So I did. And it resulted in 15 eggs, 6 fertilized, 2 great quality. We transferred the 2 great ones, and were gunna freeze the rest, but they didnt survive the hatching. Anyway, we did the transfer, and I got my BFP and got my miracle rainbow baby boy, born on April 14, 2015. 5 years it took to have him from my first appt with my OBGYN.

So now it was time to discuss birth control options and what not. I had a DVT blood clot during my pregnancy because of the fertility drugs, so I was not able to go on birth control safely, at least nothing with estrogen. But I mean, really, not gunna pump my body full of hormones for nothing. So I decided against the BC. We decided that we would do Provera every month so that I would at least have a bleed. I was to take it on the first of every month. June 1, 2015 I was still bleeding from the c-section birth, so I didnt take it. July 1, I was no longer bleeding. I was to take the pill. But before I am able, I have to take an HPT to be safe. I took one and got a very faint BFP. Doctor said it was very possible that it was still some leftover from my baby. She said wait a week, if it gets darker, or is still there at all, to go in for blood work and see whats going on. A week later, I take another one. Instant BFP with a dark as hell line. I call my doctor and she is shocked to tell me that I am pregnant AGAIN. Naturally. Knowing what my previous OBGYN and other REs told me, she was concerned about it being ectopic. My blood levels within the next couple weeks were not doubling appropriately, so she was almost positive it was ectopic, so I was sent for an emergency ultrasound. On that ultrasound, we saw a baby, a heartbeat, and the baby was in the UTERUS!

A 1% chance of conceiving naturally, and a 99% of it being ectopic...and it was fine!!! I am now only 39 days away from meeting my baby boy #3!! Numbers can be intimidating. Percentages can be more intimidating. If there is any chance to be had, take it. Sometimes, 1 is bigger than 99. I am proof, I am the 1%

Good luck to all you ladies! I hope to read all your success stories in here!!!

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Wow, this was an amazing read! I cannot believe how strong you are for going through all of this! Unreal! I am proud of you for pushing through to different doctors each time you felt you were being heard or being served properly! You are the exact example of what can happen when doctors are so against you! (Or rather the "statistics" are so against you)

I had my son at 23 weeks and all of the doctors told us the "statistics" and how he old had a 25% chance and surviving let alone living a successful healthy life.

Well he just turned 1, and he has ZERO delays and was just cleared from now even needing glasses! He is small, but he is amazing!

I love success stories that defy medical statistics!!

An EXTREME congrats goes out to you and your 3 wonderful baby boys!!

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What an incredible journey, so glad that everything turned out well for you. Everytime AF arrives, I loved to read these kind of stories.

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