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TTC after 2 early miscarriages - Any success stories??


I'm looking for some positive stories (or advice) to cheer myself up.

I am 34 (very nearly 35) and my OH is 55; we already have one DS together aged 4. We have been TTC #2 since Sept and recent tests have shown my OH has lower than average speed motility and morphology but the GP was not overly concerned.

In Feb this year I conceived but miscarried at 4w5d... I've never had a miscarriage before but I know they are fairly common so I tried not to worry too much. Then in May this year we conceived again, only for me to m/c a second time at 4w6d.

I have done lots of research into the possible reasons for my miscarriages and things I can try which might help, but I think what I really need right now are some good news stories... So has anyone else managed a healthy pregnancy after two miscarriages in a row??

As well as the sadness of losing my babies I am just so scared that something is really wrong with me and I might never have any more children...

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We conceived our rainbow after 2 losses. He is now a very healthy and active 16 month old. It took us 19 months (whilst waiting for a FS) to get our first bfp. Unfortunately we mc at 6 weeks. The FS then told us you can conceive come back in a year. 10 months later I asked for another referral and a month after that got my second bfp. Which again ended in another mc. We were both devastated. We had an FS appointment and was told to come back after another loss or another 12 months. I remembering feeling like I was ttc to have a mc. Then 7 months ttc after my second mc we conceived our rainbow. At just 7 weeks pg I had a scan and saw my rainbows heartbeat and it gave me hope that this one could make it. Now that little bean is 16 months old and worth all the pain we went through. Good luck!

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