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Miracle. 1 ovary. Low sperm count

Hi everybody.

Me and my partner were trying to get pregnant for two years.

We both have our second relationship (I had two babies with my first hubby, he, after 7 rounds of IVF, a lot of losses, 10 years of trying due to his low sperm count (2 mil), had one IVF baby).
After I had my kiddies, I had my right ovary and tube removed.

Because it was so easy for me to get pregnant first two times, I completely lost hope. Two years of trying. And considering his history and my removed ovary we were seriously thinking about IVF...

And today, I got my BFP. Naturally. I completely lost hope, so last month I do not even know when my ovulation was...

So, girls. Miracles DO happen... Do not loose hope!!!!

Baby dust to all of you

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Congratulations !.

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Thank you

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Congratulations. Happy and healthy 9 months to you.

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congratulations to you both!!

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