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I havent been on BnB for so long, randomly decided to pop in to and i se you are expcting number 3! Congratulations, and I am so glad it all worked out in one go for you this time Happy pregnancy!

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Rmsh -thank you We're so happy it happened "easy" for us this time, although I use the term easy very lightly in this context.

I had my anatomy scan yesterday morning and baby boy is doing amazing! They also performed a fetal echocardiogram since it's standard for an IVF pregnancy and everything is look great there too. My placenta has moved and is no longer low lying - funny little thing though, during the abdominal scan she said it was still low lying but not over the cervix but when she did the transvaginal ultrasound to confirm how low lying she found that it wasn't low lying at all. I'm incredibly happy about this because it means that I'm still able to plan on my VBAC as of right now. My doctor also tested me at 16 weeks for gestational diabetes since I had it during my last pregnancy and as of right now I don't have it which is another great thing for my VBAC plan. It's likely that I will get it later but at least I don't have it really early on this time. She said I could test at 28 weeks again to give more time in between the tests and see where everything is then. Even if I get it I know I'm likely to be able to control it with diet like last time so I'm not as stressed about it as I was last time.

I hope everyone else is doing great, I'm just trucking along now!

We're likely naming him Maxwell and I cannot wait to meet him!

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