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Prefect timing

Hello ladies, this is something I never do but thought If I can give someone a little hope from my experience it would be worth the time. I had my first child at 18 and later got married to someone else and wanted to have another baby with my husband. We tried everything except the ivf. I had all kinds of testing done the washing of my tubes, taking injections, taking fertility medications. The doctors telling me i had endometriosis and a fibroid all this within a 16 year period over time. Doctors just said I had unexplained infertility. Because nothing that I had was bad enough or preventing me from becoming pregnant. So over the years I prayed and felt like I let me husband down because I couldn't give him a family but he was supportive and would tell me he don't even want kids. Lol I really knew he did but was just trying to accept it and not make me feel awful about it. So those years past and my daughter is 16 years old and out of no where I had a missed period wasn't trying wasn't looking for it. It just happened I know it was along time waiting I'm now 35 it's prefect timing to me. my husband is super excited. It's a really good feeling and a blessing! So don't give up keep trying and if you stop trying your bundle of joy is just waiting for right timing.

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Thanks for the hope. Wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and easy delivery.

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It is really amazing. Congratulations. Stay Blessed.

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