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It really does happen when you least expect it.

Okay so my success story is a little unorthodox but a success story non-the less. I'm sure the masses won't relate but maybe just maybe there are one or two people out there that needed to read it. So here we go...

I got married to my high school sweetheart when I was 18. We started trying to have a baby as soon as we were married. We both came from big families and that's what we wanted as well. After 2,1/2 years of trying and no success we decided to see a specialist. They ran some tests and told me that I have a common problem called PCOS. Most of you know what that is but for those that don't it basically means you never know when or if you ovulate, which obviously makes it harder to conceive. They started me out on a low dose of Femara for a few months to no avail. They bumped me up several times over the next year and I ended at 10mg. My husband was in the service and left for deployment for seven months. When he got back we decided to step it up and do IUI. The first IUI wasn't successful. Something snapped in my husband and wihin the week he told me thathe wanted a divorce. I was absolutely devastated and obviously thinking that it was because I couldn't give him the children he'd wanted for the last 5yrs. (although he never flat out said that) I moved back to my home state completely heartbroken. Not only did I lose the love of my life I lost the hope of having the family that I always wanted. After a couple month of wallowing I started hanging out with a guy friend that I went to high school with. I was lonely and he was nice and things happened... and I'm sure you can guess the outcome of this. Yes, that's right. I got pregnant. Can you believe it?! After trying to have a baby for YEARS with my beloved husband I get knocked up by a fling. I still can't even wrap my head around it. While it was definetely NOT planned or expected I still count it as the greatest blessing of my life. I never thought I would see those two lines on that test. That I would hear someone call me mommy. Somehow this baby came when I needed it most. When the man who vowed to love me forever left me to rot. I now smile down at my belly knowing that THIS is what was meant to be and I will try my hardest to be the best mom to this precious miracle. Don't give up hope ladies but even if you do like I did...know that it can still happen! Baby dust!

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Congratulations on your miraculous pregnancy. I wish you a happy & healthy 9 months!!

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I am so happy for you! You never know what life brings.

I went through 5 ivf to get bub 1 and when it came to bub 2 doctors told me to give up. Currently 18.5 weeks pregnant. hope you have a stress free pregnancy.

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