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Pregnancy success stories please...

Hi ladies

Hope you are well.

I hope this is allowed (admin please delete if not) as I have a favour to ask…

I had initial fertility issues then 5 recurrent miscarriages over the last 3 years before my gorgeous boy was born last month. I struggled with the continual bad news we were receiving, pregnancy after pregnancy and felt so alone, but I developed my own techniques for coping. I learnt so much about coping techniques, pregnancy and the body over that time which I would love to share with others. I have decided to put all my bad experiences into something positive by writing a book which I hope will help others suffering from fertility issues or experiencing miscarriages.
After each miscarriage I used to research positive stories on the internet to make me feel better and positive again. I thought it would be nice if we shared some of these positive experiences in the book to provide others with hope and let them know they aren’t alone.

If you have experienced any fertility issues e.g. recurrent miscarriages, issues with partner’s sperm, early menopause, infrequent periods, endometritis, PCOS, tubal issues etc, and have now successfully fallen pregnant / had your rainbow baby, I would love to share your story. I’m happy for you to withhold your real name if you’d prefer.

Please could you send me your story or post it on this forum. I would love you to include a few words on:
• what you experienced medically e.g. 5 miscarriages - reason unknown
• what you experienced physically and emotionally e.g. how you felt
• what questions you felt like you wanted answered when you found out
• what ultimately lead to your success (if known – for me it was just ‘bad luck’)
• types of testing you had done, if any
• anything else you think would be useful for someone experiencing what you did

Thank you ladies – let’s try to help others and raise awareness – let’s not keep fertility issues and miscarriages a taboo topic any longer.

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