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Naturally after 12 years infertility with PCOS

I haven't been on here in forever, but I just received some great news last week. I'm 6w5d with baby number 2 after 12 years of infertility. I have PCOS, so I've had my share of negative tests over the years.
Here's my story...
My husband and I found out we were expecting in September 2002. I was already about 16 weeks pregnant, but I had no symptoms and because I have PCOS, I was used to having just 2 periods a year. I was 21 when my son was born in March 2003.
We used birth control until March of 2004. After that point, we figured that whatever happens, happens. After a few years, we decided that maybe we were ready to seriously start trying. Nothing happened. Not one positive test. Not one ounce of hope. I saw several different doctors, and all of them said I would need to see a specialist if I wanted to conceive again. But my husband absolutely REFUSED to do any kind of fertility testing or go any further. If it didn't happen naturally, he wasn't wanting another baby that bad. I was all set to leave him in August 2014 because I wanted more children. I had always planned on 3 children and I resented him for squashing my dreams of having more children. I was getting my little ducks in a row to file for divorce and move out, but then his brother passed away suddenly in September 2014. My husband wasn't handling it well at all, so I stayed.
By late November, he began having neck and leg pain. The doctors kept telling him it was sciatica and poor sleeping positions. In the beginning of January, I was rushing him to the ER only to find out that he had many large tumors on his spine, in his chest cavity, and on his liver. On February 20th, which was our wedding anniversary, we found out exactly what kind of cancer he had. He had a VERY rare and aggressive cancer called NUT Midline Carcinoma. He was only the 2nd person in our home state of Illinois to be diagnosed. On May 29, 2015, after a 5 month battle, he passed away.
During his illness, we found love and forgiveness, and he apologized for everything, including refusing to see a doctor about fertility treatments.
It's been 11 months since he passed away, and I was able to move on... Sort of. I think it was one of those things where I needed a way to take my mind off the loss of the man I shared my life with for 15 years. But either way, here I am today, almost 7 weeks pregnant after 3 gynecologists told me I couldn't conceive without medical intervention.
When I took the first test, the "test" line showed up instantly, and the control line took a few minutes. I took the 2nd test the next day. Same thing. The "test" line was instant, the control line took a few minutes. I called a local clinic for a test and got an appointment for that same afternoon. After giving them a urine sample, I was taken into a small room to wait. After a few minutes, the nurse came in and said that I had the absolute fastest positive she's seen in her over 20 years of experience. She said to get an appointment with my regular OB/GYN as soon as possible because she thinks it's multiples. My mom insists I'm having more than one as well.
I'll see my doctor on May 19th for my first appointment. He won't see me until at least 10 weeks.
So I wasn't supposed to have more children, but I'm due December 14, 2016. I had tried soy isoflavones, which did absolutely nothing except make me moody. I didn't get to try anything else. I'm 34, I'll be 35 when this baby arrives. This wasn't supposed to happen, but I couldn't' be happier!
Don't give up hope!

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Sorry that you had such a hard journey but congrats on the little one on the way!!

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