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Jazzbird - i am nearing the end of my ML and returning to work having dithered about it for ages.

Your advice was always so well considered and useful. I very much enjoyed our conversations around TCM and it is such a shame that you cannot make it work financially at the moment. Maybe it is something you can return to when circumstances allow. Being self employed is bloody hard work....i did not think i would return to work for a good portion of my ML but I need to think longer term. I have a really good deal with work and so very grateful for a flexible boss.

I can hardly believe your girl is starting school next year - it does wizz by. I remember reading your pregnancy announcement.

Briss - i am so sorry about your girl's teeth. It is so unfair....some babies are guzzling away on surgery fruit juices and they have no issues at all. It is a worry what they say about the BF. I am still BF all of the time but need to try [only because i will be leaving her when going to work and will have massive boobs] and wean her off but she still feeds alot from me - very hit and miss with food still.

i hate the stress of unpredictable and erratic cycles. It is enough that you have to do IVF but without worrying about changing patterns. But, it is all normal in the grand scheme of things for our cycles to mess up now and then even if you are not used to it. I am keeping everything crossed that things will get back on track as soon as possible.

always thinking about you

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Blythe, the more i think about returning to work the more i think it's a good idea all around. I do not really want to but i think it's good for me. even going through interview process helped a lot with getting some of my brain back. before starting the process i thought i lost it and won't be able to do complex intellectual work but turns out it can return if you are forced to use it.

I've also decided not to carry on with back to back ECs any more, too much strain on my system. maybe every other month or so from now on.

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