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What Hurts The Most

I am strugging to get pregnant and I have myself to blame because, I have neglected my body by not getting checked up. I have suffered 2 false positives in my young life and I have got to say they are the most heart breaking results ever. I am 23 years old and my husband is 22...I can't stand to see everyone around me get pregnant and I'm just waiting and's so hard to give up trying because all I ever hope for is to have a baby. I know this is harsh to say but some young ladies i know don't even deserve to be cousin got rid of her first child now she is pregnant again!! I pray...i pray that soon i get pregnant... I want to be a mom so bad.

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I'm sorry to see that nobody has replied to your post. I think most here know the heartbreak and sadness that you're talking about. The thing is--people don't get babies because they deserve them. That's just not how it works. It has nothing to do with someone's goodness or fitness and it's not fair, because children deserve to have the best parents possible. That being said, I hope that you don't give up and I hope that you'll be able to refocus your efforts to things that you can actually control because it doesn't help that people who maybe shouldn't have children get pregnant all around us. How lucky your child will be someday, to have a mother who appreciates him/her that much more for the struggle and effort it takes to have a child through challenges.

I didn't want you to think that you went unheard or that people don't care. It's so HARD sometimes to go through this alone. I wish you luck on your journey to parenthood and encourage you, if you do not have luck naturally, to consider adoption from foster care--because you're right, not all parents deserve children, but all children deserve parents.

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