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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Please help. Suggestions from people successful in conceiving.. Anything different ?

Ok so I am 23 with 2 children both I did not eben try with it was like once or twice without a condom and boom I was pregnant back to back. They are now 4 and 5. The Dr has done an internal exam and says I have a small cysts or two that should be causing me to not get pregnant. I've been using the glow wpp to keep up with my periods they are all over the place varying with time and length. The Dr said he didn't think I was ovulating. I'm looking for suggestions on products to maybe help us conceive I believe I am the problem my boyfriend is 38 and has 2 children. My previous husband has four including our two we tried for 3 years after our 2nd to have another having sex every other day literally for 3 years and nothing. The Dr says because of mt varying periods he thinks I'm not ovulating 2 months ago I tried fertility blend for the first time I had a pretty regular period lasting only 32 days I'm usually a little longer I know it was doing something because my boobs were constantly sore but didn't get pregnant and didn't buy more. Not sure if I ovulated or not. This month I tried soy isoflavones because I had seen many success stories from it also. This month I'm thinking I may buy men and women's fertility blend along with preseed my vagina is not dry at all but I have definitely seen many success stories from it. Also antibody have suggestions on reliable opk I bought answer brand and could've sworn I was ovulating tons of ewcm bbt seemed to indicate so and felt really crampy on cd 12-14. Unfortunately now this cycle on soy iso I'm on CD 43 and bfn. Just looking for any suggestions that may have worked for some my bf is 38 and we'd really like to have a baby before too much longer with his age. Please help! I've never actually had to try to have a baby I tried for 3 years but with no products no traxking or anything so anything that has worked for anyone else I'm open to try. Ive been tracking bbt cm and synptoms with glow app for 3 months now. Wish this period would hurry up and come so that I can try again. I'm so sad and depressed with this situation my heart breaks every month

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