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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Razcox's road to a rainbow

My Husband and I have been together for 15 years and after being married for a year we decided to start TTC in Oct 2008 at the age of 25. We were a little naive at the start and thought it would happen right away . . . How wrong we were!!!

Nearly 8 years later and we are currently 15 weeks pregnant after fertility treatment and 4 losses. Our journey has not been an easy one but sometimes persistence pays off and you get a miracle

A few more details of my story if anyone wants to read about it all

Loss number 1 - After only 5 months TTC we got our first BFP and we were both so excited. Unfortunately I developed horrible pains at around 5+3 and ended up in hospital with a suspected ectopic pregnancy. As it turned out it was just a cyst on my ovary that had popped which caused the pain. I hoped everything was OK but then suffered a MC at 6 weeks a few days later.

Loss number 2 - We were heartbroken about our loss but the doctors were convinced it was just one of those things and that if we tired again then everything would be fine. We got back on the waggon and started TTC again right away.

This time it took a diet and 12 months before we would get our 2nd BFP. This time everything seemed to be going fine until I was just 11 weeks, then I developed pains in my tummy again. The doctor sent us for a scan and it turned out the baby had died at 8+5 and I had suffered a MMC. It was horrible having to go into the little room past all the happy pregnant people and we were both devastated.

The next night I went though a night of hell were my body decided it wanted everything out in on go. I was having contractions and in so much pain I was throwing up and nearly passing out. I rang the EPAU and was told to try a hot water bottle if the pain I was bad, I wont repeat what I said to them! After a lot of blood loss we went to A and E where I was placed on a drip and kept overnight to get my blood pressure back up. After all this we were again told it was just one of those things and to try again.

Loss number 3 - After only 6 months we got our 3rd BFP, this time I was a nervous wreck from start to finish. I took low dose aspirin to try and see if that helped thanks to the lovely ladies on here. I did ask my GP about it but she was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. She also refused to add me to the system as being pregnant until I was 8 weeks 'just in case', as you can imagine that filled me with confidence in my pregnancy.

At 6 weeks I had a small bleed so off I was sent to the EPAU for a scan. Amazing everything was fine so back home I went. I then had another bleed at 8 weeks but again everything was fine at the scan. As the weeks went on though something felt wrong, I kept getting lots of brown liquid CM. I wasn't noticing any changes to my body and my symptoms had gone all together, I rang the EPAU lots of times but they refused to see me again as they had scanned me at 8 weeks and everything was OK. It took until I was 11 weeks before they would see me again, at the scan my worst fears were confirmed I had lost the baby at 8+5 weeks again and had another MMC.

I didn't want to go through the hell of last time so requested a D and C, as it was around Christmas they were unable to book me in until 5 days later. 4 days later my body decided it wouldn't wait anymore and I had another night of pain and blood, this time though I got to ride in an ambulance as my local hospital sent me to a larger one with the EPAU in it. No one had a bed though so I sat in A and E on a drip for a few hours until my blood pressure came back up again and I discharged myself. I was due back at the EPAU at 10am anyway so I wanted to try and get a few hours sleep in my own bed.

Testing - As this was my 3rd loss we were finally offered testing to find out why I kept losing my babies. Lots of blood was taken from myself and the DH, I had scans but everything came back as normal. Then I got my genetic testing result and it was discovered I had a balanced robertsonion translocation 13 and 14, this meant 50% of my eggs were not viable right away without the normal abnormalities that everyone gets in some of our eggs. Our best option was ICSI with PGD but we would need to apply for funding as there was no way we could afford this on our own. In the mean time we could keep trying naturally but I may suffer more losses.

Loss number 4 - 10 months later and we had our last bfp naturally, this time it was less stressful as I knew the die had already been cast and it was out of my hands. All I could do was wait and hope the odds were in our favour this time. Sadly they were not and I had major bleeding with cramps at 7 weeks. We had a scan and amazingly our baby was hanging in there with a HB. My body was determined though and that night I passed the pregnancy, it was all over again.

Funding - By this point we had applied for funding and been seen by the Birmingham women's fertility center who had done more tests and were just waiting for the OK to start our only round of ICIS with PDG. My hopes were dashed we our funding was refused, it was clear from the letter that they had missed the point so with the help of our genetics dr we appealed. It took a few more letters of explanation on our dr's part but finally they agreed to pay for one cycle!

Cycle 1 - Never had I spent so much time going backwards and forwards to a hospital! Before this I had a phobia of needles but I soon had to get over this as I was having to inject twice a day. My body was slow to respond but I was on the highest dose they give, I was thrilled to get 8 eggs and all fertilised successfully and could be tested. I was so nervous on the day of ET as we were not sure we would have a normal one to put back. As it turned out we had 3 but they were the worst 3, the high quality ones were abnormal. They put the best one back and the others I donated for testing as they could not be frozen. Just under two weeks later and AF showed up, I never even made it to the OTD and I was gutted.

Cycle 2 - We were told that we would only get one cycle funded on the NHS but a few months after our failed cycle we got a letter to say there had been changes in funding, our wonderful genetics dr was going to apply again and see if we would be entitled to another 2 try's! We were accepted and started on cycle number 2 as soon as my BMI was below 30, the losses, the rollercoaster of LTTTC and the drugs had taken there toll and my weight was the highest it had ever been. But I changed my lifestyle and worked hard to get my weight under control.

Our 2nd cycle we had more success and collected 10 eggs, 3 were normal and one was the highest quality you can get. Another one was suitable for freezing but there was a very positive atmosphere at ET as they put back the high grade blast. 2 weeks later and it was a BFN - I was gutted!

FET - Determined to keep going we used our frozen blast but this was also a BFN.

Cycle 3 - As well as the failed cycles and FET I had also suffered 2 chemicals in-between treatments so before our last try we decided to pay for further testing. I went to coventry for there NK Killer cell testing and everything was normal. There was no reason why all of a sudden I couldn't get pregnant. After this I wanted a break to focus on my fitness and let my body get back to normal. So in Feb of this year we started our final round of ICSI with PGD.

This one didn't go as smoothly, I had less follicles and they were slower to grow. After a few scans I was so disheartened and felt huge amounts of pressure as this was it for us. EC day and I donned my lucky socks and hoped for the best, we got 7 eggs which was OK but our lowest number yet. Of the 7 only 6 fertilised which was again our lowest success rate as we had always had 100% before. My heart sank as the less going to testing meant the less we would have come back normal or maybe we wouldn't get any. On the day of ET we got the call that 3 had come back as normal and all were of good grade. We had one put back and two were frozen, our least successful cycle had suddenly turned into our most successful one!!

I couldn't resist the urge and tested early, at 9DP5DT I got a faint BFP! The next few days were a rollercoaster as the lines never got super dark, on OTD though the line was good and i got a 1-2 weeks on a digi. In days that followed I got darker lines and a 2 -3 on a digi. Finally a few days before my 7 week scan I got a 3+

Since then I have had my scan at 7 weeks, a private one at 9 weeks my dating scan at 12 weeks and will be going for my gender scan next Saturday. Every time noodle is doing great and is ahead according to size but they have kept my EDD from ET. I can hear Noodle on my doppler now and its music to my ears, I cant wait to meet them and finally hold my rainbow unicorn baby x

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Wow. You are very courageous for not giving up. Best of luck to you!

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Congratulations on you pregnancy. You sound like its been a very long journey.

I also have a balanced translocation with 10 and 21. Here if you ever need to chat. xx

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Congratulations! I also had a bit of a tough time 4 years ttc and 2 losses before conceiving my rainbow. He is the best and I would go through all that pain again for him if I had to. Try and enjoy your pregnancy - I know its difficult but it will be over before you know it. And enjoy cuddling and getting to know your rainbow.

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